Site Access Explained

When you are a new member your ability to use certain features is restricted.

This was initially started to safeguard members who desire an increased level of anonymity with their activity, but also to protect us from legal issues that may arise from making certain areas public.

The forums restricted are Altered States (drug talk), UKHippy Gatherings (our meets), The Bizarre Bazaar (classifieds), The Hot Seat (personal questions) and The Erogenous Zone (adults only).

Depending on the section, a member has to reach a post count of between 5 and 50 posts to have full access - but it's safe to assume that once a member has 50 posts they will be able to access every forum. Along with this, the amount of photos, attachments in posts, editing time, conversations and personal messages are also restricted to new members - this too increases as you become more active.


However, by making a donation or subscribing to a paid option, a member will circumvent restrictions - the reason being that it creates a paper trail back to a real person and as such we will know we can trust you a little better.

We still need to raise funds, so becoming a regular site supporter will give you access to more features - a larger inbox, the ability to attach more images to a post, increased gallery space, the ability to change your username and more are all available to anyone who takes out a regular subscription (which can be cancelled at any time).

Nobody will miss out from not subscribing or donating, and most of the community features are still available to non-paying members -- but because we rely on your generosity to survive, we highly encourage you support this website as much as you are able to do so.