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  • Today my poor old mum was air-lifted off the island by helicopter courtesy of the Scottish Air Ambulance Service to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where she is to be seen by the vascular consultant. She is no longer able to walk and I have had to prepare all her food and take it to her in her bed the last couple of days. Today I have had to deal with the Outreach worker, the community nurse, the doctor, the Jura Coastguard, the Jura ambulance crew, a local crofter (to clear cows from the landing field!) and the air ambulance crew and they have all been absolute stars. Small communities like this island are very supportive in a crisis, much more so than bigger places.

    My mum has applied for, and will almost certainly receive, a place in a brand new sheltered housing scheme here on Jura next door to the doc's surgery. The building itself is finished but the drainage and sewerage work is still in progress - it was orriginally supposed to open last September but they are now saying end of March, although this is still uncertain and word on the grapevine from the lads on the building site is it might not be until June. What happens in the mean time is still very much up in the air, and I am waiting to hear from the hospital or the local doc here what the boffins think is best. If she is to stay for weeks rather than days in Glasgow then I will go over in me blue bus and park up as near as possible so as to be able to visit. The last few days have been a very difficult time, and from today my life as well as my mum's will change forever. I am living a day at a time right now and coping as best I can, but the whole situation is doing my head in a wee bit.

  • :hug:

    I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap,
    i've been thinking i'm drinking too many drinks all by myself.
    I've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made, for you, of you.

  • rob
    me and mine send you and your mum lots of love and hugs
    hang on in there hunny
    your mum is in the best place right now
    you know if you need a friendly ear you can call me any time

    i will light candles for both you and your mum hunny

    much love sensi

  • Shit man.
    Rob i so sorry to hear this mate
    :hug: :hug: :hug:
    Your Mam is in the right place i guess but it'll not be easy for either of you .
    Be brave dude n remember we are all here when you need support or an ear to bash or shoulder to cry on hun.
    Big loves,
    Jo n Trev x

  • It's gonna be a difficult time for you, but I'm sure you'll be able to adapt. Just don't be shy about reaching out to your friends, because the support of people who care really helps at times like this. I hope your mum's OK and I hope you're bearing up.

  • Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and thoughts at this difficult time. And especially to those who PM'd me or spoke with me on the phone - it has been a great help, more so probably than you can know. For all its seedier nastier aspects, the internet is still a wonerful thing :p

  • Really sorry to hear that times have become so difficult for you and your mum. Only just read the thread but wanted to say I'll be praying for you both. :hug:

  • Sorry you and your mum are going through a bad time hun, with a bit of luck the shelter will get back on track and she'll be back sooner rather than later.
    Much love and hugs to you both.
    Skye xx

  • Rob hun as everyone else has said, your mum is in the best place at the moment and I hope that the sheltered accomodation gets finished quickly so she can get back home to that beautiful island :)

    Lots of Love and Big Hugs :hug:
    Sarah xxx

  • Thank you for the kind words folks. I caught the ferry yesterday afternoon and drove down to Glasgow last night - I'm presently parked up at Jule9's house. This morning I walked about 6-8 miles to the hospital, found the reception desk, and discovered at last which ward my mum is in. Made my way to the ward and had a couple of hours with my mum during which time she seemed in good spirits, and I helped her with a few things she would otherwise have had to get nurses to do for her. During this time several nurses, a surgeon and anciliary staff all came by and none of them had a problem with me being there, but just after mid-day one nurse, a right sour-faced bitch, admonished me for being there outside official visiting hours and basically kicked me out. My mum was in tears as I left.

    I walked back to Jule9's house where I am typing this post now, and I am exhausted from so much walking. I canny possibly walk that far every day but, even though the hospital is in a restricted parking area, I think that I have found a couple of good possibilities for an on-street park-ups much nearer to the hospital, and will try to get onto one of them late tonight - if successfull then I will stay there until she is discharged from the hospital. The only downside is that they are both in a rather dismal and dodgy part of Glasgow, so I hope I don't get hassled there. There are a lot of Loyalist pubs round there - not a good sign lol. But I've got a big sharp kitchen knife and been practicing me best crusty traveller fuck-off voice. I had to cancel a couple of dentist appointments to be here, and I think the gaps in me teeth help with the mean old crusty cunt look :sleep:

    My mum is going to undergo an emergency bypass operation on Monday to save her leg, so I am just hoping she is strong enough to withstand the surgery. This will be the second such operation she has had - the first one was about 15-20 years ago. It is exactly what I predicted they would have to do, so I am not surprised but nonetheless I am still rather worried. All I can do is to be here and hope for the best.

  • I hope you manage to get a hassle free spot to park Rob and hope your mum's operation goes well on Monday :)

    Thoughts are with you mate

    Sarah xxxx

  • I hope you manage to park safely I'm moving my mam to a disabled bungalow and shes finding that stressful enough god knows how she'd cope with everything your mams putting up with. My thoughts are with you and I hope her operation goes ok on monday

  • Rob, we have spoken on the phone at length so I am not going to post any more stuff on here, you know our home is yours if you need it, and that we are always here to help in any way we can.
    If we can help with lifts to the hospital between working you know we will, you just have to ask.........give your Mum our love and see you very soon..............xxxxxxxx

  • As Rob is parked up in a street in Glasgow without lecci, I thougth I would give you an update.
    Rob's Mum is having her surgery on Monday. It is fairly major surgery to try and create more blood flow to her leg or she may loose her leg. Rob's mum is also 81, so a very worrying time for him as you can imagine.
    If you can spare a thought or a prayer for Rob and his Mum, I would be very greatful.........
    He will be here at my house tomorrow so he can use the putter for anyone who needs/wants to contact him........
    Thanks guys........xxx