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    Its fine.
    Its been 22 yrs now.

    He was a big man,6 ft 5 and 25 stone.
    A fighting man in younger days.
    locals were gobsmacked when he did what he did ,
    so many ppl said to me "but he was such a big strong man"
    hmmm , evidently not so cos if he was,he'd probly still be here


    just want to be happy and enjoy my life on the road with some good company to have good times and laughs.

    There's lots of single travellers,male and female, all wishing for those same things x

    I'm one of them,
    by choice atm.

    it became appharent i needed some time on my own, when life threw a spanner in my works.

    Tbh, i've enjoyed most of it :)
    Its given me time and space to learn about myself.
    what i do and dont need in life
    and also what i really want out of life.

    Now with this new knowledge , i wander more freely, going where i want to go,when i want to go.
    Finding new places and spaces where,
    well one day i hope i do meet somone special.

    Who knows

    Its gd to be at one with yourself definatly.
    but dosnt everyone need a cwtch and companionship at times ?

    Dear Dad,

    Tis your birthday today.
    you'd have been 65 today
    if you hadnt made an early exit :(

    We've made you a cake anyways,
    i guess we'll have to eat it for you to,
    again .

    The yrs pass but my memorys will never fade


    Im forever thankful of The midwive's knowledge, experience ,calm energys and faith.
    I realise at times hospital is nessacery and that must be such a hard decision to make.
    at the same time as monitering both mum and babe and appearing totally calm.

    Top respect to Midwive's and the amazing job you/ they do.

    I've just watched that Home Delivery programme .
    It bought it all back.
    Wow !!!

    there was very little intervention until it was needed. !

    Thas how celyns arrival was and they truley were the most empowering moments of my life so far.
    So so opposite to the older three's entrances.

    I was repeatedly advised against home delivery and told that my Gp does not support or attend home births.
    I guess that's her choice but the two NHS community midwive's involved in my pregnancy and labour were amazing.
    So supportive,being led by my body language (with hardly any intervention,no monitors,internals etc,no opinions,rights or wrongs. I laboured away over the kitchen sink.watching the deer over on the hill.
    It was calm,quiet, different to hosp labour.
    I couldn't thank those midwives enough.
    Thier knowledge,experience, attitude,the way they looked at me and instantly I trusted them.
    They helped me realize that I could do it.
    They sat calmly back,allowing me to do whatever my body told me to
    The female bod is a remarkably clever thing when worked with and listened to.unyet
    Many hosp deliverys seem to be working against gravity,with mum strapped to monitors led still on a bed :/
    Home births have been around since time began ,
    HOW can anyone( other than mother nature or a surgeon " decide" where a baby can/should or will be born :/

    Also Bob is perfectly within his rights to have a chaperone/safe person with him during his appts .
    However many proffesionals prefer to speak one to one with the patient only incase they may be holding anything back from their chaperone.
    It often works the other way tho and if Bob is known to you through work then im certain you can speak on his behalf in explaining why he NEEDS a chaperone atm, of course this would need a signed letter of authourisation from Bob unless somone is acting as his "Execeteur" i think its called.
    Will dbl check this now.

    If Bob requested you stay in the room with him and the dr/Nurse ignored this request,
    Bob is within his rights to ask to see a different Dr/Nurse,
    or you could on his behalf(with his permission)
    pref one who kinda gets a grasp of his needs and difficultys :/

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @ NHS (lack of decent)Mental Health Service's !

    Very important "Bob" classed as a vulnerable person ?
    ie has anyone ever raised a POVA alert re Bob ?…ar_disorder_self_help.htm…standing_bipolar_disorder

    There's a few links to have a read through.
    Discovering and becoming involved with the first site yrs ago saved my sanity/life..seriously.

    After a long and very bumpy (at times) journey of self discovery. aswell as tests,questionairre's,observation ect Diagnosis (if ness) gets made ,only then does the "proper" treatment and condition management plan get put in place (usually) .
    Pers i believe this is wrong as ppl die whilst awaiting diagnosis/help/understanding,simple as :(

    Bi polar can be all enveloping,totally character changing be that manic or suicidal at its worst,invisible and non affecting at best...and Everything in between.
    It has no rules,boundarys ,fear or guidelines and often danger and pain feel good.

    Many lay ppl dont understand the extent to which Bi Polar can affect (drive/shape/change) somone they know or love.
    Many others however live daily with the consequences that can occur when Bi Polar is ignored/not addressed/goes undiagnosed/mis treated or dis respected/ignored post diagnosis .
    It often makes relationships( private,personal or buisness) very difficult.

    Sufferers often turn to drink/drugs to calm the thoughts and slow the hyperactivity...self medication !
    maybe if ppl were correctly diagnosed/treated in the first place they might not turn to the street substances..much trial and research has gone into this subject and is available if you google it.

    Its a very selfless and selfish illness that needs learning about by the sufferer and their loved ones/carers/family/employers ect.
    there is much stigma(often wrongly) attatched to having a diagnosis of a serious mental health problem.
    Too many assumptions made by too many ppl who sadly really often have no idea of how the suffer is feeling inside :(
    Riddled,evil,paranoid,suicidal,hyperactive,anxious,grandos idealation are just a few of the many many words i could use to describe how Bi Polar feels at its worst.

    self help is often very helpful/rewarding..with the sufferer finally begining to understand why what happens happens and what triggers him.... but that usually runs alongside any ness medications and poss pshycotherapy or pshycological intervention/treatments and can ONLY be done when Bob is ready.

    NO ONE can make him better :(

    HE HAS to make big steps himself, wanting to get better and being totally honest with the proffessionals and that is so hard/scary when you have trust issue's or difficultys meeting new ppl or feel misunderstood ect.
    and if he is as suicidal as you say it could end with him being sectioned for his own safety :(

    i Cant stress enough how much the support groups( be it acsessed in person/online/phone support/suicide watch text support,whatever)helps.. it was the one discovery that helped me more than anything else.

    ive been a Bi Polar outreach volunteer for yrs ,
    if "Bob" wants to chat, or more info on more places/ppl that can offer support and understanding
    get him to pm/email me if you like.