Skip raiding

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  • I am not 100% sure how legal this is, but I figure if someone has thrown it away and I can recycle and use it it must be good, but over the past few weeks I have found a skip at the back of a shop that sells telescopes, and in that time and 2 visits I have picked up the remains of 4 Meade ETX 80 goto telescopes, from these 4 I had the optics to get 2 running, and this I indeed have done, I now have 2 fully functional telescopes and a box of spare parts. Now it seems to me that these would have been sent in for repair, and the owners have been told they were beyond economical repair, but if I can take these 4 and get 2 working, why could not the telescope dealer / repairer not have done the same, OK I have used second hand parts, but there would have been 2 happy people out there and 2 unhappy rather than 4 unhappy people who would have had to fork out for new equipment.
    I suppose nowadays in our throwaway society if its going to take more than an hour to repair, its cheaper to replace rather than repair, but should this be the case.
    The morals of the repair shop are not going to prevent me visiting that skip a few more times though,I was just wondering exactly how legal my actions were.

  • sp far as i'm aware, taking from skips isn't illegal, but it might be the case once its in the skip its the property of the skip company or something.

  • Legally anything in the skip still belongs to the owner of the shop or maybe the skip owner, I believe, so strictly speaking you could get done for stealing. Me and my daughter love skip raiding and usually just ask whoever the skip belongs to, if we can have whatever it we want, we've never been told no you can't and that's included skips at the back of shops. As you've only found the remains of telescopes and not complete ones it sounds as if they've attempted to do some kind of repair and failed, maybe they just aren't as good at reassembling them as you are lol.

  • It IS theft, I had a mate that got nicked for it back in the 90's for 'stealing' bread from a skip at the back of a local supermarket. Even the copper that nicked him was embarrassed.
    Personally I think of it as recycling:whistle:

  • Quote from shibari.surfer

    Personally I think of it as recycling:whistle:

    Stock relocation is another good term... or freeganism! :reddevil:

  • i think the abount of stuff that shops/supermarkets chuck away is absolutley crazy. especially seeing as we are not legally allowed to take it. i see as 'freecycling' or i like teknos one, 'freeganism'!.
    not naming names, but one of the supermarkets in town doesn't always lock its skips and its incredible what can be found in there!!
    washing powder, batteries, fresh stuff that goes off the next day (or a few after) seems to be put in clear bags before going in the skip (so its all still fine to consume), tinned stuff, dog food, cd r's, boxes of cakes, to mention jsut a few goodies i've had from there.

    personally, i think anyone should be able to help themselves from skips, afterall, its all stuff that being thrown out, but i had a mate who was done for trespassing so skip surfers should do it carefully and incognito.


  • In my last skipping adventure I came home with:

    - a pair of joggy bottoms for exercising in
    - a pair of navy blue sparkly fairy wings
    - a rubbish bin
    - an umbrella
    - a messenger bag with TWO of those dongle computer storage things in it (you know...USB whatsits)
    - a cardigan
    - a see-throughish top for over vests
    - a massive cushion cover
    - a belt
    - a pair of braces
    - a pair of jeans for my friend
    - a shirt for another friend
    - some pans and pots
    - a lava lamp
    - an ashtray on a stand thing
    - a porcelain skull

    AMAZING. I love the week where people move out of student houses and just dump stuff, although it does get to me that people can be so careless about how they dispose of their unwanted things. There's talk of getting Oxfam and other charities to do a collection because people are so lazy.

  • WOW :eek:

  • LOl, my parents were caught by the CID raiding some goods, but they didn't mind they just said as long as you're not putting stuff in and my mum replied no, we are taking stuff out, and the CID said oh, that's ok, and walked away.

