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  • Its back! :eek: . i'm crying endlessly, I cant face going to work, I'm bored but dont want to do anything/nothing interests me, I cant sit still, i cant concentrate, i'm irritable etc.

    Just as I thought I had got better. this relapse.
    I dont thinks its as bad as last time mainly because I know what it is now and I know it will go away in time.

    I have had slight urges to self-harm but havent because its not a habit anymore and I just stop thinking about it.

    I think its back beacuse of the pill (it made me over-emotional before but this is extreme) and some personal problems, its a combination of the two....probably a little, frustration and impatience-induced-stress mixed in there. And being alone most of the time.

    I dont really know what to do with myself.


  • :bighug:

    Maybe we should have a little weekend gathering next weekend or the one after so that your around people and can keep your mind off stuff?
    Perhaps I'll talk to rory and see if he's interested in having something at his house? What do ya think? Me you and rory can all do poi! (I've been practising hehe:D )

    also, perhaps its wise to come off the pill? Maybe its not suited to everyone? Though I know very little about it.

    For now perhaps get a vitamin tablet into you and a good solid meal?..full of veggys and carbs and protein. When I've gone through periods of being really down I often cant be bothered to eat and it really doens't help. Give yourself the best possible chance of getting through this quickly.

    I love ya!


  • I'm sorry you're feeling how you do. I can empathise.... the best thing I ever did was go to see a herbalist. I've been taking the tincture she has prescribed me and I have honestly never been so happy in my life before. Force yourself to go and sit in the garden, and if you ever need to talk, pm me. :hug:

  • THankyou guys, i really appreciate the support.
    The Garden is calling me.

    I cant think straight , so I'm trying not to think at all.

  • Sunshine, blue sky, fresh fruit, water, rest and good company :) best cure-alls going :)

    "The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do."

  • So sorry to read this thred sOck.
    Hang on in there know there is light at the end of the tunnel-you've seen it!
    hugs jo x

  • To both you Sock and sensi ...wishing you both positive healing vibes xxxx

    I know what people say to you dosen't always help but maybe think of a time when you were feeling good and try and aim towards it....

    Also a walk, good friends, and the support of a loved one is always good :) and if you think you know the route cause then think about avoiding the trigger or looking for an alternative!!

    I did a bit of a search and found this.... I know you probably know all this but hey it might help someone else too :)

    Self Help Techniques You Can Use to Help Yourself Feel Better

    1. Tell a good friend or family member how you feel-ask them if they have some time to listen to you. Tell them not to interrupt with any advice, criticism or judgments. Assure them that you can discuss what to do about the situation after you get done talking, but that just talking with no interruptions will help you feel better.

    Your friends and family members may not know what to say. You can tell them to say any of the following:[INDENT]"I'm sorry you are having such a hard time."
    "What can I do to help?"
    "Tell me how you feel."
    "I'm here to listen."
    "I love you."
    "You are very special to me. I want you to get well."
    "You will feel better. You will get well."

    [/INDENT]2. Get some exercise. Any movement, even slow movement will help you feel better-- climb the stairs, take a walk, sweep the floor.
    3. Spend at least one half hour outdoors every day, even if it is cloudy or rainy.
    4. Let as much light into your home or work place as possible--roll up the shades, turn on the lights.
    5. Eat healthy food. Avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and heavily salted foods. If you don't feel like cooking, ask a family member or friend to cook for you, order take out, or buy a healthy frozen dinner.
    6. If you are having lots of negative thoughts or obsessing about difficult issues and hard times, divert your attention away from these thoughts by doing something you really enjoy, something that makes you feel good--like working in your garden, watching a funny video, working on a craft project, playing with a small child or your pet, buying yourself a treat like a new CD or a magazine, reading a good book or watching a ball game.
    7. Relax! Sit down in a comfortable chair, loosen any tight clothing and take several deep breaths. Starting with your toes, focus your attention on each part of your body and let it relax. When you have relaxed your whole body, notice how it feels. Then focus your attention on a favorite scene, like a warm day in spring or a walk at the ocean, for at least 10 minutes.

    8. If you are having trouble sleeping, try some of the following suggestions: drink a glass of warm milk, eat some turkey and/or drink a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed before going to bed:

    • read a calming book
    • take a warm bath
    • avoid strenuous activity
    • avoid caffeine and nicotine-both are stimulants
    • listen to soothing music after you lie down
    • eat foods high in calcium like dairy products and leafy green vegetables
    • avoid sleeping late in the morning, get up at your usual time

    9. Ask a family member, friend or co-worker to take over some or all of your responsibilities for several days--like child care, household chores, work-related tasks so you have time to do the things you need to to take care of yourself.
    10. Keep your life as simple as possible. If it doesn't really need to be done, don't do it.
    11. Avoid negative people who make you feel bad or irritated. Do not allow yourself to be abused in any way. Physical or emotional abuse can cause or worsen depression. If you are being physically or emotionally abused, ask your health care provider or a good friend to help you figure out what to do.
    12. Avoid making any major decisions like career, relationship and housing changes until you feel better.

