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  • Quote from irishfaery

    Would like a lift to the Waveform project in September if anybody is going from up north. Can give fuel money and good music for the player*, and of course good company/
    can be fairly flexible with days also. PM me to arrange.
    love and light

    whats the waveform project?

  • Quote from irishfaery

    Sorry..really want to go but train is exceptionally expensive..about £130 to Exeter from Newcastle.Crazy!!!!

    Yep it really sucks! Well if you find a lift coming from northern climes, I might have to join you!

  • Looks brilliant,my friend called it something else tho! is Sunbird behind this one? i think im gunna go, if you want il be leaving from Brighton...you just need to get this way,if thats any help irishfairy!

  • Could be a consideration as might be cheaper for me to travel to London then onto Brighton. May have to travel the day before tho as a long journey time, if your up for a guest so as I don't arrive at the waveform asleep!! Will do some research:)
    Thank you

  • Quote from irishfaery

    Could be a consideration as might be cheaper for me to travel to London then onto Brighton. May have to travel the day before tho as a long journey time, if your up for a guest so as I don't arrive at the waveform asleep!! Will do some research:)
    Thank you

    I get a lovely vibe from you lady so i see why not, when do you need to know by?

  • Whoops didn't realise you had responded to this...hehehehheee...
    anytime really.
    Haven't been in Brighton since I was a kid either so sounds good to me to have a little visit on route.

  • If you enjoyed the Sunrise Celebration (or even if you didn't go!), please come along and support our new dance festival - The Waveform Project at Powderham Castle in Devon.

    The Waveform Dance Project
    September 14th - 16th 2007
    Part of the International Earthdance Celebration
    Held in the Picturesque grounds of Powderham Castle, near Exeter, Devon,an amazing pre-licensed-event site. See www.powderham.co.uk for details of the location.
    Waveform rides in on the breezes of our September Indian Summer, melding sustainable values with a unique collaboration of underground dance music producers, DJs and labels. A great way to end the summer of love 2007.

    Funktion 1 Sound System
    ID Spiral
    Tribe of Frog
    Archangel Breaks
    Interchill Records
    Future Underground Nation
    Liquid Records
    And many more....



    The open-air Waveform stage will host a range of live dance music and electronica, from a host of international artists and festival favourites, supported by a Funktion 1 sound system.
    SYSTEM 7
    GAUDI (Interchill)
    MOOD DELUXE (Liquid Records)
    SLACK BABA (Liquid Records)
    MANCINI (Archangel)
    SUBSOURCE (Archangel)
    ASHTEQ (Interchill)
    FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Records)
    NAASKO (Interchill)
    INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER (Different Drummers)
    REALITY GRID (Wild Things)
    ZUB ZUB (Liquid Records)

    More acts and HEADLINERS TBC

    Annarchy (domo)
    Beatnik (nano)
    Deeper in Zen (soular) t.b.c
    EVP (wildthings)
    Excession (flying rhino / iboga)
    Flip Flop (alchemy)
    Psymmetrix (phar-psyde / bom shanka)
    Ram (last possible solution)
    Yab Yum (peak) t.b.c
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Beardy (wildthings)
    Djuna (tribe of frog)
    Gacid (phar-psyde)
    Geo (tribe of frog)
    Liquid Ross (liquid)
    Lurk (sonic dragon)
    Morph (liquid)
    Natzan (tribe of frog)
    Phreak Brothers (phar-psyde)
    Pieman (tribe of frog / phar-psyde)
    Pod (tribe of frog)
    Psychosonic (tribe of frog)
    Psyclone (hypertribe)


    Welcome to I.D. Spiral’s world of chill and chai, of beats and relaxation, surreal landscapes and visual art, to let your mind and spirit roam freely.
    Some of the finest downtempo / ambient / groove enriched sounds will be presented to you with an international line up of quality.

    Aliji DJ
    Naked Nick DJ
    Liquid Djems DJ + B 2 B
    Ishq Live and DJ
    Eat Static Live
    Simon Pieman DJ
    Templehedz Live
    Leroy Horns Trio Acoustic
    Si B DJ
    Dom Spiral DJ
    Cameleon DJ
    Adam Shaikh DJ
    Gaudi DJ
    Master Margherita DJ
    Mary Miss Fairy DJ B 2 B
    Mirror System Live
    Red Earth DJ
    Naasco DJ
    Mayra A/V

    Other stages TBC

    This will be the UK's first 'Green' Dance Music event and will be 100% sustainably powered, with many of the eco-policies seen at the Sunrise Celebration. All stages will be run from a mix of solar and bio-diesel, the latter provided by the marvellous Midas-UK.

    The event will feature:-
    5 Dance Music Stages including a stunning semi-sheltered, 6 pod central stage (launched at Glastonbury Festival this year) and Funktion 1 Sound System replete with visionary art from around the globe.

    Cabaret Stage
    Green Village with healing, kids area, stalls, workshops, gardens and more.
    Kids Area/Fairground
    World Market
    Art Gallery
    Licensed Bars including the Eco-Shelter Ska Bar
    Chai Wallah Art Tent
    Visionary Art Gallery
    Installations, Light Shows

    And lots lots more

    £70 Adults (including booking fee)
    £10 Car Parking
    £25 Camper Vans
    £15 Kids (5 - 16)
    Or by calling 0845 1080259 (Bristol Ticket Shop)

    Waveform Project is produced by Family Gathering Ltd, Somerset based production company behind The Award winning Sunrise Celebration Festival.
    For latest information, call 0845 0096347 or email info@waveformproject.co.uk

  • There is a lift-share being set up on free wheelers at the moment by the lovely Jane so there may be scope for lift share to Waveform on that some time soon.
    What about the Glade wash out, surely it will be sunny by September!

  • It's a tough one... I really want to go but my course starts on the 18th... if I can blag a lift from Leeds I'll probably go anyway though :)

  • Definitely thinking about going to this. No way I can afford Ozora, and although Glade was good, it didn't quite fulfill my SummerPsyTraceInTheSun requirements. Hopefully I might be able to get some money together and get down to this, it certainly looks good.