the last month or so, spain and france

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  • granada

    our friends place north of granada

    the thrill of the road


    beautiful friend alice

    in barcelona

    eating pussy hehe

    pafs bike


  • Graet photos, what an adventure...........

    'You have not seen a real women, untill you have seen a beautifal hippy girl dancing bare foot in a field'

  • last lot but please check the link, theres loads more :)
    out traveling buddy

    street life

    in france

    rosie looks petrified by my GIANT HEAD!!

    karnival humanitaire squat in lyon

    arrived at pafs mamas house!

  • Wow, it looks incredable. trip of a lifetime. So glad you are having a good time-you look so chilled out and relaxed and its so good to see. And the kittens....awwwwwww!!!!:eek: Cutest little things ever! Love the black and white booby pic-its beautiful.
    Anyways sending you big warm cuddles.
    N x

    (note I have given you my 1000th post!!)

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]May all beings have happiness and create the causes of happiness.
    May they all be free from suffering and from creating the causes of suffering.

  • Hey gorgeous lady.....we miss you:cry:

    glad to see you're having such a wicked adventure though.

    take care sweetie.xxxxxx

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • Quote from stuoolong

    I'll try and ignore the nakedness one but it's very hard to do that you know :whistle:

    the first was a private beach we squatted and i just set my camera to a long exposure time to get the colours as it was pretty late at night, i love how it came out.

    The second, yea its capoera, my friend Dennis from brighton who now lives in barcelona is doing it :) hes really good. it was an amazing day. :happydanc

    Thanks uma for the lovely words and the 1000th post, im honoured :)

  • Ah Dragon fest. I wanted to go so badly yet couldn't rally any of my friends together to go...and I am just to chicken to head off anywhere on my own...

    Your photos make me want to pack my bags and leave for somewhere. Maybe one day....*sigh*

  • well are you comming to any of the festivals?? Because no doubt i will be hitching between the festies i decide to go to, and other places :)

  • I am going to sunrise and Glade this year allthough hopefully a few others if i can swing some cash together, will be hopefully attending a few free ones plans in that area are vauge still, but it is a deffo for Sunrise and Glade :) The only problem is my job, which i can't afford to loose right now due to the financial situation with my boyfriend being extremely poor...(blah to it) and I am not sure if I would be able to swing more time off around those areas, I could always see what i could do..

  • hey you i hope you spend some time visiting me.. always welcome wherever i am.

    your life looks wonderful and you look so full of life and happy fleassy happy than i have ever seen you. we've both changed so much since we last saw one another!

    i will always love you x

    "Once a gift is stirred within us it is up to us to develop it" The Gift - Lewis Hyde