What's good for a bit of a detox?

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  • I've been off the fags and the drink for 2 days now and I wanna do some sort of detox, what's good for it? My body is fucked cos I drink regularly and heavily and smoke heavily enough aswell.

    A healthy body means a healthy mind and it'll help me keep my sanity which is proving difficult at the moment. I've been doing the obvious drinking a load of water and a few smoothies but not sure what else needs to be done or maybe avoided.

    Anywho, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours slowly going insane,

  • Hey well done.Dont know about detox-fruit/veggies?But if youre tryin to give up for good try findin other stuff to focus on like exercize,loud music,hobbies etc-anythin that makes you feel good and gets your heart pumpin/gives u a 'healthy' rush.Good luck!

  • Loads of water, seriously until your piss is water!!!!
    Eat all the fruit and veg you can, steam cook it if you can, go out for a long walk to get your heart going a bit. Thats always good!!

  • Lots of water but not the shit from the tap, either proper filtered or spring water. A sauna is great as would be a soft massage like aromatherapy, especially with some stimulating oils, clean out the lymph. If your brave you could have a day with no food then a day of fruit...
    Best of luck - bet your a bit shaky by now but some exercise calms down the nerves (I prefer the sauna - Stalin said it was heart exercise for the lazy - but then he did die of a stroke)

  • Good luck mate
    Must be the time of year I've nearly given up drinking I only had 4 pints last saturday and none all week so i know what its like I'm drinking j2o in the pubs when we go for our evening meals and i'm trying to eat more fruit ,I've also stoped eating fryed breakfasts and i hope soon to get me mountain bike out more . Its hard work but it'll be worth it I hope

  • i recommend knackering yourself out with exercise. it'll help you sweat it out and it's a great mood lifter as well.

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  • I absolutley agree with hedgewitch - watercress is the way to go...... what about watercress soup - amazing....... watercress salad - OMG...... spring water and fruit too though and a bit of either a sauna or a run......

  • So far I still haven't progressed from the drinking lots of water and juice. It just take a while to detox. It seems like things aren't getting any better. It'd be so easy to crack open a can and have a fag and the relief would be great, but I know it wouldn't last cos then would come the next can and the next fag and on and on. That's what's keeping me going anyway.

  • :waves:
    Was a bottle of red wine a day person me,so realized that the situation could not go on.
    Cranbery and pomigranite juice is good.and as usual water,try hot water instead of tea/coffee
    Exersise excelent idea I cycle 12 miles a day work and back.and walk on a Sunday for about 4-5 hours.
    I have the idea that every thing should be in moderation ,so I reward myself one bottle of wine for the week end,now thats hard cause I'd like to drink it in one sitting so I have to control myself thus helping my willpower.
    Meditation /Yoga is also good
    Hope this helps and good luck

  • On day 6 now, I can't believe it, the fags especially, it's a revelation. Hopefully I can keep it going. It's easy to get complacent.

  • vegtables soups...containing cabbage. smoothies and veg juices. Try steaming but also build up on more raw foods for a little while. Home sprouting is always fun and just throw them on your salads.

    Plenty water, green tea.....dandelion and or nettle tea (beware you will wee lots!!).

  • well done keep it up! you will start to feel way more healthy, might just take a little while. It'll be worth it though :)

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