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    Hi I'm sure I posted a hello post but I can't find it
    I've been away a long time ⌚
    Used to be a regular visitor
    A lot of you will know me and a lot won't
    I'm sensamelia known as sensi
    Mum to seven grandma to 12
    Hopefully I can get back in to posting
    Hope everyone's well x x x

    This is such sad news
    I had the honour of meeting lloyd at mine
    He was a great guy and so many stories to tell
    Cant believe he has gone
    Much love to lydia and lloyds family
    Pls update me as to when and we're the funeral will take place
    A great guy who will be sadly missed

    I met my hubby at 9pm slept with him the same night (first time id ever done that )
    He moved in the next day weve now been married nearly 30 years
    Weve had our ups and downs as do most couples
    No one is 100% compatible all the time and people change over time you have to work at it
    But abstain from sex never its great
    Each to their own though

    Well I must be a really selfish human being I have seven grown up children

    I actually think I am actually the opposite I havent got a selfish bone in my body
    I have never really had much in terms of material stuff and wealth but I would give my last anything to some one in need
    My kids have beem brought up to respect the earth they are not greedy

    Paul were once a kid you know

    I prefer not to give to these charities
    Or have direct debits come out my bank
    I will however help homeless people directly
    I will give to a charity if I have researched it first and I have funds available

    I think the photo album would just be a constant reminder
    Its like when a woman has been raped and shesmells a certain smell it takes her right back to the rape
    Its along those lines
    But to be openly showing you the pics
    How was her mood etc when she brought the album out

    Yes I agree winter
    Very sad

    When it happened to my lad he clammed up for 12 mnthz we knew nothing
    It wasent until he had his first breakdown that itcame out
    Now when he relapses thats at the forefront and he talks to me about it saying he cant get it out of his head

    I was almost raped in hyton liverpool age 15
    Id gone with my friend to stay with her aunt for a week of thesummer hols
    She was 16
    She met a lad and he had a friend I wasent interested in the friend anyway my friend and this guy went off snogging and what ever round the back of this building
    I was left sat on the grass with this guy bored to tears wen suddenly he lunges and makes a move on me I told him to get off
    He carried on pushing his hand into my pants
    I screamed and shouted
    This guy came round the corner and he ran off
    The guy got my friend and walked us home
    I was terrified and never left the house till it was te to leave for home
    I never reported it but still think about how lucky I was

    I love making soups
    I make most foods my self and I bake a lot
    But I do keep stuff in the freezer too
    Like pizzas etc
    I use a lot of quorn mince and chicken so freezer is well stocked with that
    Cant stand chips so deffo no oven chips
    My dad brought me up so watching him cook I learnt loads he was an ace cook
    But I taught my self a lot too

    Online shopping has been a lifesaver for me with my aggy but some subs are laughable
    I ordered no meat but ordered two butter pies for my lads they sent steak and ale
    Some subs are good like when they send bigger packs etc
    I once ordered doughnuts pack of five strict orders from Lee
    I got a huge box of 24 handed them out round the st
    The driver told me once someone ordered tiger bread and got tiger bitter

    They had a few weeks in a row were stuff was missing week four I got flowers chocs and a 20 quid e voucher
    This is asda

    I dont think it helps anyone to be honest
    Im not talking about the pill for pain relief im talking about the crap on the streets
    You get this ..well it aint done me no harm mentality but ive seen friends who grantes I can have a convo with but some can't hold down a job others are paranoid in varying degrees
    Ive had old members visit me off here first thing they did in the morning was spark one up then say no I dont have a problem said person now on meds for mental health problems
    I think decriminalisation woild make it less attractive to the yoing but to go as far as legalizing woild def do away with the criminal element it could be regulated and would be cleaner and much safer

    yep i use white vinegar and lemon juice round the bath tiles to stop the black appearingv use it with a toothbrush

    vinegar has hundreds of uses

    my mum had jet black long shiny hair once a month she used to rinse it in guiness