Pixie is getting a new friend!!

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  • Last night, James came over to tell me his mum had just got two kittens .
    Someone at her work had a cat give birth in her shed and they have looked after them and hasn't been able to find homes for all the kittens. There is one left and the lady is moving house at the end of the week and needs to find it a home. James' mum said she would ask me.

    It would have been rude to have said no, don't you think!?! :D

    When I spoke to the woman on the phone, she just said she 'wanted rid' of them, sounds like a real animal lover :rolleyes: She doesn't even know what sex it is.

    SOoooo later tonight there will be a little fury addition to my family :D
    James said he thought it was a tabby although he's not sure. My monochromatic family is going colourful!

    You know what this will mean........ MORE KITTEN PHOTOS! :D

    As you might be able to guess, I am a little excited :D

    Got to think of a name!

  • :D Not long now :D

    The new kitty will not have a name that rhymes with Pixie!

    I was thinking Yosei but I won't decide till I meet it.

    I will post pics ASAP - you know me and kitten pics, I need no encouragement!

    I'm so excited!!! :happydanc

  • We're HOME!

    I was lied to! There wasn't one kitten left, there were two.
    James thinks they lied to me so I wouldn't be reluctant take them on (if I knew there was 2) and knew when I saw them I would take both.

    Well it worked, I had to take them both home. She was keeping them in an outhouse and it was really smelly and dirty. I didn't want to leave just one there.
    I saw the mum who was really quite small and very pretty. She ran away as people appeared though.

    I couldnt get a good photo yet as they were scared, I didn't want to use the flash and they ran off under a chest of drawers.

    I've left them to explore the room a bit. Pixie had a sniff at the door.
    I've been giving her lots of attention as I really don't want to upset her by leaving her out.

  • Apologies but there will be no more photos today. It's too dark now so I would have to use a flash and I think that would be too scary on their first day.
    Don't worry, they will be supermodels in no time and I will be taking lots and lots of pics.

    I don't know what sex they are yet but I will let you know when I find out. I haven't handled them much yet so haven't had the chance to look and I'm not 100% sure about doing it myself anyway. My dad fell down the stairs yesterday and can't walk so he can't get up to see them but my vets do a free check up for new fluffies so I'll take them in on Friday hopefully. If I can't work out what sex they are, the vets will.

    I lay on the bed in their room for a bit and chatted to them whilst they hid. Then I got out the fish on a string and despite being scared, they couldn't resist bopping it about a bit. One is more confident than the other but they both seem to egg each other on and push each other towards the opening under the chest of drawers.

    They had their dinner, the lady has been feeding them adult food (grrr) so I will gradually get them on kitten food. They both had huge apetites and have now gone to sleep with full bellies.

  • *grin* looks like one of each from the pic, though to be wrong would be usual when it come to animals. :)
    Leave bits of old clothing you don't mind having pissed/crapped on in their room over the first nights, that'll get 'em used to your smell and that you're 'home'. I know it sounds, er, crap, but it works.
    Two polls, then. :D

  • Blime! As cute as they most definatley are, are you sure you can really afford 2 more kitties? The extra food bills, vet bills etc are going to add up to quite a large amount. :eek:

    Besides they're not black and white. They don't fit your pet colour scheme hehe.

    Cole and Bams called their 2 kittens "This One" and "That One".....

  • I wrote a big long reply and the server ate it :(

    The vets bills are covered and I'll just start buying food in bulk!

    I did only want one, I was told there was only one but if I had taken just one, it would have left the other in a smelly out house, on its own, with an uncertain future. I couldn't do it!!

    Photos in the Photo section :D

  • She wasn't bothered by them last night. This morning she has been sniffing around and they have been looking at each other through a door gate.
    No proper introductions yet, I want the babies to feel more confident in their new home.

    I have made sure that she gets lots and lots of time with me too. I really don't want her to feel left out at all. I have bought her some treats and new toys too so she's being a bit spoilt but she deserves it!

  • Course you can Jo :)

    There has been a lot of playing, sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping, eating, playing going on today.
    I can hear them tumbling around upstairs now!

    Booked in for a check up tomorrow at the vets

  • The past fews days have been fun but there has also been the making of a very hard decision
    Why is the right thing to do sometimes the hardest???

    I have to rehome one of the kittens as I really can't take on two. I only wanted one and I was lied to so I would take both. I have found a good home for it but it doesn't make goodbye any easier :(

    I know this is the right thing to do but I feel sick and upset