Boom festival

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  • Quote from Sthenno

    To everyone who's stopping off in Lisbon... does anyone know where a good place to stay is? We're getting to Lisbon on the 10th, and as it's my birthday on the 11th we'd quite like to stay somewhere nice, but I have no idea where the Boom bus is leaving from and don't want to end up on the complete opposite side of the city!
    Also, who's up for birthday drinks/pre Boom fun on the 10th? :)

    I am up for drinks on the 10th :)

    Apparently we are stopping in Residencial lar do areeiro hotel
    in Lisbon somewhere...where ever that is...
    don't know how far away it is from the airport where the boom bus leaves, and it was proper cheap so i doubt its very dad booked it me :)

  • Urgh actually i have been researching this hotel my dad has booked me (he was paying as a present so he booked it) and its 5 km for the airport and sounds like a right shit hole..

    urgh should have insisted on booking it myself ...grr

  • Getting very excited now! Have sorted accommodation - staying in a hostel in downtown on the 10th, then treating ourselves to a 5* hotel (was only £30 each) on the 18th as we reckon we'll appreciate it by then. And we're looking forward to stumbling in all stinking and spaced after the festival!

    Kaiya, your hotel looks fine. I've been searching for accommodation and it's a nightmare to find somewhere reasonable in a decent location when you don't know the city. You're only about 10 minutes from us, so it'll be easy to meet up for a drink. :)

  • haha i found some better reviews of it after i found all the really bad ones. So hopefully it will be all good :)

    If not I'll just meet you for a drink and swap your room key with mine :whistle: ;)

    I am soooooo excited. I brought some proper pretty fabric for shade today and i am going to be painting our gazebo day-glo tomorrow :D

    It is sooooo close

    yay!!! :D :D :D

  • Will do... argh, excitement! Just as soon as this sodding bell tent we ordered turns up we're off!

  • I heard that next time (2010) it might be in Brazil as they've only secured the site near Idanha for 2012, but apparently that's been going around for years...

  • Just realised no one's given a proper update on this yet. For my part I had a bloody fantastic festival, lots of lovely people and a really nice atmosphere which gave it the vibe of a small festie despite being much bigger than I expected. The lake was an absolute godsend with the heat, and I loved all the workshops and talks, which were important as we were there for such a long time. Definitely going again!