[WANTED] Maternity wear to suit size 10-12

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  • Well chaps, I have grown a bit since I was last here! And I hate pretty much all the maternity wear on sale in "normal" shops (where I don't particularly want to spend my money anyway - and I don't see why I should wear boring clothes just because I am pregnant) so...

    if any of you have anything suitable, please let me buy it off you or trade with you. I don't have loads of cash (as ever) but I am going to need a few things, and I'd rather get them from you lovely people if I can!

    I particularly need dungarees and yoga-type trousers, fishermans pants, wrap skirts, kimonos - anything that will grow with my bump!!!

    Lots of love, everybody!!! xxxxx:heart:

  • If you pm me your addy i got some stuff that may be of use to ya.
    Also i highly recomend Anne's shop boho hippy for dunga's n lovely grandad style shirts ect.

  • Completely freaked myself out looking for dungarees to buy online and in Oxford today... am I just imagining it, or are clothes a lot more expensive than they used to be? :eek: Maybe I've just been out of the loop for too long.

  • I have, I got a reply saying there was a bagful of clothes available mostly from Next and New Look... the fabric against my skin is important to me and where they come from matters a lot. Does that make sense? I have been keeping an eye out on there for a few weeks now, and most maternity stuff seems to be sizes 14 and 16 anyway.

    I don't want to seem picky but I would never ever wear most of those clothes, being pregnant doesn't really change that. I don't necessarily need specific maternity wear anyway, just clothing which is adjustable. However, I am hopeful I'll be able to get some dungarees from there eventually - I've had mixed experiences, but the rule of freecycle is keep trying and eventually something will turn up!!

  • How about an add in your local health food shop?

    When I was pregnant clothes kinda found their way to me, once the grapevine started. Do you have any friends who've had babies lately?

  • Health food shop ad's a brilliant idea, I'd not thought of that! I'm the first of my friends to have babies, and don't have any close family members who've had a baby in the last 20 years! Not much hope for hand-me-downs there!

    I know what you mean about the grapevine, we've been given a cot and a pushchair already by some friends of my in-laws! So we have been very lucky in that respect.

  • hey honey, congrats on pregnancy btw. check out nomads range of clothes.. they did a lot of smocky type tops, and fishermans trousers.. I will have a dig around in my store, to see if there's anything in the sale bag for you.. just got rid of a load unfortunatley....:D

  • Thank you! We have a shop in Winchester which stocks Nomads bits, they can be a bit pricey for my limited funds, but I got a pair of fisherman's pants on sale there which are excellent! If you find anything, let me know xxx

  • ahhh, congratulations - whens the baby due? have you thought about ebay?, if you type in the types of clothes your looking for you never know, i have found some fair trade stuff on there, so it may be worth a look - and the bonus is you can get some real bargains!

    Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

  • hey, thanks :) baby's due in August. I have tried ebay but I find the FT clothing on their is often not much cheaper than in the shops and I would rather have second hand things from people I know TBH - especially as I need quite a few new things and don't have loads of money to spend.

    Saying that, ebay is really good for fisherman's trousers, so at some point I may invest in another pair.

  • I will have a browse at what I have in the house!
    I have some clothes I was gona cut up in my sewing room. Your welcome to have them if you want. I think somewhere up there I have a pair of patchwork dungarees.

  • I found a dungarees dress from a lovely lady on the Winchester Freecycle which is wicked - could still really do with proper some troosers ones, but it's nice material and should fit me pretty much to term: she says she wore it right up to the birth of her little one. Yay for lovely people :D