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    When i had a house i had multifuel jotul withboiler linked to my gas central heating but the gas was never on as the stove kicked out plenty of heat and it ran 10 double radiators.I was told by most plumbers it wouldnt work,too incompatible blah blah fuckin blah then found a plumber who had the exact same setup who did the whole job for half the others quotes.Sounds like youve been quoted the usual rip-off price because its not a straight forward install.

    In the cottage i shared with my ex we had a multifuel Rayburn stove with backboiler and oven I bought off ebay for 100 quid and installed myself and it lived entirely off wood.

    I cant argue with that you should work to live not live to work.

    You could do what some like Itinerant Child do and fit in work you want to do,rather than have to do, when youre travelling around and use sites like linkedin to be a central point for people to find you.

    On the good side if you have to come back is the 5 weeks up to Christmas theres loads of temp jobs driving/warehouse/post/shops etc

    After Christmas theres bog all.

    Im outside the 'normal' range also and always have been and being uber fit in the past has contributed to it.

    My at rest pulse rate of around 35bpm and my bp 90/60 has seen drs rushing around (yes they do that sometimes) and ECG monitors appearing....until they realise and check my gp notes that its quite normal.

    Even going flat out my pulse is only 140, way below what it could or should be.

    It would be nice if they actually treated 'you' for 'you' and not what you should be according to general statistics.

    I used to get a lot of postural headaches until I realised long ago early 20's it was mostly due to dehydration and upped my water intake.Quite rare now i get headaches unless im dehydrated because of colds or infections.

    Stress might be at the root of your lack of weight gain.A break from the UNI-mangle might do you good.

    Trouble is you kind of have to hang around at least nine months of the year to grow veg...or all year if youve chicken or sausage plants.

    In most areas theres a few years waiting list for an allotment.

    When ive got my awning up i can grow tomato and pepper plants but if I cant grow my own stuff i hunt round village back lanes,theres usually someone with a board out with surplus garden veg for sale in summer.

    7.5 tonners are no more expensive to run than 3.5tonners in general.

    The advantage is youre not so constrained to trying to convert the van to stay within the 3.5t weight limit.

    7.5t have more sturdy chassis and heavier bodywork so tend to last longer.

    The 7.5t vehicles tend to be cheaper to buy too because of driving license restrictions.

    Plenty of big heavyweight vans to choose from Merc 811 814 Iveco 56 60 VW LT46 etc etc or theres plenty of lorry type box vans Renault Midlum Daf 45 Merc 814 Atego Lots of luton boxes,Mobile library vehicles, horseboxes,mini coaches,buses etc perfect for ebay for '7.5t van'(or truck) and see whats about.

    If you need some inspiration and what is possible have a good look through the 'Better than a Bedsit' thread on here.

    VW means the pyramidal shape thing on the front of the luton box.I think its a (bad) attempt at streamlining.

    If its ex furniture truck from new its probably minimal body weight anyway.

    The side skirts might be useful if you can build in some underbody storage and fit doors in the skirts.

    If its got a steel roller shutter door you can lose a lot of weight losing it and fitting door/s

    I used to use a prescribed nasal spray for sinusitis and congestion and it just gave me bad nose bleeds and a horrible burning sensation for hours in the back of my nasal pharynx....after a few werks with it i just thought fuck that id rather have the sinusitis.

    It just seemed to worsen the trigeminal neuralgia i get too.

    I just use ginger or natural peppermint which clears the congestive feeling.

    The bar top refrigerators are pretty good too.I had one for extra cold storage.Theyre only about 100 to 150 watts so will run off an inverter ok.

    At my old place I had a solar fridge in a shed.Just a domestic fridge running off a 1000w inverter from 2 leisure batteries and solar panels.It worked well just took up a lot of room.

    Nothing at all wrong with Blackberry,the phones and OS are good theyre just losing out to the muscle power of the two twunts that dominate smart devices -Apple IOS and Google Android.Id like to see Blackberry team up with Amazon fire and offer a viable alternative 3rd way but in a dog eat dog environment i cant see Blackberry surviving.

    Ive got a Sony Xperia M4 aqua...I absolutely hate it.Like all Sony products it comes loaded with tons of garbage you cannot get rid of.only disable which means its still hogging phone memory and most of their apps take over (or try to) every aspect of your life.

    Unless you can get the device rooted (which isnt easy without bricking the phone)so that you can ditch all the unnecessary factory installed Sony and Google shit I wouldnt recommend them at all.

    Hardware is ok but let down by the firmware and preinstalled apps.

    I only use it for internet very rarely text and virtually never for calls unless its emergency or desperate.

    I hate apple and google equally but at least with android you can root most of the devices using android OS and take back control.

    Amazon just doesnt have apps I use to consider swapping to one of their devices.

    My next phone was going to be a vodafone ultra8 but I dont like being tied to a single network so it will be an Asus Zenphone2 or later.

    If youre just after a phone and happy with what youve got stick with the Blackberry or get a Nokia.Theyve just started reproducing the old popular models.

    Pissed off being dog tired and unable to sleep ive just fitted 4 LED strip lights under my kitchen wall cupboards and in my shower room...Ive only had them sitting around 6 months :zipped:...finally nice to have some decent kitchen workights...still cant sleep:shock: but one more job done.

    Considering our planet is mostly ocean of which only 10% of it is explored plus huge tracts of inhospitable land mass,its perfectly possible with the right technology for a species to stay invisible.We can do it with our own military technology.

    Its interesting what NASA keep alluding to in our upper atmosphere/inner orbit that they keep tracking and appears to indicate theres some kind of life forms living up there...and why not...there are lifeforms living at incredible depths under huge pressure and temperature at the sea floor by volcanic vents so why not up in the outer atmosphere.