vegetarian on a tight budget

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  • Don't know if this will help at all, but I grow a lot of my own veg and I swear it saves me a fortune, especially in the summer when it's salad season and sll the summer fruits as well, means I could spend more on other food stuff pulses etc as the basics I already had, I found it also meant that I had to be more inventive and eat what was in season. I have an allotment though so have lots of space, but I love it, and all the produce:)

  • Being vegetarian on a budget is much easier than being omni on a budget.

    I tend to make big batches of stuff such as big chunky soups then add different things (spices etc) to a portion each day so I don't get bored of it. Variety is important, I eat lots of different veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains etc
    If you are prepared to cook everything from scratch then being veggie is so cheap!

  • Big batches thats the answer. I end up throwing away plenty of past the smell by date veg especially in summer.Also I dont always use the expensive stuff like meat substitutes . To make a meal delicious chuck in whatever herbs or spices you fancy early on in the cook . The more the merrier and a dash of red's an example
    New potatoes. Brocolli(steamed) . Sweet potatoes (mashed). Covered with onion gravy spiced with bouillon and thickened with ground maize.
    tottally yummy and lasted three days . Oh and yeah a microwave

  • I always thought that a vegetarian diet was comparatively cheap as meat was usually expensive, but I was veggie before I started doing my own grocery shopping, so I don't know.

    This is a really good book for veggies on a budget.

    Other things I've done to help to keep the costs down:-

    • Bulk buying things that will keep - rice, tins of beans, tomatoes etc. (as long as I have the space to store them), buying collectively when I've lived in a shared house.
    • Having a look at what's on special offer and adjusting what I buy to take advantage of that (but remembering of course it's only a bargain if I'll actually use it).
    • Going to the supermarket at the end of the day and buying stuff cheaply that will otherwise be thrown out.
    • Buying different things from different supermarkets (so if bread is cheapest at supermarket A, and milk at supermarket B buying bread and milk in different places).
    • Buying from those shops that have big bins of unbranded dried foodstuffs (flour, raisins, TVP chunks) and a scoop where you serve yourself.
    • Using everything - scrubbing, not peeling veg (so you don't throw edible bits of vegetables away), standing the ketchup bottle on its lid to get the last bits out, using tomatoes that have gone too soft to eat in a salad in a soup or stew or stir-fry.
  • Yeah generally go later on in the day when you can get stuff reduced for quick sale.

  • I eat loads of pulses, lentils and rice, its really cheap and filling and provides really excellent nutirents, espeially green lentils and chick peas, mak e fab curry with chick peas spinach and potatoes ( home grown of course!) which costs next to nothing

  • Monday: Make a BIG vat of potato, veg stock and onion soup (add a bit of black pepper and sage :) ) make sure its enough for several days. Have soup and crusty bread for tea.

    Tuesday: Add sweet potato and carrot to the soup to thicken it a bit. Have thick soup with crusty bread for tea.

    Wednesday: Add roasted red and green peppers and some roasted butternut squash for a nice caserole.

    Thursday: Add some cayene, chilli, garlic, cumin, turmuric, coriander, cauliflower and creamed coconut. Serve with rice, crusty bread and a beer as a yummy curry.

    Friday: eat out at the pub :D

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  • Quote from sensamelia

    thanks for the link anne

    That's Ok. Unfortunately, I've just given my (well really Chris's) copy away to someone else.

  • I pop in asda every day after 3pm and goto the knock down veg section!They further reduce the prices after 3!
    I very rairly buy any veg at full price! Except red onions!My frigde is always full up of fresh veg as it all lasts upto a week! I only buy what i want as well and find it especially good for mixed mushrooms! You generally find the same sorts of veg on certain days! Mushrooms of all
    varities usually mid week!:cool:

  • I make my own pizza a lot with a granary bread mix, far healthier than bought ones and they come out massive, you can put whatever you want on them and they are pretty foolproof.

  • Yestarday in asda after 3pm!
    1 kg of british carrots 24p! they had loads!
    1 punnet of cherry toms 13p!!!
    500gms of british parsnips 30p!
    3 ripe avocados faretrade 44p!!
    500gms baby potatoes 24p !!
    Everything is still fresh!
    I am on incapcity benefit and well i go to the library to use the pc and then go asda! So i am on a bugdet but i eat very well and always have a proper healthy dinner!

  • Actually iI dont really bother much with balancing nutrients in my diet . Just like experimenting and having Plenty of variety. besides i need to loose a couple of stones . nother eg just had cheepy tin of chopped tomatoes (the sort i use in everything) on toast ( wholemeal seeded batch .mmmmmm lush and i have that good light fed veg feel....

  • When I was on a tight budget I didn't think about getting all the right nutrients. Pasta & rice were staples and I'd have a small selection of fresh vegetables and frozen veg is good so you just use what you need. I pretty much always kept some veggie sausages in the freezer and had lots of cans of different beans. Then I'd make stuff like houmous which will last forever!

    I'm sure that some days I wouldn't even have a proper meal so I don't think it was the best diet but when you're younger, you can get away with a lot more.

  • Bult buy from Suma...we have a local food co-op where there is about 30 houses involved in bulk buying orders each month. Big bags of lentils, nuts etc etc....list goes on.
    See if friends in your area are interested then contact Suma