Body Hair - personal preference?

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  • Great link Chazz. What a brave + articulate young woman. As someone who has always found a woman's natural body hair a beautiful part of a woman I've never understood the hatred that women that don't shave often endure. It's just a personal choice. Fair enough if somebody finds shaved sexier but to try + impose your brain-washed preference onto a stranger who can be comfortable with how her body naturally is mystifies + horrifies me.

    Hairy should be as acceptable in public as hairless + just left to the individual. Good luck to this bright woman.

  • I'm a neanderthal type hairy guy....I'm a man, men are hairy , it keeps us warm when out hunting bison in the winter or no hair....pppffftttt, do what you want not what you think us neanderthals want.. better to find someone who's happy to be with you as you wish to be.....

  • I would find an attractive girl attractive no matter what, but I must say that an attractive girl with all her fluffy bits intact drives me crazy! It's partly the look and feel of body hair, especially when it's quite fine and delicate, but it's also a confidence thing and an acceptance thing. I think if a girl is willing to accept that hair grows there and disregard what society tells her is right, choosing to do what she likes, that is an enormous turn-on for me!

    Also, guys, have you ever been close to a girl with hairy armpits? Most people reckon it causes body odour which is nonsense... body odour is caused by bacteria and bacteria only ever builds up and goes stale like that if it's not washed away. I'm talking about a clean, hygienic girl who showers and keeps herself clean but uses odourless deodorants like Ice Guard. That smell! ^_^ It's like a delicate musk and it turns me on like a light every-single-time! As soon as I get a hint of that natural musky smell from an attractive girl, my heart starts racing!

    It can still be present without hair there, but it's not so noticeable. I love natural beauty in all its shapes, sizes and colours... especially women, so how could I not love fluffy armpits, treasure trails, bum cheeks and legs on a lovely girl? So cuddly and fun to play with, especially during sensual times and tickle fights!

    So yeah, gimme a fluffy girl any day! <3


    Also, pheromones! :)

  • I used to shave every part of my body (apart from my head, eyebrows and eyelashes). Then, I got sick for a few days and didn't manage to shave, which made me realise that it wasn't that bad! Now I only get rid of the hairs on my upper lip, a few on my chin and my monobrow :) I am half Indian, half English, so my hair is thick and dark, but I think it suits me now, and it makes me feel like a woman, not a girl.

    I think the biggest reason I stopped shaving was that I started engaging with feminist discourse and realised that I wasn't doing it for myself. It was quite a big thing to realise, that, at 22 I had spent literally half of my life shaving every single day, just in order to fit in and for people to like me! After I had my depilatory epiphany, I began to realise more and more that I was denying who I was/wanted to be for the same reason. Now, I feel so much freer and happier :) My boyfriend doesn't much care for hair but he lives with it because he loves me enough.

    NB. This doesn't mean that I am judging people who do shave!

  • Love body hair of all forms, on either sex. I'm especially a fan of beards, long hair and chest hair on a man... Dunno why, but it makes me feel like if the apocalypse happened, they could build me a fire and protect me from marauders :) ( i appreciate that shaven men could also do this.. But hairy men just look the part)
    i myself, only shave my legs, just because i wear tights often, n its uncomfy with leg hair... Everything else is exactly as nature intended, n i love my fuzzy form... :D

    ps.. This thread has been highly amusing to read, and helped while away a very boring half hour.

  • It's certainly not often I see women baring either hairy legs or pits these days in public. Most women who don't remove it tend to keep it hidden, but today while we were at the bus stop at Seahouses there was a young woman with visibly hairy legs hand in hand with her boyfriend -pleasing to see. Though not common there was a youngish Indian woman sitting opposite me on the train last week in London with long, dark leg hair. So used to seeing shaved/waxed legs it's pleasing to see women who defy the norm.

  • wouldnt it be great to live in a world where you could be as hairy or shaved/waxed as you want..girls and boys..and noone would care/comment/give a stuff?we are a way from being there not very hairy so just leave the body hair alone..imagine i would feel more pressure if i were hairier.i think the hairless look also known as the porn standard is nasty though.and i once asked someone to have a tidyup downstairs!

  • i like to keep myself comfortable so any hair is left alone unless it gets to a length where it botheres me then it gets shaved with clippers, that goes for head, armpit, and pubic hair, the rest of the hair on my body has not reached a length that botheres me, on women i like long hair on there head the rest is not something i am fussy about as long as she is confident and clean, although i do not like to get hair in my mouth

  • I shaved every hair bar the 3 on me chest eyebrows n fluff on me legs last year.... Court wanted a drug test so I did a new grow, quite liked bein smooth around me nads tbf an it made me cock feel bigger lol, too much of a ball ache shavin to keep smooth though (get it ball ache lol) n I did suffer with cuts everywhere, looked like a lass on the blob to start with lol