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  • I'm only 4 away, give it a couple of years and it'll be my turn :)

    maybe I could hold a somerset/north devon picnic somewhere and we could get the south-west penninsula coverd in a day?

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    The post was deleted, no further information is available.
  • so what happened to it then? Just been reading the other thread about it getting lost, so thought it might be a plan to bump this thread..

  • Baisically, it went missing so Star poi has kindly offered to make one for us. What we're doing is everyone is sending a page to her, and she is going to scan them all and organise it. Then when all that is completed we'll be able to buy a copy of it online (I think) and they'll be printed as they're needed (I think) which saves waste.

    Also, I think there was discussion of binding all the pages into one book and raffeling or auctioning it away to raise money for the site.

    I'd suggest contacting star poi or looking for the other other thread, as she'll likely explain it a bit better.

    B. x