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  • Hi Will, we've taken the plunge and purchased a Transit-based coach-built for imminent full-timing. I'm about 85% FT now but need more space for wife Suzy n dog Hector; will be wild and site-camping around Swansea and Gower when not elsewhere (frequently, bring it on, yes please,).
  • Hi Will. Very nice van. Is it Fiat or Peugeot ? I am expecting to go full-time in a similar van in the spring after selling our house. We have the small matter of a 2 VW Florida trip around Scandinavia and northern Europe first. Be your friend ?
  • [COLOR=#800080][SIZE=3][FONT=georgia]It seems almost all my old friends from here are gone. Will you be my friend heeheehee[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :hippy:
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    it tastes like beer gone wrong.....yuck! something you will find in any caribbean shop!
  • hi

    how are you today? whats the weather like where you are?
  • Hi will hope today a great one for ya hunny love and light sensi
  • hi stardust thanks for that , i love your bus bella
  • hey, i only just saw your question you asked me ages ago....sorry. i use CIS insurance for the bus. it's registered as a motorcaravan. other good people i have heard mentioned are NFU and adrian flux. if its a bog standard motorhome i shouldnt imagine you'd have that many problems, woodburner or not.
  • Hi Will, got your message ok thanks, well done, you'll soon get the hang of it all!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures, it's been way too long since I was down there - at least 15 years, maybe more hmmm must do better and try to get there this year some time, after all I've got enough relatives down there to stay with!
  • Hiya, I'm envious of you going to Bridport, that's where I was born!
    Do put some photos up when you go will you? I'd love to see the place again. I lived in Lyme Regis till I was 3 and my mum comes from Charmouth, so it's my favourite part of england.
  • Just thought I'd say Hiya :waves: