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    This is my current plan, which may be subject to change and rethinking...

    Donations will continue and are still needed, (click here) and will still give people the post count boost needed to access certain forums. This will bypass any newbie postcount limits for non-participating members as before, and will also be available to anyone who wants to contribute.

    Donations are now automated with no need for manual confirmation.

    I am in in the process of writing this up properly.

    Along with this, a few subscription options will eventually come into effect.

    Community pack: enabling username changes every 30 days, longer signatures that allow links, larger allowed image sizes and an increase in all the stuff related to the attachments/gallery along with the ability to hide threads and a few other things (if you don't have this option already)

    Messaging pack: Massive 1000 conversation inbox (with unlimited messages with each convo), the ability to invite more people into conversations, the ability to add more attachments to messages and the ability to edit messages after they've been sent.

    Combi pack: All the above and a little more at a reduced rate.

    This is an ongoing work in progress and may be subject to rethinking at any time.

    Theres a good documentary on Netflix called The Red pill.....a feminist starts to investigate the mens movement and mens rights. There's a lot of knob heads (as with the feminist movement too) but there's some really good points made about how in some countries the odds are swinging against men now..

    I thought that got taken down from Netflix after complaints or something?

    I saw it some time back and thought it was pretty good -- ultimately I felt both "sides" were pretty much after the same thing with all the noise ruining the opportunity for debate.

    It useful information for people who have experienced bizarre things that keep on repeating in a pattern throughout their lives.

    I'm not dismissing its usefulness, but It's breach of copyright and generally considered bad form - even if you do credit the original author.

    You could just link to the articles, include small quotes and offer your own opinion, reflection or experience - then it comes under fair use and is more in the spirit of a discussion board.

    When I was a kid (under 12) I read a book called UFO's - Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel - the same guy who wrote The Mothman Prophecies.

    It convinced me that UFOs etc. weren't extraterrestrial in origin, but something else - I can't remember his ideas completely now, but I think he developed a theory that these "entities" aren't from space, but already here and existing on a different frequency -- that they sometimes "cross over", and we interpret them according to the culture of the time. (UFOs' ghosts, fairies and similar all being manifestations of the same phenomena).

    So it's still there - it comes out every night and sits there for hours, only scurrying off if I make too much noise.

    Don't they get bored?

    I'm assuming it just prefers the warm to being outside in the elements - how long do these critters live for?

    I can touch type with three fingers (sometimes four) and my thumbs for the space bar - never trained though; this is just a result of just being online for too long.

    Recently bought a new keyboard and now learning not to mistype as a result of the size differences. :D

    This quote from the book "Old MacDonalds Factory Farm" sums it up for me...

    Have you actually mass mailed everyone to tell them about the new all singing all dancing slick website.? and its back to stay!!

    It was down a long time and peeps probably expected it to disappear for good.

    The disappointing thing was almost 1000 emails bouncing back to me (mostly old hotmail accounts) before the emailer froze without me knowing how far it got.

    I'm quietly confident that building some momentum is possible though.

    I’m thinking ‘where have all the hippies gone’. I log in and find very few new posts have been made. After all the fuss upgrading the site, it’s quieter than I can ever remember it being. I realised when the site was offline for the few days, I drifted onto other internet busines and life stuff. Hopefully it will pick up and keep us all captive during the dark winter nights.

    I'm thinking that we need to get the word out that this site is thriving and winning. I'm going to make some shareable banners and all that stuff.