[FOR SALE] Lots of cheap clothes!

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  • Ok right. I am so desporate for money it's not funny anymore, so I've taken to getting lots and lots of clothes, theres way too many to put up here so I was thinking I might have a jumble sale or soemthing and get rid of a load of videos too to get some cash. I currently owe like £160 at least before I can even start etting money i can call my own...so yeah..hopefully I can guilt you into buying stuff! ^_^ I picked out some stuff you lot might be interested in, so have a rummage and drop me a PM! Hopefully I'll get some sort of fetishist interested who'll give me lots of money for my pants or something.

    oH AND DON'T LOOK AT THE BACKGROUNDS, its my manky floor, don't worry they only touched it brefily while the photo was being done, and I didn't have time to crop things like my feet out!

    Right thses are loose prices, ONO if you may, so if you're interested just drop me a pM we can sort something out, I'm not fussy!

    Plus my camera sucks so the colour quiality on most pics is a lot shitter than the actual thing

    Here we have a lovely wasitcoat, only been worn once cost me £35, hippy brand nomads, its like embroidered...£20 o.n.o

    and here is the back of it, its a size 10

    Gorgeous dress, size 10 £7 o.n.o SOLD

    It's like a dress..but a jumper...type thing... red with faint prints of cows, heavy prints in some areas, size 10/12..pics are crap £5 o.n.o

    Periced babies! I have another one of these if anybody is interested, size 6/8 or for small boy! the peircings are reaaal! :D £5 o.n.o

    Retroy skirt, loads of layers really pretty, I have to accept the reality that it doesn't fit me anymore though :( Size 6/8 £5 o.n.o

    Pucca tops, szie 12, will fit a 10 loosely £5 o.n.o

    next post to follow with more...

  • Hippy Girl top, size 10 £5 o.n.o

    bootiful top, size 8, gutted it doesnt fit! £10 o.n.o - SOLD!

    Karma Sutra top, size 8 £5 o.n.o SOLD!

    cocochip, got 2 others in white and blue with slightly differnt pattersn, patterns on back forgot to take photo! size 10 £5 o.n.o

    Photo does not do justice, ACID YELLOW, size ten, Miss Sixty brand £10 o.n.o

    Goth skirt, size 10 but easily fit size 12, cost me quite a bit £15 o.n.o

    so come on flood me with offers!!

  • Quote from Naeni

    I love it! :D Sorry to be complicated but would you say it's more of a size six or a size eight? :insane:

  • hmmm I'm not sure! Well I'm a ten and it fits me but it goes up to my belly button! I guess if you were a six it would sit lower and an 8 it would sit higher!

    it actually says its a 12 but thats a load of bollocks!