What really gets your goat?

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  • Finding out that a company that charges an extortionate amount of P&P for the Highlands is actually based in Stirlingshire... are they taking the piss??! :curse:

    What they charge for p&p is usually down to what the carrier they are using is charging them. For instance a company based in Glasgow will still be charged the same amount as a company based on the Isle of Wight to post a parcel to the Highlands and Islands. Unfortunately that extra needs to be recouped from somewhere.

    Working for a company that sells things over the phone and internet, I get to see some of the really extortionate charges some carriers charge to send to places. For instance a 3Kg parcel to Ireland is about €40 and takes about a week to reach its destination. There are some places where the p&p can cost as much as the product, that is before any customs fees and the products I am talking about are pretty high end stuff.

  • Work is getting my goat right now. People know I have Friday off in order to rest up a bit, yet like this morning I get a phone call at 8am for something that could have been figured out by themselves! Also, I've had my suspicions confirmed that at least one of the Directors / Managers has decided that I'm not worthy of career progression due to said 4 day week... sounds like disability discrimination to me?!?

    Oh and my counsellor who I was off to see today has cancelled due to illness. Can't be helped, but I really needed to go over some things with her this time round that are nagging in my head. Guess I'll have to work them out alone.

  • Flytippers! This has probably been covered previously but these people wind me up summat rotten!! With all the free recycling places & council run sites, there's no excuse for dumping rubbish on the side of the road, laybys or woods!! Dodge.

  • Flytippers! This has probably been covered previously but these people wind me up summat rotten!! With all the free recycling places & council run sites, there's no excuse for dumping rubbish on the side of the road, laybys or woods!! Dodge.

    Yeah me too Dodge, it is about this time of the year that our lane starts getting it, more often than not it is tyres :curse:

  • Went for a walk with the dog yesterday into a beautiful wood, only to find a car battery, car seat plus two bags of household waste!! Could all have been disposed of safely plus help recycling.

  • blimey we are all having a week of it aren't we... big hugs to all and an infuriated and stiff two fingers up to all that has bugged you! its all cool here in the bender, just settled down to bed with the little uns, nothing at all to complain about... oh wait... what is that rustling noise I wonder... I try to ignore it.. eek eek... chomp chomp chomp ... that sounds like my lovely mahogany box from india being chewed by RATS?!!!!! argh. every night. its party on rodents in my space, gnawing, eeking, fucking, running about, even the dog is scared of them and refuses to chase the buggers out.. as much as I ad!mire them I cant live with them any fucking more!! GET OOOOUUUUUT (throws slipper pointlessly into the abyss) grrrrrrrrr!

  • When someone is desperately trying to persuade you to do something you're not sure about. You finally agree to do it and actually begin to look forward to it. Then they turn flaky, almost instantly, and drop out themselves.

  • Bloody book previews on Amazon. Yeah, I'd love to take a look at the book I'm thinking of ordering, especially as I've not read anything by the author before. So, what do you let me preview? the front and rear cover, the title page verso, the contents, part of the introduction by a literary critic and ... that's it. Not a thing by the actual writer. Gaaaaargh!!! :wall:

  • The above made me laugh as I tried to read a preview only yesterday and at one point was staring at a blank page (most helpful). After all we can browse in a library can't we. Anyway, what gets me is running the gauntlet past the receptionists at my doctors' surgery - it's like going past the clashing rocks in that Jason and the Argonauts film. They don't like me at all. But do they like anyone.......???

  • as a follow up to my rant up there about the tory party questionnaire....
    I didn't send the questionnaire back as all bar one of the statements that you had to agree or disagree with, on closer inspection were all labelled "agree mostly with the left hand statement" ... What a stupid silly and downright pathetic mistake to make!!! I couldn't let it go, so used the back of the covering letter to hand write a letter to Mr. Cameron pointing out why i hadn't sent the questionnaire back.... A) it was horrifically skewed, B) it was factually incorrect and C) it was full of schoolboy errors oh and kindly do not contact me or my family again :rolleyes: whacked it in the prepaid envelope and sent it off :D i'll let you know if i hear anything back....don't hold your breath ;)

  • Sarah, you should of wrapped a brick in brown paper & stuck your prepaid envelope to that
    when the ----holes had paid the excess postage charge on that,
    you can bet they never contact you again !!!

  • Getting back from a rather good couple of weeks off in the van to find that the bastards at work have put me down for a job that involves staying away in London for the two weeks either side of solstice. Without even checking that it is OK.

    It isn't... I'm supposed to be heading down to Wiltshire to celebrate the Solstice Sunrise (as is my right as a Pagan). Also that means finding someone to feed the cats again. Oh and as I'll be working in Central London, the company is too tight to get digs nearby so we're expected to Tube it to a hotel in the suburbs. With my crowd anxiety.


  • peaople looking down on me because i'm hippyish, thinking i'm freakish for going barefoot, medetating etc. I dont call you a strange for buying into a soulless capatoistic scociety where all you do is earn money to be happy, then spend it on things that you think will make you happy, then repeating because some sill new commodity isnt the answer to happyness... but hey, that's your choice

  • When a farmer ploughs through our newly hatched chicks, because he forgot they were there. :(

    Oh no Starling :(. It amazes me that some people can care so little about nature that they forget all about it. Especially a farmer who is supposed to work and care for the land. Hugs. xx

  • Thank you both :) x It's so annoying, monitoring the nest for a month, then seeing them hatched (in this case I saw one newly hatched and one hatching). Then, due to poor communication(?), they're killed. Stone-curlew chicks leave the scrape in 24 hours, but they crouch down to avoid danger (predators). Not much use if the danger is a plough!

  • Having my brother in law call my husband to 'mention' that our autistic son played with an old phone at their house and ran up a bill of 25p on one call phoning his dad ! I find this worrying coming from a man who was one of the original 60s hippies who eschews peace and love....apparently.

  • People who return smiles with blank stares. It's so unfriendly! I mean, if someone smiles at me I don't think I'm physically capable of not smiling back. It's like they have this icy determination to appear angry and make other people uncomfortable on purpose.