[FOR SALE] 2 Tickets for Beautiful Days Festival

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  • Unfortunately ive gotta sell my 2 Beautiful Days tickets plus a parking ticket as just found out my cousin is getting married on the Saturday! Am gutted but have to go to the wedding. If anyone is thinking of going to BD please let me know as I cant afford to lose the money i paid for the tickets.


  • How much the tickets, i get paid on thursday.

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  • They cost me £201 including P&P & Booking Fee. That was for 2 Adult weekend tickets plus a car park ticket too.

  • pity they sold out of camparvan tickets, otherwise i would of had them:(

  • Well some guy has said he deffo wants them. The problem is they dont get sent out till July so will only know for sure then. Will let you know if I still have them.

  • Hi Drew, i REEEEEEEALY want to buy them. i can give you a £250
    paypal or cheque payment whenever you like in exchance for the tickets. Please please PLEASE feel free to email me at benmulhall@hotmail.co.uk and we'll discuss.

    hope to hear from you soon :)

    Ben :D

  • Someone has already given me a deposit for them im afraid. Keep your eye on the BD forum and also try Scarlet Mist. Hope you manage to get some! :thumbup: