Bush V Hitler

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  • fun)

    Adolf Hitler
    George W Bush

    Unemployment When Hitler took office in early 1933, there were over 6 million Germans out of work; in 1935, that number was already well under 3 million, dropping to under 1 million by the end of 1936.

    Under Bush, the American unemployment rate has skyrocketed and layoffs continue to mount. The U.S. economy has lost 2.4 million jobs since February 2001. Many of those were manufacturing jobs, which have moved offshore to countries where labor costs are cheaper. Consulting firm Forrester Research has predicted that, in the next 15 years, 3.3 million U.S. service industry jobs and $136 billion in wages will move offshore to countries such as India, Russia, China and the Philippines. Source: money.cnn.com

    Hitler built the autobahn, almost inventing the concept of high speed road travel. A 23-kilometer (14-mile) expressway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, which opened on May 19, 1935, was the first section completed under Hitler. By December 1941, when wartime needs brought construction to a halt, Germany had completed 3,864 kilometres (2,400 miles), with another 2,496 kilometres (1,550 miles) under construction. The autobahns played a key role in the blitzkrieg ("lightning war"), which involved massive coordinated air and ground attacks to stun opponents.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower based his grand plans on a high system for America on his observations of the German autobahn network of freeways.
    Source: The Man Who Changed America
    George W. Bush has not created anything which remotely had the economic impact of the autobahns. In addition, Amtrak and America's airlines are bankrupt, putting transportation into its worst crisis in history.
    It seems the Bush administration are more interested in building railways in far off nations than maintaining their own. See Iraq's Railways and Amtrak.

    Hitler was a completely self-made man. He came out of poverty and rose to the top with no help from his father.
    Bush rose to power through the guiding hand of his father and his father's oil friends.

    Hitler was the first to unify Europe under a common currency and single foreign policy, inspiring the European Union of today.
    Bush's unilateralism has split the international coalition, causing at least 4 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Russia) to vociferously oppose his war plans.

    Hitler was a captivating speaker, inspiring throngs of Germans to lift their right arms at a 45-degree angle.
    Bush has difficulty remembering words and certain syllables, causing American intellectuals to shudder at his frequent gaffes.

    I thought id stick this on here, I just like the way that one of the most hated men ever to live and cause destruction and death sounds a better ruler than the most powerful man in the world. Ofcourse its been written to sound like that but its quite good

  • i said 'he' not 'we'

    and i mean in the sense that he made germany a better place, built it up, got people off the streets, gave jobs, got it moving. it all turned out to be bad, but bush hasnt really done much useful stuff to be honest. excpet kill lots of people for reasons which have spun out of control, which isnt very useful.

    hitler had a plan to take over the world and make it what he wanted. bush wants to get rid of terrorism but is just making it worse becuase hes not very good at doing what hes supposed to be doing...

  • hitler was in a massively different socioeconomic climate from bush, and had much better oppourtunity to make a massive change for his country. also nearly all the jobs that he gave germans were in the army.....

    either way, hitler was a fantastic leader and bush is a shit one on the most basic of terms, it's just a shame their both bastards

  • Ohh the ''lovely'' Hitler Bush comparison... How fucking disgraceful on a multitude of different levels..I feel partially sick right now reading this thread.

  • Quote from Dapablo

    The trick is read the title of the thread and avoid the crass.

    ''Fun'' mmmmm whats fun about it ?.... on many levels people within this thread don't dismiss this kind of thing... even if it is just on a ''fun'' level.

    A comparison could be made with a multitude of alternate historical figures and political 'movements'..is this done ?.. is it bollocks.

    It is the underlineing 'logical comparison' that makes me want to feel sick...when i could sit here and i am sure we all could to highlight what a horrid disproportionate amount of biased rhetoric holds this trash afloat.

    Apologies for getting angry..:o

  • crass
    without consideration for how other people might feel; stupid:
    a crass remark
    crass behaviour/ignorance
    a crass error of judgment
    He made crass comments about her worn-out clothes

    your ok

  • That could be a excuse i suppose.. i guess i will remove myself from this thread and allow everybody to have some 'fun'.:vomit:

  • I think that the comparison is important. Not because of who it is, but because it demonstrates how easily people believe propaganda.

    Hitler was a hero to those who voted him in, he was seen by many as the saviour of Germany ... This was in spite of the numerous restrictive changes he made immediately he came to power and the scapegoating of various races and religions he made in order to achieve his goals.

    Bush is not quite seen in the same way, not many view him as the saviour of the US ... but there is no getting away from the comparisons with his ideology, his desires and the breeding of a new nationalistic jingoism through his creeping imperialism.

    What is more important is how easy it is to manipulate the minds of so many people in order to further a political cause. It shows that we never really learn any lessons from history.

  • I found it an interesting comparison, and although clearly an anti-Bush text, it actually shows Hitler in a positive light. Some may be offended by this but I agree with Paul in that it makes you look at things in not just black and white.


    also nearly all the jobs that he gave germans were in the army.....

    Everybody was pretty much in the army by the end, but as I understand it pre-war a lot of the jobs were - for example - building the autobahns by hand rather than using labour saving machinery and vehicles, thus employing many more hands !

  • Quote from Paul

    seen by many as the saviour of Germany ... .

    Thats what people forget, the majority of people didnt want to go to war for bush, but ive always been under the impression that the germans wanted to go to war for hitler because they truly believed in him

  • I heard Hitler also was anti-smoking and wanted to (or did?) impose a public ban.

    Not sure how true this is but if so interesting given the current situation in the UK.

  • I don't much like the Bush/Hitler thing that's been floating around for a few years.

    I think it makes the left look like idiots.

    It's comparable to the nonsense the Anti Nazi League/UAF put through peoples letterboxes calling the BNP out and out Nazis when quite clearly they are not.

    Why turn a decent case into a pantomime?

    Propoganda is still as powerful as ever, only it often seems to do the opposite to what it was intended to do.