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  • Quote from Duckman

    What is Chi Kung?

    It is what some say is the seed of all modern martial arts. Kung Fu has aspects of Chi Kung for example. It is to do with energy flow and it is my understanding that it is to do with sets of movements that aid energy flow. http://www.shaolin-wahnam.org/chikung.html


    exercises are the most effective and sophisticated low impact exercises that have ever existed. Chi Gung does not build dynamic muscles; rather, it uses breathing, stretching, movement, and visualization to develop chi, a strong functional body, and a calm and relaxed mind. Through practice, the joints, internal organs, and glands are all strengthened. The Chi Gung approach to exercise is thus radically different from the typical Western approach

    It appeals to me because I have studied Jui Jitsu before and loved the mental discipline of this martial art, however it did nothing to calm me. I did some research and decided that Kung Fu was the art for me yet was unable to find any classes at all. Then I heard about Chi Kung and it seemed to fit the bill exactly for what I am actually looking for.

    I am interested in Chi Kung because I feel it will offer me that mental discipline but also spiritual and psychological discipline, help me to manage my anger problem and also give me a constructive moving element to my meditations. I'm interested in the claims that it is beneficial for ailments like asthma (which I suffer from) and am sure if my anger can be calmed then my high blood pressure will also slip back to normal. I'd like to progress into Yellow Bamboo training - a type of Chi Kung training but very powerful in its effect.

  • Martial arts are really interesting. I can really empathise with what EarthWhirler said about the classes staying at the same level because of new people and numbers and such varying. I did tai chi for a bit at college and it was exactly the same there. It ended up being just me and one other guy doing it, then i didn't go one week and i think it triggered the teacher just to give up with that particular class.
    Now the regular excercise i do is a bodybalance class (a mixture between yoga, tai chi and pilates), horseriding, and kickboxing. I like swimming when i can and am slooowly learning to surf. Also do lots and lots of walking :D.
    I always feel so much better after doing most sorts of exercise, but only the things that aren't team sports. Team sports make me feel humiliated and dejected by then end of them!
    I'm really new to the kickboxing and gawd i ache from it so much at the moment!


  • thanks for those links StarFly! Chi Kung looks really interesting. I think i may just read up on it some more.:wiggle: