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  • Hey Emma. ...it's lovely isn't it? Been talking advantage of it and caught up on washing all my bedding. ...not a bad day today. ..srrm to be getting the universal credit stuff sorted and some other money stuff. ...went over to Teignmouth today for a while. .hadn't been there for a while, was nice. ..haven't had that much to say on here of recent. .With all that's been going on I didn't want to pee everyone off ...have you heard from Angio recently? Messaged her but got no reply. ...my mood has got a lot more positive lately which is good. ...be nice to see you again sometime xx
  • Hi Emma how's things with you ? X
  • Hiya I got a sprinter van that has double bed sink cooker fridge I am thinking of selling it as due to a health problem I am not getting enough use out of it
  • Oh, never thought about being scared, was too busy being frustrated that his sense of direction was so bad and he could not hear me lol x We think they were lampers, but at least they never got a shot fired. :D
  • cheers emma-he was listning to neil young:D
  • Ta It's my usual avatar I tend to use for most elsewhere. And one of my t-shirts too (what a surprise). And now I feel more dressed up for the moment :P
  • Awww cool! I went there a few times when I was little (my stepdad was from Belfast), but I can barely remember anything about it, that's how young I was! However, I do have a photo of me in a big puffer jacket, standing on the Giant's Causeway :D
  • Hiya Emma :waves: I just noticed your post on the music thread about going to Belfast, and thought I'd say hi! Hope you have a great time there :D I've always wanted to go myself, I'm kinda jealous :P
  • Hello emma, i noticed you had visited my profile page. Whatever your curiosity, i would like to extend a welcoming hello :)
  • Not really......they wander around the Lawn and swim in the Brook that goes through the middle of town and out into the sea.there's about 4 couples of Black Swans and various Ducks and Geese. There's just the incubators for the babies and the holding pen , for want of a better phrase, for when they're just growing up or ill. It's all covered in wire to keep the Wild Fowl safe from the gulls
  • Hiya...May should be good..........I'll let you know later on when there is a beachclean going on. Also........there should be some little Black Swan Cygnets about then........."Big Red" is sat on 6 eggs at the mo, due to hatch tomorrow through till Thursday..........so they should at least be about in the viewing incubators by then ,if not out in the holding pen with their parents
  • Great New and good luck with the putting it up :)
  • The golden rule is get a good roll mate or air bed , the cold comes up in to a tent , And good luck with the camping
  • well if you need anymore help with camping stuff let me know , I've been camping for years now , and do most of my camping with a motorbike as transport so everything needs to pack small .
  • I hope its ok and just what you need , You have a great go ourdoors , I sometimes drop in on Daisy dreamer and she takes me there lol
  • You might like the look of this ? Looks like a good tent to me ?[url]http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-proton-2-tent-p194452[/url] You would need a discount card but i think there something like £5 and theres a good Go outdoors near you
  • yer we have one of them gas cookers here at home , i take it to Auto jumbles and bike races so i can have hot soup , or a bacon sandwich on a cold day , they work well , You need a good sleeping mate or an air bed , if you can get your car next to the tent a air bed would be better as you can get a pump that works of your fag lighter socket ,Nothing wrong with taking a duvet as well you don't want to get cold , you can get sleeping bag liners as well .
  • yer a twin skin is better . If you going to travel by car and camp you can get away with a single ring gas cooker . something like this [url]http://www.towsure.com/product/Portable_Cartridge_Stove[/url]
  • Hi mate hows any new on a tent yet ? One thing i would say is , get a tent thats easy to put up and take down , if it looks hard to put up and take down not get it , it will rain at some point and the last thing you want it to be wet and struggling with a tent . I'm lazy and buy Kyham tents then can be put up in 2 mins and taken down
  • I made the mistake of not moving to Cornwall when i had the money to :( but i still go down there once or twice a year .
    we have a coast line here in Lincolnshire with some good wildlife and the beaches can be empty as the world and its dog go to Skeggness and don't think of the other places
  • Nah i took a big huff with Facebook one night and deleted it ha. I lived at a lighthouse for the last few years in Antrim and it was right beside the open sea. I could even hear the waves at night from bed so am having serious sea withdrawal since i moved here. Went down to the Somerset coast the other week for a walk but it wasn`t the same as being at the proper ocean..
  • I'm going over to thorpe farm on my bike , Thats why all my camping gear packs up small . I'm from Lincolnshire , The flat part . i love the sea and try to get down to friends in Cornwall every year and try to surf (badly) lol Do you do Facebook ? theres some good Cornwall photos on my page on Facebook
  • so are you going to thorpe farm for the start of the gathering ?
  • O mate you should have stuck your elbows out and fort you way through , Millets tents are good starter tent , I've been having a clear out I thought i still had my old kyham tent I would have happely given that to you but it looks like its gone . when do you need your tent for ? I should be coming down your way to see DD for a weekend , I'm sure if i ask her nicely she would come shopping to go outdoors with me in Glouster as you have one of the best go outdoors in the country I think .
  • Great stuff, glad all is well for you, Paris in the springtime eh! now that sounds fun never been there myself, cool!!
    14 hrs urgh that shouldn't be allowed, I do 3 days - 4 nights then 3 off then 4 days - 3 nights, 4 off, today is my first back in after 4 off it is not a nice feeling LOL
  • 'Ello Emma, yeah i'm over Italy now, although it was a dream job etc I was a little unsure as my youngest is due to go to uni' in September and wants to learn to drive and I should be here for her ya know!
    Aint got any immediate plans yet, just picked up where I left off with the bus converting it, some friends from the midlands have booked a campsite in Wales in May so we will hook up with them, then there is Farmer Phils Festival in Shropshire in August.
    I'm going to spend time tomorrow in work looking for jobs I just can't keep doing these mental shifts of seven 12hrs.
    How are you? have you settled in down there in Glocs'? you know what they say down there, [I]Strong in the arm and thick in the head :D[/I]
  • yeah i go there from time to time..katy dalys, auntie annies...all the usual places where there's a bit of decent music .... i noticed in one of your posts that you currently work in a vets....did you do the same kinda work in belfast?
  • Under the bludgeonings of fate, my head is bloody, but unbowed...
  • used to go to Boojums with the ex, spent many a summer saturday afternoon sitting outside watching the world go by...haven't been there for a while....now that's a good avatar, i like spiders - they keep the house clean!!
  • Hello MsDilemma....Yeah I knew from your very first post you were from these shores....best move you ever made getting out of this backward medieval country!! your avatar thingy is hurting my eyes, it's spinning!! :D Thanks for the re-welcome :)