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  • It had a massive effect :) made me realise life is for living :) I am shy in the sense that you all knew each other and I didn't really. Maggie helped me alot :) onwards and upwards :)
  • Hi Steve I've got some donations here off some old UK hippy members
    I've tried talking to mandy
    I was wondering if she had tried social services for a hoist hun
    I was going to try and find one
    But if she can get one on loan as she's on dla what else would she need
    I have also put money in
    Could you let me know what to do for the best and please could I have her address if that's OK.
    Hope your OK hun x x love sensi
  • Awwww Thankyou ...And You Be Too I Be Wishing Much Love..Peace...Happiness This New Year ...
    And Off Course Lots Of Bounce Bounciness Too...hehehe:))
  • Your 13 years wisdom means a lot
  • Thanks
  • Thanks, dad looks ill as well hes off white and having dizzy spells hes off to docs in morn. So its really difficult to say wheres my money at the moment. I liked your angle its the hard talking only northerners understand though we all need conpassion at times
  • Alice,Scott here, split shift . Got out of the fold for a bit, but back again , bus still available if your still interested.
    Hammy , on
    Tell him Scott the asda driver from brightons sent you ! Good luck !!!
    Ps he's recently acquired a mk 1 Bedford cf camper as well if that's your thing ! All in central Scotland though !!
  • Not a problem at all. I love horses, I was brought up in the borders. I've fallen of loads of horses and have the greatest of respect for them as a species that are probably every bit as smart as me but have the intelligence not to advertise the fact in case we make their lives harder, much like cats.
    Cheers Steve and [COLOR=#3E3E3E]Didicoy Pinzgauer[/COLOR]
  • I'm not on face book, but I'm getting tempted to try it out. Sent you email and a few photos
  • [email][/email]. Check my thread control I replied to your post. I'm worried!lol
  • I have same problem as you with pm. Addy is [email][/email], I'm on leave tomorrow so will be able to check photos out and should get an idea how hard it is. Stuff like drops has epicyclic hubs and they're bastards lol.are you on crusty travellers facebook group?
  • Thanks for the reply.

    We think ultimately it will be a boat, spending maybe 6 months in a marina until we get used to boat life, then continuously cruise maybe spending winters moored up.

    We sold our home to take ourselves out of the machine system. However money doesn't last forever and once our new home is brought, which more than likely will be a boat. What is left is going to have to be spent wisely and be made to last as long as possible.

    We're viewing 2 more boats today so fingers crossed.

    It wasn't a hard decision to sell the house as this has been a long time in the planning fortunately we are now in a position to do this.

    Stay cool
  • No worries just saw your message on my visitors bit. Missed it over the xmas period and was unable to reply till today. Hope you and yours had a good xmas and great news about your 76 yr old mum getting remarried Huh...
  • Hello, can I just say, I had 3rd party only insurance, I couldn't do any more at the time of the fire I was on my way back to Yorkshire, when my little dog had her problem I left the boat in the care of a local friend, my dog beat the odds and wasn't put to sleep as 97% of dog with her problem, so I'm happy I still have her, but the loss of my life is unbelievable, I had planed to grow old on that boat, I started building it in 2000, after the death of my Father and sister, my boat was burned and sunk in sight of their graves.. I still can't believe it has happened.

    Thank you for caring enough to talk about this, I am so humbled.
  • Hiya, cookers! Can we talk by text or phone? Where abouts are you in the flatlands? We're going Kettering to Norwich and then back over to wales?
    My number is 07976 548445.
    Much thanks
    (Think we met at Julian and Vikki's a couple of birthdays ago)
  • Had a look at that link, it 's amazing, who would think sleepy seasalter went hippy for a while. I'd love it if they had a repeat performance !
  • Sink was cute, sold though. 6 foot, wow thats long, thanks for the offer , I will have a think. I am looking at a twisted steel tripod on e-bay, new, blacksmith made, looks rather nice. My brains not making decisions well at the mo, having trouble with family issues, don't mean to be vague.
  • I have a old one that I used about three years ago befor julian made my new one
    Its long about 6 foot long. I would want about £10 for it only because its sentimental. I made it out of a flood light tripod. its very strong but not too heavy
    tube steel.
  • Thanks for looking this up for me, yes he could, but it's a lot more money. One of my mates has offered to make me one, I'll have a chat with him about his ideas if you think the tripod is not suitable.
  • Hi bev, its expensive and to be honest unless i can get my hands on it and see how it goes together I cant say if its easy to modify. I should think its the same set up as lyndseys but cant see that clear. I would expect to pay 2 or three quid for one off car boot as the are old and not used any more. Do you need one that is telescopic now you have the van? julian can make real simple steel bar tripods.
    try googling fire / cooking tripod on net
  • HI steve, do you think this tripod would work over a fire like lyndseys ? [url][/url]
    I just got a Kettle for £20, yay !
  • Now i'm closer perhaps I can do some guided sessions with you. I am really looking forward to meeting Mandy. As soon as we have a bit of spare dosh we'll be over to visit - but I am in that in between jobs place, I had a chat with Mandy a few days ago. I gave my car away to a mate who is a social worker before we left the Pool as a) i couldn't afford it and b) we tend to walk everywhere apart from back from the monthly shop. We are really lucky - we have got an allotment and it is only a 5 minute walk from the flat. I am hoping to get planting a s a p but I'm wondering if there is going to be a bit of a freeze. I gave all my old heritage seeds away too - some to the homeless peeps garden I set up and some to a young guy who was starting to get into growing his own food. So we are back to starting from scratch.

    Really looking forward to having a meet up with you too. We still need to crack a bottle of mead!!!
  • Hey there! We moved south in the middle of November so hopefully we will really get to catch up now. I think we are not too far from you. Peace light and love, Bee xxx
  • Yes it is S.W.A.T. bus :D ready for hotrod flames down the side, im keeping well. Trundle is having a few running issues at the moment but will get to the bottom of them in the next few weeks. All set for winter and i think it may be another cold one! Hope all is well with you
  • Helloooooooooo see you in Deryshire :insane:
  • did you get the paintballing ok steve
  • Your inbox needs a spring clean Mr Wonderland :D
  • hey there! it's been a while. hope all is good with you. hopefully we'll get to sit round that campfire sometime this summer.
  • Hello mate , hope you ok , how's the back going ? roll on summer i need to be in a field with hippys , this winters been a bugger up to yet
  • brilliant that has put a big smile on my face woooooooohooooooooooooo