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  • Quote from PlutoPete

    Yes, that was what I meant, and I'm also totally wrong:o
    It's estimated that the number of people that has ever lived is about 106bn, so i was only out by 100bn:insane:

    well, what's the odd 100 billion between friends pmsl:grin:

  • Quote from Duckman

    For a long time I have thought love at first sight is because you recognise that person from a previous life.

    Dunno about love at first sight but have definately had instant mega-connectivity/empathy with people to a degree that I've heard described in terms of soul-connection. Have also experienced strong feelings of having been in certain places before that I never consciously visited, but am open to anancestral/energy memory as an explanaition of that as much as reincarnation.

    As has been noted there's a whole heap of ex-Caesars and ex-Shakespeares out there, far more than ex-ordinary crew for sure, which I do find a trifle irritating

    Having said that I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover we have existed many many times in various forms in various worlds/planes/dimensions as we persue some kind of evolutionary soul journer to some kind of spirtual destination beyond our present grasp

  • I personally don't believe in reincarnation but was interested to hear that MILF's daughter may have had some sort of past life memeory that she mow doesn't remember. It reminded me of some study from I-can't-remember-where that showed that there was a link between when a very young child's memory begins and when their sense of self develops, meaning that she wouldn't remember anything about her past life because of her new sense of self. Anyways I hope I'm making sense because I'm not that good at explaining things but you get the eneral gist of it.

  • i believe in it, but no memories at all. sometimes i go somewhere and that looks familiar but then my friends tells me that we've been here before so no memories at all. =))

  • I used to very much believe in past lives, and the whole idea of the evolution of the Soul through many lives until full and final liberation has been achieved. However, afer a deep experience of awakening a few years back this was all thrown into question, and left me doubting the existence of the Soul.

    In my experience I saw that it was the same pure consciousness that existed in all living beings; that I was Nature, God, the Universe, or whatever your choice of words, experiencing itself. Everything that I had thought of myself as before - my individual identity - was all just an imagined self, a bundle of ideas that I had held onto and attached to this body which I seem to inhabit, all of which limited the freedom and pure potentiallity of my awareness. But none of it was real; its reality existed as mere belief - all along I had believed I was something that I was not, and it was this that had caused all my suffering; worrying for a self that did not exist. I had acquired all these beliefs about myself as a result of every experience I had had since I was born. But who I thought I was, was not who was born into this world. And when I die, all those ideas will cease to exist, at least in my own mind, along with my body. Consciousness - the Great Spirit - is eternal and exists untouched in all beings from the beginning and to the end of time. Every post on this forum has been written and read by that same consciousness, however each person who carries this consciousness believes themselves to be different. We are each unique, but we are each unique expressions of one Consciousness. Oneness and uniqueness are one, but indivuality is an illusion and the cause of much suffering.

    Think about it. Everything that I am today is a result of every experience that I have had in this life. If I has been shaped by experience, in what way am I individual? What part of us exists in a past or future life? When I die, any future person to exist will be a completly different person because they will have had their own life experiences and personal history. There will be nothing of me in any future person except for the one pure Consciousness that exists in all beings, experiencing the reality in which it exists in the present moment.

    So I don't believe in the evolution of the Soul, but I DO believe in the evolution of Consciousness. All life on this planet has evolved to ever more complex forms to the point where the human mind has emerged so that the Universe can reflect upon itself within itself. At the moment, it is still trapped within the beliefs of individuality, however evolution continues and I believe that more and more people will wake up to the Oneness of all existence. It is interesting that we live in a time in which, as the 'Cult of the Individual' becomes ever more dominant, we are suffering ever greater levels of stress and depression, and the earth as a whole is also being put under ever more stress and strain; Global warming, with all its potential environmental and humanitarian problems, being the prime example. I feel that these are the requisite conditions that are meant to catalyse awakening on a large scale, leading us into the next stage of the evolution of consciousness. After all, very few people awaken unless they are shaken from their sleep! Personally I would say that where we are today was inevitable from the beginning, though I'm sure many people would disagree! lol!

    Anyways.. sorry I kinda got carried away there! Getting back to the point. I think the idea of the Soul, and reincaration, is a very comforting idea for many people because it helps us to deal with the nature of the reality in which we exist; one of loss and change. I'd even like to believe in it myself still; it would be lovely to think that I will meet the wonderful people in my life again once it's all over, and maybe even travel through many lives with a 'Soul Group', who are all helping each other along on our journeys together. But after my experience, I can't bring myself to believe in it as I did before. And I see now that it is only the belief in this separate Soul, or sense of Self, that ultimately brings about my suffering, and the suffering of others.

    If I did believe in the Soul with some level of certainty, then I would only believe in reincarnation, as opposed to the living of a single life that Christianity and some other religions tend to hold to. Reincarnation makes so much more sense, whilst I think that believing in the existence of only one lifetime, followed by heaven or hell, breeds fear.. as I believe it was meant to. As far as I'm aware, it is thought that many early Christians did actually believe in reincarnation, however this was later changed by the Church, for obvious reasons - power, control etc.

  • I always have a vivid dream about a place by the sea.... it have huge concrete walls seperating the beach and the toen... with stairs you have to climb down to get to the beach. Sometimes I dream there is a carnival on.......

    I wonder if that is a past life cos Ive never been there before :o

  • i beleive in it, i rekon i was once a tiger cos i feel a connexion with them and like to like greet ppl or show affection with head against head like tigers do