How to make a hood

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  • Quote from arlia

    wow fairy girl do you have a shop yet, you should, I cant believe you only just started. I think you have found one of your many talents for sure.

    I really appreciate your comments arlia, your stuff is amazing and I am ever so sligthly in awe of you ( and of fleassy!! and many others on here!) I've just never thought anyone would like stuf I make as I just tend to do it for presents, I would really like to get a shop as lots of people on here have them how do you go about it? I am a bit thick when it comes to stuff like that:o would appreciate any advice thanks!

    ooh! sorry for hikjacking your thread tiger, hope your hoody arrives ok, send us a pic!!

  • have a go at etsy, it takes a while to get regular sales for most people, but its fairly easy and cheap to run.

    I was the same as you, completely confused about where to start, but im glad i took the jump, iv learnt alot about myself and discovered new skills in the process.

    If you want to set one up and need some help just PM me or any one else who has an etsy store, there are plenty of us around :-)
    and thanks for your lovely comments
    too kind