vaccinations for babies

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  • Yep, my little ones have all been vacinated. At the ed of the day vacines are part of a public health policy which aims to protect the most vulnerable in society, which probably isn't the kids of the people posting on this thread. The one's who'll die if any of these diseases come back won't be my kids, or your probably, but those of poor mother's who don't feed their children the healthy diet we do.

  • I think choosing whether or not to have a child vaccinated is really difficult and personal to the individual. I would like to share my experience, but in sharing it, I want to say that I don't have any agenda to persuade others what they should decide.

    I had a healthy developing daughter until she had her DPT injection. She barely stopped crying after that. There were no other changes made to her life or diet at that time. Initially we thought it was just a bad reaction that would pass, but it didn't. Our baby barely drew breath for crying each day thereafter. At the time, we were assured over and over again by medical services that whaever it was, it was nothing to do with the jab. We were told she had just become a very whingey baby. It was exhausting to be with her because she cried 80 percent of the time.

    We went on to give her the MMR at 18 months. After the MMR she began to withdraw. Her immune system crashed.Within two weeks she was a different child. She refused to make any eye contact and pushed away any physical contact. She went crazy with fear if we moved items in the room, like it totally disorientated her. She also developed a bowel disorder after the jab. At age three she was diagnosed with autism and at age five with Tourettes. She had developed a gluten and casein intolerence also following the MMR.

    A couple of years ago we met a homeopath who has a personal interest in vaccinations and the autism link. She offered to treat my daughter for no charge and still does. She donated a magnetic therapy mattress and quilt to our child and the treatments have had a hugely positive effect.

    I wish I had never allowed my child to have the vaccines but it is a decision I have to live with now. Looking back through my family history, I can now see that there seems to be a longstanding shadow of reactions to medication and vaccines - a general sensitivity to anything that might upset a delicately balanced system. Sadly, I didn't have this information at the time, but it leads me to feel that maybe there is some kind of genetic pre-disposition involved with those who develop autism after their injections.

    I know lots of other parents whose children have had their vaccines and are ABSOLUTELY FINE.

  • i've got assbergers syndrom
    it can be a bit of a bugger to live with sometimes
    i dono if that was because of the mmr though
    i always thought that rubella is a very pretty name for a girl
    maybe i'm just weard?

  • I'll add my spin to this thread - as a Dr of Microbiology

    Fine - avoid the jabs if you like - even the single ones - BUT...

    Have you seen what shingles can do to a toddler? blindness!

    I've seen many kids under the age of 4 with blindness attributed to having shingles - and YES - it's because they weren't vaccinated

    Do you want to tell your child when it grows up that it is blind in one eye because YOU thought it was a good choice to NOT have vaccinations?

    And yes - my daughter has had her jabs :)

    Like I said - it's just MY spin on this

    I'm all for the 'natural' way - but to be honest - nature has these virions and you'd be very stupid to ignore them - the vaccines are there for a reason

    The TB bacteria has come back to haunt us because the medical world got complacent

    Don't be a complacent parent

  • Good point function but we take a risk, no matter how small either way don't we. there is always statictically a vaccine damaged child out there for all the thousands that have benefitted. we need a mathematical genius on this thread to work out the statistics either way. That'd would make it way easier for me to decide to be honest.
    Chances of vaccine damage against chances of getting disease then getting perminant damage from disease.
    any mathemations wanna go at it?.....I got a U in maths :puppydog: I know i'm a genius elsewhere though.:D besides, my maths teacher stank. blueergh!!

  • Just to add - the vaccines are attenuated - which in laymans terms means a dead virus - just enough to make the immune system see it and make antibodies against it

    God forbid if a child didn't have these antibodies - the consequences are overwhelming - even life threatening

  • Quote from Hedgewitch

    we need a mathematical genius on this thread to work out the statistics either way

    Alot of my BSc was maths and probability - I can assure you - the risk of your child getting any long term side effect is 1:1000000 - stop being so paranoid :)

    To be honest - hippy kids are the healthiest kids :) My daughter is :)

    she's 2 next week

  • i'm blind because i was a prem baby
    however, i would never be able to forgive my self if my kid became blind and i new i could have stopped that by doing one simple small thing