Casual Smoking.

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  • Is there a point between addiction and non-smoking that can be maintained? I've heard some of you lot express the opinion that it can't but for the last 3 years I've smoked the occasional doobie or cigar (with my whisky... not that I'm an old man on the inside at all whatsoever :o) and even very rarely, cigarettes. Sometimes when I drink, sometimes just because I feel like it. Can't ever have been more than about 4 times in a month though, unless I'm festivalling. I wouldn't consider myself a smoker but then again, it could hardly be claimed that I'm a non-smoker. Uh... don't know where I'm going with this :eek: Oh yeah, I don't get cravings for a smoke... it would be arrogance itself to say that I'm impervious to its addictive qualities but despite having successfully developed an addiction to lots of different things in the past, I've never really felt that tug with cigarettes. So... is it feasible to smoke occasionally? Or will I get slowly dragged in and end up on 20 a day?

  • I gave up smoking 11 years ago...if I feel like a rollie, usually in a pub or drinking with a mate, I'll have one.....I smoke no more than 10 per year!

  • i used to be a heavy smoker (of weed till i met my wife and of cigarettes generally) and heavy drinker too, but stopped both a few years ago. i did want to stop smoking but i didn't want to stop drinking - but i knew that i had to do both for my health. i subsequently did neither for a couple of years, and in recent times i've settled into a routine of not drinking or smoking for several weeks or months, and then having a bit of fun, letting myself drink for a few days and having a load of cigars as well. then i stop. i'm always wary about what if i can't stop, but so far it's been okay. but i do think that you have to be careful with ciggies cos the addiction/habit can sneak up on you without you realising it till it's too late. after all, most people start smoking without planing to be become addicted.

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  • I think you can probably manage it providing that you keep clear in your mind that you dont want to become hooked. I'd set yourself clear limits of what you are comfortable smoking a month and stick to them unless there is an exceptional reason.

    If you notice this start to increase then perhaps it is time to reconsider your position. Failing that every so often it might help go without for a while just to see how your body reacts to it, and to give yourself some level of reassurance as much as anything else.

    and finally, your mention of whiskey has had me reaching for the bottle goddamnit! such a nice drink!

  • Quote from Cybw

    every so often it might help go without

    I'm almost always without! Its a serious rarity. 4 times a month is the maximum when I'm not at festies - not the norm. The norm is probably once every two months!

  • yes its true you cannot give it up!
    I smoke at least 20 fags a day , its fun , and i dont consider myself a smoker.
    It all started when Igot issues after a heavy dope smoking competition that lasted for 3 years and 3 continents.
    If it makes you happy it cant be that bad.
    I'm opening a fresh pack right now and Im going to have a great big fat dooby.

  • I think it may be possible but personally why put myself at risk? I tried to stop smoking for years without much success, contracted a cancer (fortunately not in my lungs and not malignant -and hopefully behind me now)

    I've been an addict and got free so why risk that acheivement? Its a drug with diminishing effects which therefore needs higher and higher doses leading to addiction -and to my mind without any of the benefits of say alcohol or weed. Its filthy stuff -kick it before it kicks you.

  • :finger: Ive always considered weed more carsinogenic than "the weed" but maybe its time to give up ..........
    sod it I only came home to skin u p so thats what I'm doin NOW

    besides I got a bottle of whiskey today from a customer as a bonus
    Are you tryin' a poison me?

  • It seems to differ from person to person; I gave up about a year back (could be more but I dont recall the exact date! :eek: I blame the drink :reddevil: ) but still have had the occasional spliff n a couple of cigars at new year. Still, I dont have any cravings (not even in a pub, which was when I smoked the most - chained basically!!!!).

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  • I gave up about two years ago. I still smoke socially from time to time, but I have found that it's very easy to slip back into old habits, and there've been a couple of times when I've need to go through another quitlet. It's possible to casually smoke, but it's risky.

  • Yes I think it is intirely possible but I think it depends on your personality. I don't seem to have an addictive personality. I consider myself a smoker becuase...well I do smoke, when I am high or drunk. Once a week i will get high or have a drink and sometimes almost chain smoke rollies. *sigh* but I don't smoke in the day time or in the evening when i have not had a drink nor do I ever crave a ciggie really. I think I have a more habit formed smoking habit...becuase the only time i crave a ciggie is when i buy a drink in a pub and sit down or when I have had a few to many, and that is it.

    I should also probably point out that I have been doing this for the last 2 years......

  • I've tried many times to just be a "casual smoker". I just can't do it. I quit for seven months last year, then had a sneaky one when I was pissed and that was it. Back on them regularly. It doesn't work for me, but I know a few people that just have the odd one when they're out.

  • Were you approaching an attempt at casual smoking from having been a regular smoker before though? Highly unscientific but i vaugely remember some research suggesting a part of the brain was permenantly altered by regular smoking, which was why it was so easy for "reformed" smokers to get back into a regular habit after just one or two fags.

  • Yeah. I kind of thought having the odd crafty smoke really would not make a lot of difference. But it did. :rolleyes:

  • Quote from gristlebutt

    I smoke at least 20 fags a day , its fun , and i dont consider myself a smoker.

    This will be you in 5 years Darkflame:whistle: :D
    Gristlebutt, you just broke my head with that sentence:insane:

  • Quote from Hedgewitch

    This will be you in 5 years Darkflame:whistle: :D

    Ah, you paint such a pleasant image of my future ;)

  • I casually smoke - if I'm out for the night somewhere or having a night at a mate house...last time I did it was about 3 weeks ago, before then it must've been last year and then before then about six months previous at I must smoke about once every 3 to 6 months I guess. I never smoke on my own, and I've never craved one. I just like to smoke sometimes because I do enjoy it occasionally.

    Although once the new regulations come it, I doubt I'll do it at all.