[FOR SALE/TRADE] LUSH goodies! Snow fairy, bling crosby, lily savon, angels delight

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  • Ok, so for sale here are most of my Christmas pressies :( It's all a bit sad to be honest, but I can't use any of these lovely things on my super-sensitive pregnant skin, and it seems silly to keep them for months and months - especially as Lush stuff does have a use-by date anyway.

    Most of these are limited-edition Christmas ones you can't get anymore.

    So... all of these things are brand new unless stated, are for sale or barter as always (I'll barter for anything, doesn't have to be toiletries. If you do want to swap bath stuff, it will have to be very mild I'm afraid)

    Lily Savon soap - 125g. £2 plus a bit for p&p

    Angels Delight (my fave) soap - 100g. £2 plus a bit for p&p

    Snow Fairy one brand new 100g, and one used with about 80g left - £5 for both with a bit for p&p

    Bling Crosby bubble bar slice - £2.50 plus a bit for p&p

    or £10 for the lot, plus p&p.