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  • help help help..
    I dont think I could currently feel lower.
    I cut so deep I very nearly called an ambulance..and now I feel physically sick.. I dont know whereto go
    I need to cry..and I cant.
    I dont know what to do
    I cant let this carry on all night but argh. maybe a wlka? I dont think I'm ina fitr state of mind shit
    I need tot alk to marcus/

  • dibdabs hunny is there no one in the house with you that you can talk too
    or call someone
    please try not too cut i know its hard
    you are such a beautiful girl and you have so much life hunny
    if you want a chat pm me

  • And for a slightly more serious reply....

    Get out a pen and some paper and write. Clear your mind and try to be still. Have that conversation with yourself. Hold on to the pen like you never want to let it go. Don't let it go but only use it on the paper.

    How is your cut? Wrap something around it to stop the bleeding. Get yourself a drink of boiled water to have when it's luke warm.

    You can get through this, take control. This is your life you don't have to go through this.


  • thanks for all replies and pm's
    I've wrapped a towel quite tightly around the cut...its nots topped bleeding..though the blood is cloting an has decreased
    The urge toc ut is still not gone. I dont know whether to be sick or cry or bash myself.
    I'm trying to breathe.. and it hurts.
    I'm gonna try and have a converstaion with myself
    get some water..maybe read and hopeuflly cry. I need to get the sharp things out my room.
    trya dn calm down

  • Quote from Dibdabs

    I dont know whether to be sick or cry or bash myself.

    Don't do any of those things. If you're not doing them already then you don't need to. You're just looking at a way of dealing with the pain and the only way you know how is by using different pain. You don't have to fight pain with pain!


    I'm trying to breathe.. and it hurts.

    Breathing is the most natural thing in the world. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you breathe out breath out your pain. Release it. This in itself will calm you down.

    Remember that this is only temporary and will pass, better things will come.

    Take control.

  • eek!!

    that's not good!!

    stop bleeding!...your blood likes your body....it's a wonderful place to be and it wants to stay there....

    if you want me there pm me your number or i can send you mine....

    what's outside? can you go to a tree?...listen to sam, and breathe....it's the same air you've been breathing all your life, and it's not going to let you down now....

    this will stop....i promise that you'll be able to feel a calm soon.....you can have my calm if you want, im not using it....but please, remember rabbits and shooting stars, and pixies and drums....and and....:)

    i love you...you know that....completely head over heels....you are everything about life that i love, and i want you to be safe....:hug:

  • Quote from jenni

    listen to sam, and breathe....

    *nods* :D


    you can have my calm if you want

    NOooooooo!!! Don't take her calm, I've never seen Jenni calm, calm Jenni would be amazing!!! Let the air bring you calm.......:hippy:(See, there is some hippy in me :whistle:)

  • *breathes*
    I think I'm begining to calm down.
    Hearing your voice on the answer message calmed me quite a bit.
    bleeding has decreased significantly...didn't hurt whenI did it..now its begining to hurt like hell.
    I'm not quite sure where to put myself, or what to think or where to go now.. but I'm calmer ..which is important. thankyou x

  • Quote from Dibdabs

    Hearing your voice on the answer message calmed me quite a bit.

    Is that 'cos I'm lovely or sound like I'm 12? :D


    bleeding has decreased significantly...didn't hurt whenI did it..now its begining to hurt like hell.

    Ohh yes, you're gonna suffer now! If you have lavender & camomile oil make a compress for your arm - I don't know if it should be hot or cold but I guess whichever would make you feel better. Or add some oils to warm water and soak cotton wool in it, then keep dabbing your arm. If you haven't got those maybe put some cucumber on just to cool your skin. Other than that I don't know what to suggest.


    I'm not quite sure where to put myself, or what to think or where to go now.. but I'm calmer ..which is important. thankyou x

    Stop worrying! Sit down. Chat random bollocks on the forums. Chat on msn to some peeps. Make yourself something nice & comforting to drink. Put a blanket around you for comfort. Concentrate on your breathing and you won't have space to wonder what to think or where to go. Just stay still.

    You can do this, you really can. One step at a time. One breath at a time.


  • ice is good to numb the pain. get some teetree oil and lavender and mix a few drops of each in with some boiled and cooled water and clean the cut with it.

    stand up fromthe chair your sitting in and let the blood circulate your body more ... this also helps with clearing your head...

    ....and reply to my pm, i was being serious about Dr Seuse....(go on do it fort me i LOVE doing it!)

  • Hey :waves: hope your feeling a bit better, are you getting any help with your probs at all, do you have anyone to talk to - someone who doesnt know you, someone who doesnt know anything about you and who wont judge but will give you advise?
    I know there isnt much people can say or do to help you when your feeling crap, the last thing you want is people telling you how to live your life.
    Write stuff down it might help you relese stuff in a different way x

  • thankyou everyone..I feel like I've been hit by a tidal wave of love.
    Sorry I haven't replied to any pm's..my head doesn't feel clear enough..and I've turned off my phone because the idea of speaking on the phone scares me a bit right now. big big thankyou for helping me though this. I dont have any oils or anything to clean up the cuts..I do have some cucumber though and some ice. I'm going to put some gentle music on and hide under my bed covers.

  • Quote from Dibdabs

    the idea of speaking on the phone scares me a bit right now.

    Speaking on the 'phone always scares me!! :rolleyes:

    Bed sounds like a plan. Keep on with the whole breathing thing - it really will relax you and hopefully you'll settle into a good healing sleep.

    Also, when you're feeling up to it, pm me your address & I'll send you some oils and maybe some used earcleaners for the novelty factor :D

    Get some rest and we'll see you tomorrow. :waves:


  • I calmed down then got myself in a state again last night..then drank half a bottle of wine and fell asleep. I've had about 3 hours which is better than I thought I'd do.

    Am feeling very anxious this morning...and I have to face college in a bit..

    I really want to try and pull myself together. Sort my room out which has turned into a shit heap and then maybe get myself to the doctors.


  • try and relax, breathe deeply, phone someone! get soemone to come over, anything just dont' be alone and feeling the way you do

  • hey,
    Just thought I'd update a bit on how I was doing..
    Am a lot better today..ate the first proper meal I've had this week last night..and have also done a lot of exercise which is helping.
    Still been getting a lot of anxiety and selfharm urges..though am feeling calmer and a bit more stable.
    In response to wiggy, I'm going to the doctors today..I know thats what I always say but today I mean it..I need some help.
    Thankyou to everyone who helped pick me up when I was so low xxxx

  • aww I'm so sorry you've been feeling bad. Sometime emotions just take over and you stop feeling in control, and it sucks, doesn't it?! I know you've got loads of people looking out for you and offering to be there, but if you do need anything please ask. I hope you feel better, take it easy hun. *hugs* :)

    Fairest of the Happy Hippy Redheads
    I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive... :heart: