Flooding again

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  • Quote from joss

    The village i live in flooded again

    dude i hope you and your folks are OK,
    But, this is just for starters.. its all going banannas all over the british isles.

    fortunately there will be advantages amongst the frequent and increasingly prolonged periods of flooding, (within our soon to be disease ridden cities), and amongst the millions of displaced citizens.

    i went down the thames the other week in one of those bus/boat jobbies, half way between the national gallery and tate modern the top of the boat was scrapping its way underneath bridges. ..what a hoot! nobody said bu*ger all, they just carried on not making eye contact with each other & pretending everything was just peachy
    F*ck me, i've never seen the tide so high... the thought of the great city of westminister permanently underwater makes me smurk like a looney:insane:

  • We were in London 2 weeks ago and walked up to the embankment...what a stench! Think what them poor peeps houses smell like after being flooded!!

  • sorry to hear that joss..hope your mum,dad & aunty are all ok...and basil cat;)

    mmm...no flooding down here by the north cliffs of cornwall...but i hear Helston & Falmouth got a tad wet.

  • I cant believe this summer!
    Its like wet evry day, and peoples keep getting flooded out of their homes all the time its mad.
    I'm soo lucky to live in a first floor flat .like evry body round mine till the water goes.
    It only floods a bit at the bottom of my road in heavy rain but those houses have basements.Where all the water ends up I spose.

    good luck mate keep the socks dry.

  • why cant someone G M a fuck off giant sponge- with a scourer on the top to clean this damn country up!!!!

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    defend to the death your right to say it'
    Evelyn Beatrice Hall, The Friends Of Voltaire, 1906.

  • Quote from ratty

    why cant someone G M a fuck off giant sponge- with a scourer on the top to clean this damn country up!!!!

    ratty, :loveu: That's the best comment, ever!

    Yesterday I was at a first aid course (so not in my usual place of work) when the storm came over. People who had used the toilet had commented that it looked clean but was quite smelly. When we started to smell it really strongly, we thought it was the toilet, until one of the people from the centre we were in came to appologise for the smell and said that it was because the rain had flooded the basement with sewerage and that was what we could smell :vomit:

    Edit because I forgot to say the important bit: My heart goes out to anyone affected by flooding, hope you're Ok Joss.

  • Thanks everone
    I'm living on my own little island at the moment as we are cut of by floods on all sides the waters not in the houses this time thank god ,and late night in the pud was quite nice as i everone was in there and i could catch up with old mates ,I don't Know if I'll get to work if the waters still up tomorrow but I have plenty to do here
    Take care everone and I'll let you know whats happening

  • Quote from shibari.surfer

    Time to declare independence, maybe? The Peoples Republic of Joss:D

    sorry:o Thinking of ya dude:waves:

    we did talk about this last night in the pub and i was voted in as P.M . it,s a nice day here today and the waters going down but the weather forcast for the rest of the week don't look good

  • These are from my parents' town in north Gloucestershire (where the worst is now over). Spot the railway station:

    and the road:

  • Quote from ratty

    why cant someone G M a fuck off giant sponge- with a scourer on the top to clean this damn country up!!!!

    Get to it Ratty--we need you hun !!

    A cure is whatever it takes to move the energy to change your life--nothing more or less. (Taoist saying)

  • OK, (1) spot the station and (2) spot the high street

  • spose they can get the BOAT TRAIN.........


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