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  • I think my little brother has obsessive compulsive disorder...i was worried to start with but its got to the point where its just annoying me because he wont let anyone help him.

    Hes the most stubborn person you can meet and the fact that hes 15 doesnt help as hes got all his hormones running about.

    he knows its not healthy to act in the way he does but hes picking up more and more habits.

    Heres a few:

    • He wont drink out of certain cups
    • He wont eat out of the bottom of a bowl (i upset him when i asked how you could decide where the bottom was)
    • He walks down stairs backwards mumbling to himself
    • Before getting into a car he has to walk past it a few yards and wipe his feet before wlking back to the car
    • Sneezing is FORBIDDEN as is yawning and coughing nomatter how much i tell him that holding in a sneeze is dangerous
    • Before he leaves the house he has to go round and switch every plug on then off, had a few discussions about the fact that he cant turn the freezer off
    • Then theres just a few other ones like odd breathing, shaking his head and hiding his face

    He knows its wrong and ive asked him to speak to someone, ive tried smashing the only cups he will drink out of to force him into doing things.
    He thinks that if he doesnt do these things that something will happen, i dont know what this something is but i really think i can help him if i know what.

    Anyway the point of this thread is to vent some frustration and see if anyone has any ideas on how to talk to a teenage boy about such a matter


  • Quote from Doktor Atomik

    That ain't OCD. That's demonic possession!

    But seriously... sure sounds like OCD to me. Maybe ask your GP for advice?

    Hes a really good kid too and nobody else has noticed it, i told my mam and she has realised it now but getting him to the doctors would be hard, especially since i got myself blacklisted from the NHS (oops) and wouldnt be allowed in the surgery with him

    and DONT say demonic posession, theres been a bit of activity lately and it seems to be picking on him but he wont talk about that either caus he says it will make him seem even more of a nutcase

  • Quote from Dapablo

    Are you the responsible adult in your household ?

    nah, my mam is the one youd give that title to

  • Thoroughly confused by you haveing to point this out to your mum, and she should be the one to contact the health services, not yourself.

    It sounds like the poor fellow does need some help.

  • Quote from Dapablo

    Thoroughly confused by you haveing to point this out to your mum, and she should be the one to contact the health services, not yourself.

    It sounds like the poor fellow does need some help.

    well....my mams actually quite ill at the minute aswell and i pretty much take over things

  • Cheers, sorry for proding, but the picture is clearer now.

    Wait for some more words from others, I don't have any dealings with the health authorities.

  • Quote from Dapablo

    Cheers, sorry for proding,

    aw prod away! im sure ill get it sorted tho

  • Watch Hollyoaks with him. THere is a storyline at the moment involving a character who has OCD. Maybe if you can get him to watch a programme with you without actualy bringing it up and then afterwards have a chat to him and say something like "you remind me of that lad" I dunno - maybe if he see's someone on the TV doing similar things to what he is doing then he will feel less inclined to be silent about the whole thing.
    Wishing you luck.
    Love and Sunshine
    Sarah xxx

  • Trying to talk to him about it and making a point i.e. smashing his cups probably won't help him. I suggest as have others that you need to talk to someone. How on earth did you get blacklisted from the nhs? :insane: Is that even possible? I'd say talk to a doctor on your own or look online to see if there are any support groups that you can contact. The most important thing is for you to know how to deal with and help him. So research and see what you can find!

  • as sarah mentioned there is a story about this in hollyoaks at the moment and the lad in that hasn't got to the stage of admitting he has a problem either. at the end of the episodes there is a helpline number to ring.... maybe you could try it or encourage him to.

    there was a documentry on a few weeks ago about a man with OCD he was in his 50s and had it since he was a teenager. the psychologists reckon that exposure to things they're afraid of helps. ie you could smash all the cups and then he would start to realise that the bad thing he thinks is going to happen if he doesnt use the right cup wont... does that make sense? i wouldn't recommend playing amature psychologist though and urge you to somehow seek help for your brother. unfortunatly it is likely to get worse if not treated. the good news is that it is very treatable with the correct help.

    good luck chegzy and positive vibes to your bro xxx

  • as OCD goes your brother sounds as though hes suffering from it in a severe form... i have it a minor way.. i'm a compulsive list writer..actualy i'm a compulsive writer full stop!!!...if i dont write a list out i dont get anything done...and if i do something ahead of schedule i cant just alter the list with the new time..i have to completely re-write the entire list... but what your brother has needs attention before it develops further..

    The trouble with ocd is that to the sufferer its a comfort thing.. and so it can be difficult to treat.. the advice already given is really good.. and going to the GP yourself...or getting your mum to go is a wise first step. Doctors see it all the time and know exactly what direction to point you in.

    good luck with it....

  • Mainly what the others say, but I'm pretty sure that OCD is at its worst when the person is stressed about other stuff. Maybe this wouyld be an easier way to start helping? You could leave the OCD bit out and just talk about the stress he's suffering, then maybe he'd be willing to get help for that without it threatening the security he's finding in his compulsions. That way yo may be able to get him to see a doc who could take it from there.

  • Thanks for your replys peeps theyve helped a lot.
    I really havnt got a clue what were going to do, he knows he has it he just doesnt want to stop.
    At the minute i just want to get christmas over with, and then maybe see about help, nobody really needs the confrontation at the minute and he doesnt need to be nagged so will chill til the new year and sort things out properly.
    The problem with going to see someone is he wouldnt feel comfortable as i have asked him to. Hes got stress with mock exams aswell so i think once these are over he might calm down slightly.
    I was thinking maybe to get him to join a support group over the internet so that way he can sit in his room and discuss it without having to face the person and feel like they are judging him. Im sure therel be some sort of website somewhere so ill be having a good look.
    Will probs just leave the address on the keyboard so he doesnt feel like hes being forced to do anything.
    But thanks again for your replies and keep them coming if you have any good more ideas.

    The hollyoaks thing, he cant stand hollyoaks, even with all the blondes running about and hed see it as a joke.

    And yes you can get blacklisted from the NHS, well its not exactly blacklisted its just they wont treat me anymore because i "verbally assaulted" my doctor who is a right uuuuurrrrrggghh!!!! for want of a better word

  • I know what your brother is going through. It is shear hell for everybody. I have obsessive compulsive behaviour as part of my asperger's. I have grown out of it now. I still have a few rituals and things need to be done in a certain order. But they are not as bad as what they were when I was a kid. I forced my parents to go back to my grandparents once to get a toilet seat so that I could have a shite. They wanted me to go in the bath but refused and held it in.

    Have you thought about changing to another doctor? A lot of doctors think they are god and act so. If I don't like a doctor then I would change.