quitting caffeine

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  • only the first day... normally im a huge tea junkie... 6-8 large cups of strong regular tea a day (builders compliment me on my tea skills) but ive noticed ive been getting edgey and lots of headaches so im trying to give it up.
    had 3 cups of green tea today... i think it has less caffeine in it than regular and i dont stew it for as long because the taste is icky :o hoping to switch permanently to green tea, then move off onto other caffeine free teas.

    i know it seems insignificant comapred to other addictions, but wish me luck!

  • I swapped James' tea for decaff and he didn't notice so you could try drinking that. It tastes the same and you still get that lovely proper tea refreshment!

    Good Luck!

  • Gotta warn you, green tea can be more caffeinated than black. It all depends on the tea in question. Also, you're only really meant to brew green for 2 minutes, as a general rule. As starpoi says, decaf is probably the easiest thing to move on to :) Be warned though - the first time I gave up I had some pretty bad withdrawal symptoms :(

  • Best to just stop. I think I heard that the decaf process can add some nasty stuff to coffee and assume it does so to tea.... I am at times a coffee nut and I also drink gallons of tea but when my supplies run out I go for weeks on herb teas... I don't often notice any withdrawals but I did notice being very irritable when I gave up caffiene a few years back - that was a choice - I wonder if my reaction was based on an expectation of a reaction?

  • i moved to decaf ages ago .......well about a year me thinks
    i did have a few headaches at first
    but its much better for you
    i say make the switch by cutting out one tea each day with a decaf until they are all decaf
    try slipping a camomile in between to relax you hun

    good luck

  • Goodluck with it Pix... I been caffeine free for quite a few months now and I'd never go back - it was quite hard the first few weeks cos I was a serious caffeine addict but since I gave up I feel loads better :)

  • Until a few months ago I was drinking coffee with 4 spoonfuls to a cup :eek:

    If I didn't have that in the morning I would have a raging headache by 4 o'clock. I don't think it was doing me any real harm, but I hated being dependant on it.

    I stopped caffeine completely for a while, suffered the headaches for a few days and now mainly drink South African rooibos (redbush) tea.

    I'm drinking coffee again now, but probably have one weak cup every three or so days.

  • I used to be a huge coffee drinker, but I quit when I detoxed a while back and because after a cup I usually smoked more fags for about 2 hours after it.
    So I moved onto naturally caffeine free fruit teas.

  • Well done to everyone who's given up :D
    *clings to coffee*
    I'm turning into a complete coffee fiend... I'll drink it continuously at home and when I get to work I'll get the biggest mug I can find and make myself a hot chocolate with three espresso shots in it :rolleyes:
    Ahhh well. It's getting me through the exams :D

  • I remember being like that (mmm coffee, lol)
    My mates like to meet up in the coffee shop before heading out wherever, tis so tempting even still, it smells soooooo gooood, but we can buy fruit teas there.
    At the moment I'm quite into Appletiser, tis a bit too warm in there and I crave icey cold refreshment, lol.

  • Quote from Cybw

    Wine is the answer! I know you're not *meant* to chill a bottle of red - but a quick stint in the freezer to get it to room temperature works wonders!

    Chilled red wine? Hmmm... I just can't see it...
    Chilled white wine is far, far better :D

  • Not chilled, just a little cool.

    My logic goes that whilst you're not meant to really cool it - it should ideally be kept in a cellar and served at around room temperate. Lacking a wine cellar, a short burst in one of the wonderful ice-cool domestic gadgets gives it an edge for me :p

    edit: am I alone in hating white ? :(

  • Quote from Cybw

    edit: am I alone in hating white ? :(

    Yes :D
    White wine's far, far nicer than red...

    Bah. Anyway, who needs wine when there's vodka?!