Remembering Summer

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  • What images from summer make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Photos that bring back amazing memories or feelings?

    heres one to start

    It was a really warm sunny day and I was just really happy! then I deicded to put about 20 guinea pigs in a run in the grass and they were all running around being happy! :D

    and when I met up with my friend Tom in the shitty town we live near during exams in around May and we walked around gathering people, and ended up finding a hidden little grass area between some hedges! It was ace!


  • Climbing the beautiful treee! :D

    Amalfi at sunrise... So, so beautiful...

    Dancing in the rain :D :D

    Sesame-cat, chilling in the field, looking so relaxed I grabbed a camera and joined her.

    Looking straight at a camera and not realising a photo's being taken... :rolleyes:

    Meeting up with my daddy in London :)

    Sorry there are so many, there's so much stuff happened this summer :D

  • Like your pic of the cat Prozac, t'is cool :)

    This is dawn at the house party we had at the start of summer, was a great night and the sky (as always) was beutiful.

    This is in Poland, it was a scorchingly hot day and we found a bit of really soft tarmac, and this happened ...

    This is that same day, twirling, heh, why not eh? :panic: :D

  • My first rave :D

    [photo removed at request of person photographed]

    Dragons, Pixies and amazing times at Big Green Gathering 2006

    So many memories from this summer, it truly was the best summer of my life so far :D

  • This year was very special to me , it started off so bad (depression, quit job , drink problem, etc) from april onwards things got better.

    The dorset Gathering , a door of hope opens.

    May n june - got job back. few BBq's n days on the beach with.

    The Welsh Gathering, finding paradise , meeting Wes.

    Beautiful Days. Falling in love. feeeling whole. taking chances. making decisions.

    Holiday in Switzerland. Pembrokshire. (at Rory's)

  • beautiful days, hobnobs, jenni, multi coloured poncho.... yep thats the best memory of the summer :hippy:

  • don't your guinea pigs fight, naeni? me n my cousin put all hers out in a run and the males were all over each other (in a violent non-sexual way...)
    they are v cute tho :)

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    don't your guinea pigs fight, naeni? me n my cousin put all hers out in a run and the males were all over each other (in a violent non-sexual way...)
    they are v cute tho :)

    Because men are bastards, regardless of species! I have 13 or somethign girls all happy! But fucking men! I have two pairs of men and one who doesnt like anyone (Steve! who lives with me!)

  • Possibly the last pic of Millie dog.
    Out in the woods somewhere on the Gower this summer, doing her favourite pastime...... diving for rocks! :)

    We are old, we are young, we are in this together... New Model Army....they still going?

  • meeting beautiful people in stunning surroundings

    Seeing natures beauty in so many forms

    falling in love with beautiful souls

    i have four films worth of happy memories.... unfortunatly thwey are sitting in my old bedroom in london. untill then i look at these three pictures and remember the summer as best i can.