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  • im not actually vegan, just veggie, but i find milk completely digusting :vomit: never liked it, and i wondered what opinions people had of the different vegan milks? ive tried hazelnut milk, but i found it too sweet, and i tried soya milk (alpro, i think it was :rolleyes: ) but i wasnt overly impressed.
    id just really like something to put in my cereal.
    thank yee! x

  • So Good soya milk - it tastes nice enough to drink on it's own and is tasty on cereal.

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    Rice dream vanilla is yum :D

    I'd go along with that but my favourite is Alpro sweetened soya milk - but not the fresh one 'cos they put sugar in it and it tastes shite. The long-life one is sweetened with apple juice and tastes much better. Sometimes it just takes a bit of getting used to, you can learn to like the taste of anything eventually :whistle:

  • Are there any good soya milks that don't come in tetra packs because we can't recycle them yet round here? I'm not actually vegan but try to eat vegan a few days a week. Also do all soya milks go funny in your brews? I've had soya milk in brews in coffee shops and it's been fine but every time i use it at home it seperates and looks a bit rank.

  • Yeah, soya milk can go funny in your coffee. I found when making a coffee, it's best to let it cool a wee bit first and then put your soya milk in.

  • i have lidl's own brand soya milk..but only the chocolate one...dont seem to like the taste of any plain milk flavoured..milk :S
    as for the coffee thing..i also heard if you put the milk in first i think..or warm it up in the microwave slightly..that works toooo

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    i have lidl's own brand soya milk..but only the chocolate one...

    Aldi's own brand of chocolate soya milk is yum too. :D

  • Quote from starinthesky

    i have lidl's own brand soya milk..but only the chocolate one.

    They do chocolate soya milk? :eek:
    I might have to venture over there, it's only 300yds away

    I've never ever had problems with soya milk my my tea. It went funny a couple of times when I didn't shake it properly and it had been standing for ages but apart from that, it's worked every time.

    Mmmm tea.

  • I,m allergic to milk and don,t like the taste of any milk!
    so tea n coffee is black and i put a bit of cold water in first which makes it taste better!

  • Im allergic to diary products too, so I was brought up on soya milk, the only problem is I find too much soya gives me wind :down: . I now only drink rice milk, its too sweet tho so I drink tea and coffe black (the way it should be)

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    The more you put in, the less chance it has of curdling. Let the coffee cool a little then add a lot of soya milk and fast!

    Might give it another go at some point methinks, if i can find one which isn't in a tetra pack i've completely cut out buying them, maybe i should get on to the local council and badger them to get a recycling system in place for them.