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  • Hello Sarah
    I do like your posts on ukhippy.
    Hope your health has been good and that the sun is shining in your part of the world.
  • So sorry for not replying sooner but you know how it is. My wheelchair has gone wrong bigtime and I'm unable to move even an inch without it...I cant get to the bathroom even! It went wrong last week and despite constant phonecalls he only came for it about an hour ago, saying it MIGHT be back sometime next week! I NEED a new one and Im so worried. Anyway, Chloe was due to perform a monologue, in a broad Somerset accent as part of her drama A levels but everything has been put back due to her operations. If she does it in a few months do you think either Lee or yourself could read a short piece while we somehow record it so that Chloe can get a good mark for her work on an authentic accent please? will let you know when its definate. I hope you are all keeping well in this freezing weather...roll on summer!. Lots of love, Mandy and Chloe XXX
  • Hey hun, Strange question but do you have a Somerset accent? Chloe needs someone with the accent to read the page of a book so she can record them. She need to perform it as part of her A level drama exam. so wants to get the accent correct. Could you help us out please hun, Chloe would be extremely greatful ? xxx
  • Hello :hippy: I was just reading the thread about conspiracies from the end of November , I wanted to tell you that i agree with lots of what you said and particularly like where you say " truth is my truth formed by my life experiences and my perception - if things resonate and make sense then that is my truth... my truth expands constantly as I absorb and information" - That is exactly what i've said to people in the past who have tried to prove me wrong or question my opinions constantly, my interest and opinion on a subject has come from my natural inquisitive nature, life experience, my gut feeling and is also teamed with books i've read, conversations i've had.. so it was refreshing to hear you say the same! All too often we get into the debates where people try to ridicule it as if it's all ONE thing - you're either a conspiracy theorist or you think it's all rubbish.. its' so black and white! Anyway, i'm glad i got that off my chest, thanks ;)
  • Twas alright thanks, my ex is now definately my ex! couldn't find Karl, tribes a madhouse at the best of times! Thanks for asking :) xxx
  • Ah cool!! recognise the description, i might introduce myself! really excited about the night but also a little bit apprehensive - first time i'll be seeing my ex-partner in the 'friend zone' . Viva la frog!! :) xxx
  • Cadbury Castle sound cool , yer its been ages , weve just been doing stuff all over the place , me and Suzanne is all cool and dandy :)
  • Hello Lovely Lady xxx
  • can i have your addy hun for swap
  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Snuggly gentle hugs my lovely. xx
  • Hi! I seem to have read a lot of posts by you today so thought I would pop by and say hi!
  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your message. I've joined the facebook group although i feel a bit of a fraud because on the whole i haven't had it too bad compared to what some poor women go through, especially looking at the birthing side of things, having my daughter wasn't too bad and i had reasonable care.

    Yes, Worcester is nice, i quite like it although i'm not sure i want to stay here long term.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words. It's been a long time since i've come across such a friendly group of people on a forum (and i'm speaking from real experience here, i run a forum myself!) and it is really nice to "meet" new people who just get it and understand.

    Donna x
  • yes i may well be :P she is so awesome! and no i dont :P who be they then?
  • Yes we will definately be at the Street Fair! If you're going, perhaps we could meet up for a drink or something! I had a great time at the Green Gathering, although we were quite busy a lot of the time. We got home a couple of hours ago and I have to keep going to the loo, just because it's so nice and clean in there! LOL! (The loos at Green Gathering were An Issue!)
  • cheers Sarah! She was on meltdown today..she vanished at midnight when i was in bed.... found out that she was in Bradford! caning the mkat! today she couldnt breathe and was in tears for hours....she asked for taxi up the hill, i was in town shopping so she had to walk up home...very steep mile up...... i have not renewed her bus pass and have cut off her cash supply...i'll still buy bacci and munchies in but she gets no cash at all....I just havnt the heart to throw my only child on the street..I just cannot do it.
  • just xxxxxxxxx
  • I've replied to your complaint about Longleat on the forum cos I used to work there! I can show you how to get in for free.
  • I hope the Big Feed goes well and the weather is kind to you! We're off to Pilton on Saturday and running about like loons until then, but I would really like to meet up maybe the week we get back, (first week July) if you are about? It would be nice if Simon and whoever else is local could come along...I don't know when Simon gets back from wherever he is (Wales?????) We have quite a few festivals and trips throughout the summer, so I will just have to make time. I know you have kids, so if getting out is problematic, I could ask Rob to come along and drive us to Bruton if it would be easier for you. Take care and REALLY hope to meet up soon. Linden (Grindal)
  • Nah, sorry, not me! Rob was in Cardiff at work all day yesterday until about 10.00pm but I'm pretty sure I know who you did see. If the dogs were collies, the people you saw were Trish and Dave who live in Nunney. We have three greyhounds.
    But yeh, I'm still up for meeting, Rob is at work at bit at the moment, but if we can meet at The Bear, I can walk down there if he's at work.
    We are going to Sunrise, we will be camped in the Gamma Field in a caravan. Gamma Field is the Disability Field (I sometimes have mobility problems)
    It would be great to meet up and weecab too!
    I MIGHT do a flypitch at Sunrise, we'll see how it goes!
    Linden (Grindal)
  • Only Mondays are a bit crap for me, other than that I can work around any arrangements for meeting up. I'm not going out to work at the moment, only a bit of sewing work that I do at home. My partner Rob might like to come along as well, he likes The Bear and is always happy to meet new people. If we have a couple of days notice, we can usually sort something out to be available.
    Could be fun to meet up!
    Linden (Grindal)
  • My daughter is called Jenny,but her little boy is called Finn. Finn has shoulder-length curly blonde hair. He is 6 years old. Her husband is called Bim and he has blonde hair which is sometimes in a mowie. They drive a green live-in van. Yes, she has really bright red dreadlocks, usually with a hat or a headband on. I've noticed that the road is opened again...I used to go to Bruton for belly dancing lessons, but I had to miss almost an entire term because we weren't willing to drive practically to Shepton and back to get to Bruton. I would suggest we should all meet up at The Bear at Holwell, the "hippiest" pub I know! They often have music evenings and open mic evenings etc and fly a pirate flag outside and have a dragon on their roof. I'm sure you've noticed it!
  • Yeh, I noticed that Simon 99 was in Frome, but didn't know about Stardust. We should all meet up! I may well have seen you and the others's a small place!
  • Hi Sarah!
    I'm in Nunney!! I can't decide whether I know you already!
  • Thank you xxxx
  • Thank you. I feel so hopeless about it all, but I suppose things are bound to change eventually x
  • :Dso glad you liked your pressie hunny - hope you got everythign else you asked for from Santa:hippy:
  • snuck in to give you a great big* HUG* :D xoxox
  • has the rain set in up there too?

    hope you get to chill a bit and let the rest of the adults sort theirselves out ;)

    x x x
  • just sending you a bit of :hug: and love x x x