    Yeah, it's amazing what major shops thow out, the list is endless what we used to find, but some of the stuff include brand new trainers shoes clothes, lamenete flooring, dvd players cameras etc, there was a local skip once someones house clearance and i found a money box with £5 and lots of other neat stuff, so in my experiences and those I know, it hasn't been illegal:angel:

  • yes it is illegal to take from a skip :plod::but i used to do it all the time a few years ago and sell the stuff at car boot sales and make on average £200 a week, so yeah good on yer sir looks like you got something good out of it :clap::clap:

  • supporting the big supermarket thing..i work at sainsburys and we throw so much out..i sometimes write things off and things like 6pack cans of stuff,if ones leaking the whole lot gets chucked out..or bags of stuff with a little rip in so they cant sell it,but its still completely useable!
    even if it is illegal to take skip stuff,i dont see why it should be..things are generally in there for disposal..why get rid if it can have a new home?!

  • A friend of mine was renovating his cottage a while back and wanted a decent bath as the one he had was a rally crappy old plastic one. In the middle of ripping his house apart someone started "modernising" the cottage two doors down and what did they throw in the skip? A lovely victorian cast iron rolltop bath with claw feet and the original taps. It was given a proper home needless to say but it was bloody murder moving it.

  • my mate's been done for it, and got banned from all the skips in dorchester.

    which is insane, because it's ll just going to landfil anyway.

    another mate got done for it aswell and they just called it theft. bastards.

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • That's rubbish (boom tish). It sounds so ludicrous! "Sorry mate, you're barred from this skip. Don't bother going down the road, they won't let you in either. You may as well just go home."

  • Legally, it's classed as theft, but the chances of you getting prosecuted are (in my experience) slim to none. Most people see it as immoral rather than illegal, either "You shouldn't be doing that, it's disgusting", or "You shouldn't have to do that, it's unfair". People tend to assume you're skip raiding not because you want to, but because you can't afford to buy food/furniture/whatever, and that it's your only option.

    Which I suppose is true in some cases, when I lived on the streets, myself and several of my friends lived out of skips primarily because we couldn't afford to buy stuff. We furnished our squat with furniture from skips, clothed ourselves with charity shop cast-offs and ate a better diet with food from skips than a lot of people buying from a supermarket would. But if/when I settle down, I'll still be seeing what I can find in skips to reuse before visiting a furniture shop. It's amazing some of the things people throw away, I'm listening to music right now on a stereo that I got out of a skip, there's NOTHING wrong with it. Craziness :insane:

    I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap,
    i've been thinking i'm drinking too many drinks all by myself.
    I've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made, for you, of you.

  • Right I have made it all legal, I emailed the company from their contact page using one of my yahoo email addresses so as not to be too traceable, asking if i could recover and recycle broken telescope parts, and recieved a nice reply saying I am welcome to whatever I can use - I will now keep that with me when I visit the skip, so if anyone asks any questions I have an answer in writing :angel:

  • I did hear not long ago (hopefully it is an urban myth or a discontinued practise), that some supermarkets would squirt dye over discarded food to prevent anyone taking it, thus making the waste appear deliberate (well at least to me). Anyone else heard of that?

  • I think it all comes down to some people thinking, 'if I have thrown it away I dont want anyone else finding a use for it' typical in my opinion of todays throwaway culture, and the attitudes some people have. sayoing that its obvious from their response that the place I have found is happy for someone else to find a use for their rubbish, its probably just that like any other commercial premisis they do not have the storage space for stuff that someone may want someday, or that would come in handy one day, as an authorized repairer, they are duty bound to repair instruments with new parts, and probably see this as a waste themselves, when they could get one or two working instruments from every batch of 4 or 5 throwaways, (I personally see it as orders from the parent company to keep sales figures up - I hate built in redundancy when it is totally unnecessary.

  • The law can be silly, if people throw stuff away then other people should be allowed to take it and use it if they want. Its only going to go the landfill anyway.

    as the old saying goes, "one mans muck is another mans brass"

    or something like that lol

  • talked to the guys who work there, they are overjoyed someons can use the bits as they hate throwing stuff, apparently if its not cost effective to go back to the states for repair, then its junked, and they are the place it all comes back to to decide. anyhow, I got some more bits, and I will be passeing those bits I dont want on to other astronomers locally