[FOR SALE/BARTER] Hand-made candles and accesories...

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  • Hello all :waves:

    I thought I would post a couple of the things I have made recently - they're all up on my etsy shop (see link below).

    BUT I do custom orders, so if any of you lovely folk have something special in mind, just ask and I shall happily make you anything you like (well, within reson anyway!)

    These ones are both made with 50/50 vegetable and paraffin wax.
    (I use vegetable, paraffin or pure beeswax in my candles.)
    They are 10x6 and 11x10 cm respectively and going for about £6 each.

    I weave 'em with hemp, embroidery silk or wool and can do any colours you like!
    They're about a fiver.

    I do woven hemp jewellery with lovely fair trade or reclaimed beads, and I sometimes make things with seashells too.
    They can cost anything from £2 to £10 depending on what you want :-)

  • I told you you should put stuff up! They are amazing. I love it all....just need to get a job so i can splash out :P sent your package off a few minutes ago, let me know when you got it.

    I really love this stuff...is it your main source of income? I'm planning to live with a little shop selling these types of things.

  • Awww, thank you sweetheart!

    I don't earn much from this stuff at the moment, but hey... we all gotta start somewhere ;-) Luckily my husband works too otherwise we could never survive on it!

    I would love a little shop too... with beehives in the back for fresh wax and honey! Bliss. Someday...

  • I add more stuff to my etsy shop every couple of days, so it could be worth a looksee.

    Also, I have blank t-shirts in large and small-medium sizes which I am intending to paint... so if anyone would like something in particular, I could make you something unique :angel:

  • Oooh - do you have any bracelets similar to the anklet? I'm collecting bracelets at the moment.

  • Quote from Sthenno

    Oooh - do you have any bracelets similar to the anklet? I'm collecting bracelets at the moment.

    Hey, lovely.

    I could make one specially? Or, I have these two...

    This one's £4.50...

    ...and this one's £4.

    The first one was designed to go with this necklace but they're not being sold as a set...

    The necklace is £9.

    Love love xx

  • Quote from Sthenno

    They look lovely... I have tiny wrists though so not sure if they'd fit.

    Would you like me to make you one? I have teeny wrists too. If you measure how big you need it to be I can rustle you up something.

  • Ooh yes please! I don't have a tape measure though. Will see if my flat mate has one when she gets back x

  • Quote from princesstigermouse

    Cool, either that or use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler xx

    No ruler either :(
    I'm so ill equipped for this academic life..

  • Sadly, no! But if you've got small wrists too then I expect they'll fit me. Can I get the second one please? PM me your payment details xx