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  • the colourful automatic drawing, where the conscious mind has no real involvement with the drawing. Done in gel pens.

    This slate metallic grey one is inspired by images from inside the eye, it was a pencil doodle and I digitalised it.

    I am aware the comments and the pics dont corelate but i had a few problems getting stuff where it should be and am a bit tired.

  • i'm glad u like pics.


    Good grief! Thats beautiful! I love the creation of layers in the second images. What do I have to do to get a copy for my wall?

    sorry, tierell, thats the biggest copy I have but you are welcome to print it off or right click and save to "my pics" folder or which ever way you prefer.


    always love seein your art honey - you are without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite landscape artists

    Thank you hun, its great to share each others art innit:)


    Thats really cool! I like - especially the second, its got loads of energy . So do you just let rip on auto pilot then?

    Sort of, :o but I struggle to do these things "straight" the second one is inspired by closed eye visuals from fungi tea, (thank you earth) and the first one is kinda visualising lines on the paper and the colours and shapes are just "random whatever at the moment" type of things.


    hi,very nice pics,i love automatic drawing ,being in semi-conciouss state ,you can get some wild images.....where magic happens

    Deffo, and the web has some real treasures on it for this type of thing.

    Gonna try and post some more so b.f.n x

  • Quote from PeacePiper

    That's bloody awesome! :eek: Am I meant to be able to see animals/objects in the first one :D I like it alot

    If you so desire you can, as for the drawing itself, I dont know really, It was so subconsciours, that I am not entirely sure.

  • out of interest, did you invert the original images before you popped them online or are these as you see them?

    "Once a gift is stirred within us it is up to us to develop it" The Gift - Lewis Hyde

  • Quote from Dandy

    out of interest, did you invert the original images before you popped them online or are these as you see them?

    I did a few different things with each one tbh, I cant exactly remember. I draw by hand and manipulate it in loads of different ways using paint shop pro -glad they went down well :)