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    My cousin has 8yr old twin girls. She made a very realistic poo, out of Nutella, which she left lying around. When they got up, she asked which one of them was responsible. Obviously neither of them owned up, so she told them the only way to tell which one of them did it was with a taste test. And ate the 'poo' in front of them.

    Pretty sure they're gonna need counselling for years, but fucking hilarious!!

    Next is working out a mechanism for removing/folding the front seat box so I can access the engine.

    The engine covers are only held on by two bolts. I can't tip the passenger side chair back at all, because my sink is in the way, so I just pull the entire chair and cover out. It's much easier!

    I cant believe how much you've done in such a short time! That's looking amazing!

    I would really advise against the roof box, partly for stability, but mainly for what you said....its fucking excellent being able to get under height bars :D it opens up a whole new world of beautiful park ups that just aren't accessible in larger vans.

    I found this thread interesting enough to go and research thermal imaging camera hire, so that I can try it on my own van.

    Google, however, suggested that perhaps I was looking for thermal imaging farts, and that is half an hour of my life I just wont get back!

    I dunno mate, sounds similar to mine!

    I was advised by the garage that mot'd mine that it was entirely fucked and not worth fixing. I then took it to a mate, parted with £120, and it flew through that test and the next one.

    I've found parts are very easy to get hold of and they are very easy vans to work on. Whilst they're never going to achieve the iconic status of the VW vans, they are now getting to the age of borderline classic, where they're not really going to lose much of their value.

    Personally, i wouldn't be too put off by that list, but as you know, I do have a soft spot for them, so feel free to disregard my opinion as being somewhat biased!!

    If you do decide to go for it, let me know, and I will share my Bedford contacts with you. I know two companies specialising just in these vans, and both have been brilliant to deal with.

    Well I lived full time on the road for 20 odd years , and no , I would not like to live in it myself either, I would much prefer a nice trailer , and I never went in for this stealth malarkey either!!!

    But in another thread you are extolling the virtue of living in a bedford rascal ? Certainly not the first choice of the 'real full timer' surely ?

    What I really ment with my tongue in cheek comment about people committing murder to have such a home,was those that had no home at all. One of the most heart breaking sights I have ever seen was a lady living on the pavement in Mumbia next to a busy road with 5 children , and she had drawn tiny rooms on the pavement . Someone like her would not complain about having that van as a home given half a chance!

    I didn't realise that was what you meant, in that case I would 100% agree with you! Yes, this van would be a million times better than living on the streets!

    But it also lacks lots of the little practicalities, edges on shelves to stop your things falling off, etc. In that respect, my Suzuki was far better set up, and as I lived in it full time, I can honestly say it was my first choice! What it lacked in size was more than made up for by the number of park ups that it opened up by fitting under height bars!

    I do honestly think this is a stunning van, and there are lots of ideas I'm going to steal for my next rebuild, but there are lots of ideas I'd avoid as well. The burner that high is insane. Nevermind the fact it's sat on a wooden surface, the bottom half of the van would be freezing in winter!

    Come on WG, theirs loads of people in the world that might possibly commit murder to have such a home !!!

    Yeah, but not anyone who actually knows what is needed to live full time on the road, and spent years already doing it!!

    It's a stunningly beautiful van, really well crafted, but wildly impractical. I wouldn't want to live in it, other than the occasional weekend.

    Something else for you to consider Paul... no-one ever informed my Suzuki that she is not a 4x4, so she just assumes that she is!

    Out of all the vans I've owned, she is by far the best at deep mud and driving through woods, because she can fit between narrow gaps in trees!

    The only times I've managed to get her stuck have been when I've been tearing about in deep mud and being a tit!

    She is such good fun to drive, and throw around muddy yards!!

    What you lose in space, you more than make up for with increase in available park ups. Getting under height bars opens up a whole new world of amazing beauty spots. And people never think you'll be living in a vehicle that size so you can get away with parking in all sorts of places you're not meant to be!

    I've lived in Bedford rascals, on and off, for years. Mine has stained glass potholes and yacht lights in the ceiling. She is beautiful :)

    Yup, bog standard white van with a blacked out window. You can park them anywhere. Including underneath "no overnight camping" signs, because it just looks like someone brought their works van home.

