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  • I could never choose a favourite but there are a few that stand out from the others
    Oaks - they are magnificent
    Willows - their delicate branches and the way they sway in the wind. Corkscrew willows are especially wonderful
    Beech trees - their autumn colours are beautiful
    Hawthorn - beautiful simple blossom and lovely shaped leaves
    Cherry trees - outstanding blossom (and tasty tasty cherries!)

  • In the British countryside there's nothing that rivals the oak (in my opinion) They are the best to sit under and ponder life. However i'd have to say the tree that impresses me the most is probably the cedar of lebanon, grown in many country estates.
    I'd also like to put in a good word for the london plane. (correct me if i'm wrong) but i understand these trees were planted in greater london to help keep down air pollution levels. It can peel away pollution clogged bark and regenerate and it's leaves are easily washed by rain water so they don't become "suffocated".

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  • Copper Beech, in a cloak of shimmering red.

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  • Quote from melyn

    I :heart: Yew

    Yews being the oldest know trees in the world, I think I agree, they are pretty damn special.

    Redwoods are also amazing, the Giant Seqouia Redwood tree being the largest living organism in the world !



    I know bigger isnt always best, but I love the flaky red bark they have too!

    "But we love trees, we love the snow, the friends we have,the world we share

    And you find magic from your God, and we find magic everywhere"

    dar williams

  • Cool, I didn't know they were the oldest known tree, I just like them because of the way they grow, and i've always wanted to make my home in one :)

  • Oooo I love all trees so much! I always try to encourage others to hug a tree. Most people look at me weirdly which does my head in (or my tree as it were...). I love the feeling of wrapping your arms around a tree, all that history and beauty and mystery. I love oaks, but my fave, or at least the one I comment on most would have to be blossom trees. I know, I'm such a girl!

  • Has to be Sycamore When I was a little girl there was a huge sycamore thar grew in our back yard ! I loved it and I used to think the leaves were like huge greenStars I used to climb it all the time and my folks used to go mad as I would get really high up in it.
    I used to sit and pick the little red bits off the leaves (some sort of Fungi)
    So THey would look all lovely again!
    Now in my later life I work with it. I think maybe there was some strange connection there!
    Maybe not but I like to think there is!

  • We were delivering leaflets today to promote our gardening business. We were in a really posh part of Taunton, there were the most amazing trees! They were huge! I couldn't get far away enough to get a good photo

    I wish i had it in my front garden


  • i love tree ferns. We have about 6 of them in our garden and they looks sooo wierd. They have roots on the outside of the trunk

  • Quote from rambleon

    i like it, if names like ash, willow, holly, etc. are deamed as normal and acceptable {why cant the best tree} be a good name to :p, i think its a good strong british name.

    Why is Oak..the Best tree???

    I personally prefer the Sweet chestnut, or the Hawthorn...maybe because it the most well known tree....


  • I had a pony called Quercus which is the latin name for oak.
    My parents used to use tree names to name all their cows.

    Not sure I would name any of my children after trees though

  • Quote from starpoi

    Not sure I would name any of my children after trees

    I know a lass called Hazel...she accepts her name....
    ....but NOT when i go on about using Hazel for bender making...:eek:


  • Quote from rambleon

    Oak. I think it would make a nice boys name to

    My friends little boy and best friend to my son is called Oake spelt with an 'e' .and his sisters are Hope and Autumn :)

  • Birch

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  • My fav tree would have to be the last one I went climbing in with my daughter. She's a little squirt tho' for her age so has to have a bit of a bunk up! And on the subject of names, she's called Jasmin - not a tree I know but a beautiful one of these :flower: :sunflower and my favourite essential oil to boot - if rather pricy :)

  • Gotta be Yew and mountain ash. have had a bonzai mountain ash as present from my gran and is now planted over my old springer spaniel Ben. Grows so much every year and is so majestic.

    Love all trees :)