    Things to Do After You Begin Feeling Better

    1. Educate yourself about depression so that if you ever get depressed again, you and your supporters will know exactly what to do.
    2. Become an effective advocate for yourself--figure out what you need and want for yourself, and then work toward it until you get it.
    3. Develop and keep a strong support system of at least five supporters, people you feel comfortable with, trust and enjoy. If you don't have five supporters, make some new friends by joining a support group, attending community events, or taking an interesting course.

    4. Write a plan to keep yourself well. Include lists of:

    • things you need to do every day to keep yourself well, like get a half hour of exercise and eat three healthy meals
    • things that may not need to be done every day, but if you miss them they will cause stress in your life, like buying groceries, paying bills or cleaning your home
    • events or situations that, if they come up, may make you feel worse, like a disagreement with a family member or loss of your job, and an action plan to follow if these events occur
    • early warning signs that you are starting to get depressed again, like feeling tired, sleeping too much, overeating, and dropping things, and an action plan to follow if they come up
    • signs that things are getting much worse, you really are depressed, like you can't get out of bed in the morning and you feel negative about everything, and an action plan to follow if this happens
  • Hang on in there sweetie, even though you don't feel it right now, it does get better and the monsters will go away. look after yourself honey. xxx

  • Great post and advice Stormy:) - thanks!

    And to s0ck and Sensi - must be something in the air/ water - I'm really down too. I went into work yesterday and spent all my shift feeling like crying and staring into space. I phoned in this morning and said I would be in touch after I had seen the doctor tomorrow. So - group hug:D.

    "The lovely thing about being 40 is that you can appreciate 25 year old men more" - Colleen McCullough I'm not 40 - I'm 18 with 22 years' experience!

  • Quote from Jule9

    Great post and advice Stormy:) - thanks!

    And to s0ck and Sensi - must be something in the air/ water - I'm really down too. I went into work yesterday and spent all my shift feeling like crying and staring into space. I phoned in this morning and said I would be in touch after I had seen the doctor tomorrow. So - group hug:D.

    Thanks Jules xxx and much positive healing vibes to you too xxx

    I have just come through a hard time too... well lets say I am feeling so much better than I was, after guilt and old emotional wounds got re-infected.... anyway, I went to see a healing friend of mine a few weeks back and since then I have felt so much better as she gave me Ghaen healing that made a lot of difference to my being.... and the rush of energy I received through my body was amazing and something I have never experienced the likes of, which lasted a few days...I was at the source of the healing so it was stronger as I was at her sanctuary but she also gave me healing over the phone and I still felt the benefits of it ... and the beauty of it all is that I can now tap into it when ever I do feel crap!!

    This is her web link ...

    She works on a donation if possible only basis.. she also works over the phone but read the website, and if you need more help contact her through her website ... I trust her immensely having known her for 8 years and she has certainly helped me :0) You may not want to know but if you do I hope you get what I have felt since and continue to feel :)

    Love and light to all of you xxxxx

  • stormy thats a great post hunny
    sorry i dident write more before sock hunny

    when im having a particularly bad day now i tend to put off all the jobs like house work and chores
    take time out for your self
    cut up some fruit and run a hot bath
    light some incense and candles
    put on some of your fav music
    get in the bath and enjoy the fruit

    sock im going to pm you my number so if you need some one to talk too you can call me hunny day or night
    i will listen and in no way judge
    i will offer advice only if you ask me too

    take care hunny and try not to dwell on the negatives

  • Wer'e all here in this together.
    Being each others support n safety net...that rocks !
    Hang on in there hippies Summer is nearly here :D

  • Quote from Jule9

    Great post and advice Stormy:) - thanks!

    And to s0ck and Sensi - must be something in the air/ water - I'm really down too. I went into work yesterday and spent all my shift feeling like crying and staring into space. I phoned in this morning and said I would be in touch after I had seen the doctor tomorrow. So - group hug:D.

    Must be something hun, cause I'm right there with you, struggling and just managing to hold on, but we have strength together guys, I know that when I'm struggling to hold on, there are so many of you guys here to give me the extra strength I need...............xxxx

  • Big hugs to everyone, I know what youre all going through, Im going through the same thing myself again. But summer is nearly here...IT WILL BE FINE!!!

  • I hang on n bounce yes
    but i need you lot to hang on tightly too ok.
    try n go outside n look,listen..the sun is shining n the birds are singing..its beutiful.


  • I just re-read what you said, and I think it could definitely be due to the pill. It messed me up when I was on it too. I'd suggest coming off it, if this continues any longer.

    Try your best not to sit and think. Go out, play a computer game, watch a movie, phone someone, but don't think! If you're feeling down, you'll only think bad things and it'll get worse. Keep busy!

  • Its contagiouse.....

    it was recently a full moon on the 17th....i always blame the moon.

    feeling a bit better today but not 100%.

    THankyou everyone for the support. its ace!.

  • :eek:


    if i could id be right over there hugging and squishing you and covering you in jam!...remember, as long as a whooole bunch of awesome people, you've got everything you've accomplished in the last year right behind you, and all the strength you've'll been right as armpits soon! :)

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and everyone else!!!!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: etc!!!!