    If you're not used to driving large vehicles I'd say go for a transit, because they feel like driving a car. They're just so easy, but they're not the reliable workhorses they once were. I prefer the older ones, but it's getting hard to find ones of the age that were good, that hasn't rusted to shit.

    If you're happy driving vans that actually feel like vans,some of your main contenders are merc sprinters, iveco dailys and LDVs. I drive a Fiat ducato, and up until owning one I'd have laughed at that suggestion! But she turned up at the right moment and I decided to give her a six month trial. Two years later I still love her.

    Just to clarify, everyone has their own ideas on which vans are great and which are shite. There are gonna be people who totally disagree with what i've just said. The only way you're gonna find out what suits you personally is to try and drive as many different vans as you can.

    For full time living I don't recommend a motorhome or coachbuilt campervan. They are designed for the occasional holiday, not day in day out, right through the depths of winter. They are not well insulated and gas heaters cause bad condensation, leaving all your clothes mouldy.

    You can't necessarily park a camper anywhere, and they are no where near as subtle as converted commercial vehicles.

    Personally I would go with a well converted ex commercial vehicle with good insulation and a woodworking stove.

    I slept two people in my Berlingo - I'm sure it can be done with a little bit of planning. :D

    I don't share my space well, not even with people that I like! I had enough trouble sharing my bus with another person. I was sharing the van with a platonic friend. There's no way I was gonna share a small single mattress!
    It's a shame though. Suki was brilliant to live in. I was planning on getting rid of the passenger seat and putting in a tiny burner.

    Insurance costs next to nothing, tax is cheaper than most cars. Does 60mpg when in a good mood and can park up in places that you can't even reach in cars, coz they can fit through such narrow gaps. Loads of character and piss easy to fix coz they're so simple. Its a no brainer really if you're travelling on your own. The only reason I stopped living in mine was coz I needed a space big enough for two people.

    I've been to both, many times, for both summer and winter solstice. I've also done the equinoxes at both. This is my opinion, based on recent experience...

    Stonehenge is the party place to go for summer. The people don't care for litter bins, security is ridiculous and the atmosphere isn't that great. Stonehenge at winter is beautiful. The crowd is far more chilled. It takes much more dedication to get out of bed in the cold, dark winter than it does to party all night in the summer. So there seems to be much less disrespect. It is lovely to get to be close to the stones. In the summer, the crowds within the circle itself are just immense. In the winter you can move freely within the stones and I just love it.

    Avebury used to always be my top choice, because the national trust would open up their car park for a week. I've had so many happy memories from that place! All that has changed now. I definitely prefer Avebury for summer, because the security is much less of a pain in the arse. At Stonehenge they don't even let you take in bedding. At Avebury it's fine take a full bed in with you! Which, when you have M.E. and can't cope without sleep, makes all the difference.

    I really highly recommend Beltane at Avebury, because there is a maypole and dancing and general awesomeness. It tends not to be too bitterly cold and is too early in the season for those who are only there for the party.

    There is a website [can't remember name] where people exchange an hour of their time doing a skill [mechanics, sewing, gardening, bar tending etc]. You build credits to 'spend' on someone else's hour of time.

    Its called LETTS. it stands for local [something] trading [something] scheme. I think!!

    I want to paint canal boats and do traditional signwriting. This is something I'm actually working towards and can't wait, coz it'll give me a legitimate reason to live in my van near canals, which I love!

    If it was me I'd stick with the devil I know! If it's just for weekends you don't need loads of space for standing up. Hi-top is nice for full time living, but if you've got a good beast that you know, stick with it!

    I've travelled in mot exempt vehicles, that are exempt for perfectly valid reasons (showmans exemption) and vosa can, and regularly do, pull you over and mot you by the side of the road, and give you a prohibition notice if your vehicle is not 100%.

    I can tell you, from personal experience, that being mot exempt is a pain in the arse.

    Yeah, there's quite few people living horsedrawn in the uk.

    There are regular horsedrawn camps and they are pretty anarchic, (in the awesome way!) and the nearest thing you'll find to the old school free festivals. Tickets are only £20 as well. Been to quite a few. It's a great place to meet other waggon dwellers.