I need to move country because of the smoking ban

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  • Its not long until it hits now
    I still want a pint and fag in the pub.

    I need to move from the UK where to

    All suggestions will be taken into consideration

  • you could run away to France until January...

    You may have until 2009 if you go to Hungary. Beyond that, I wish you luck.
    The WHO will be after you. There will be no where left for you to run...

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    The WHO will be after you. There will be no where left for you to run...

    If onyl people stopped putting 'em down for all the getting around they keep doing :(

  • I'm really looking forward to the ban and the end of an era. People who smoke simply aren't able to smell how bad it really is. Popping in for a quick pint isn't so inviting when you leave stinking of nicotine. I look forward to seeing much more live music and not coughing up shopping trolleys throughout the next day.

    I often wonder how our pubs will change with a lot of drinkers standing outside of the premises!!

  • Quote from wiggy

    I still want a pint and fag in the pub.

    Nanny knows far better than any clients or landlords in these pubs. I still laugh that clubs run by smokers for smokers are outlawed as well.

    "The law exists to protect smokers from the effects of second hand smoke as well" claims the guidebook. hah!

  • The Isle of Man gets the smoking ban next year. It's still okay to smoke in the beer gardens though when the ban kicks in and they've put massive parasols outside with lights and heaters built into them. So that should be okay for a while, don't know if I'd fancy sitting out there so much on a stormy evening in the winter, lol. It'll have to be the case that we take turns in having our mates round at each others homes with a good bit of food and a few drinks, lol. When the kids are sleeping that is!

    :clap: :hug: :lsd:

  • Im going to do a Vegan Society and hijack a popular cause for my own ends.

    Heaters + outside lights = more energy used = global warming

    global warming or the smell of stale smoke on your shirt - take your pick!

  • bloody hell peps when well we all relise that we dont have to jump and say yes sir when the nutters say so.
    so thave band smokeing in pubs drink at home so thave band smokeing in shoping malls arnt thay all sweet shops anyway so wot if we cant sit in a pub and drink a pint for the mouny youed use in one siting at a pub youed get 2/3 nights in for that.
    sod leaveing beautiful brition how about stay and find a way around the lunatics that frow rules round like there parking fines

  • Quote from Perthite

    i'm pretty sure the good old USA wil always allow smoking in pubs

    I dunno.. already banned in some states

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • Well, personally, I don't mind going home with the smell of smoke on my clothes, as I smoke anyway and when I get home and get changed for bed, I put my clothes in the washbag, ready to be refreshed.
    It's almost like they're battling with one problem and causing more problems with their compromises.
    As usual really.

  • Bah, it's already in force here in Wales...
    Last time I was at a gig there were more people outside smoking than were inside listening :rolleyes:
    It's not too bad, I guess, but I don't just see why they can't have smoking and non smoking sections in a building...

  • Quote from sunflower

    so thave band smokeing in pubs drink at home

    A friend of mine used to be a bartender, and a lot of the regulars said they'd just stop coming to the pub and stay at home if the smoking ban came into power. He said they were talking bollocks (not to their faces of course), because the pub is more of a social thing than an alcohol thing.

    A pub without alcohol = :)
    Alcohol without pub = :eek:

  • Quote from Prozac

    but I don't just see why they can't have smoking and non smoking sections in a building...

    they will, inside and outside :)

  • Thanks to our own self-governed laws over here on the Isle of Man, we are delaying the smoking ban until May next year. The only thing is that when it gets closer to the time, the majority of the Island will cause an uproar, and because it is such a small and close community the law will be overthrown and the ban will just be dropped.

    This isn't wishful thinking either. The local brewery tried making several of their pubs none smoking for a while, and I'm not joking here but nobody at all went in to them. So after a month they raised the ban and people haven't been back since, even though we all know the ban has been lifted.

    So when ever our own government bring in laws which we do not agree with, we have proven in the past that we can overthrow this decision.

    Anyway, the Island is only a 2 hour boat journey, or 15 min journey by plane, from Liverpool and we have some of the most bauetiful countryside I have ever seen in Britain. If anyone ever feels like coming over for a while then let us know, we can meet up and rough it for a few days (depending on wether we can get a babysitter of course lol)

  • I really do think its unfair, i have been thinking about it and spoke to a few mates about it some who smoke and some dont. I havent found anyone that really agree's with it.
    If you have to go outside for a fag in a pub now what are you ment to do with your drink? Down it or leave it.
    Do you risk coming back to it, how many people will go back to it and find its been tampered with?

    I dont like doing what the shitty goverment says

  • I’m in two minds about it to be honest. I’m a smoker, so obviously I’m pissed off, but loads of my friends are non-smokers and they’re all really looking forward to the ban, and I don’t really blame them. I suppose it isn’t really fair that other people should have to put their health at risk just because we have a dirty habit!

    I agree with the drink thing though, I wonder how much the cases of drink spiking will go up with everyone leaving them to go outside for a cigarette?

  • What I’m most worried about is what we’ll be able to smell once the smoke stops masking it…