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    i used to do all the bike rallies I could fit in. I always figured that the partying started the first time I heard, "Whole lotta Rosie". I rarely had to wait long, and I still have a Pavlovian reaction, in that when I hear it, I feel the need for beer.

    That's the way to party, Nomad, haha. 

    I agreed to go to my son and daughter in law for xmas, and they have sneakily changed the venue to my son's - in - laws. I like these people but we live in different worlds and struggle to communicate. Bless them for trying but they cannot comprehend how someone would live on purpose, the way I do.

    That would sort 'em out. ^^

    Pasta usually wins out for me. Tonight I sautéed half and onioon, added a can of butter beans, a chopped courgette (I have lots of them at the mo) cooked for ten minutes or so with a little oat milk, then threw in a load of crushed garlic, some salt and some pre-cooked noodles. Stir it all up until its piping hot, and eat. Blooming gorgeous.

    This time of year (early, dark nights) seems to bring out the vandals. I never know what I'll wake up to, as most of my vehicles have had deliberate damage done to them, between now and March-ish.

    Like you, it's pretty quiet where I'm parked so the twats know that they can come and rive off a windscreen wiper, or try to break in. The few folk living here are elderly and either see nothing or pretend they've seen nothing.

    I hope it's a one off, Vannie, and they've moved on.

    Can't argue with that NRT! White vans have appeared on the North Norfolk coast in recent years in increasing numbers unfortunately. Samphire seems to fetch big money in London and these commercial pickers pull up the whole plant. I am finding fewer places to buy from local pickers.

    The same ones are really damaging the ecosystems in places like the New Forest; stripping areas clear of all fungi, again for London markets.

    I quite like christmas usually. I like the suspension of disbelief, and the fact that people find it easier to forget about the divisions always being sown amongst us by the ruling classes.

    I don't buy into the commercial side, and haven't done since my teens. Doesn't stop me from having fun, and even though my nearest and dearest know that I'm not going to go out and buy pointless tatt because of a date on a calendar; they still seem to like me.

    I've been practising playing Silent Night on my viola, so if carol singers appear at my door, they better sing better than I play - or I'll charge them! :D

    cruel ? , 'you gotta be cruel to be kind' they say , 'what dont kill ya makes you stronger' and all that, now tell me you have never scared a small kid just for fun ... surely its not just me :o

    I used to work in a Victorian lead mine/processing plant, and at Halloween we had spooky mine trips, among other things. A lot of my more nervous colleagues would not go in the mine if they knew I was there. I'm very good at being invisible, even in full daylight, never mind underground.

    That aside, one year I brought my then 13 year old daughter along, to act as a screamer. Boy she was good at it. One poor lad wet his trousers in fright when she rose out of a pile of rocks; I'd thrown a sack over her so she was invisible, until she leapt up screeching like a banshee. I decided that was a bit too much, and wouldn't let her in the mine afterwards. :D

    While I was in Aberdeen, catching up with my friends after the show I went to see. One of the characters (an undercover spy) had his part written in as a parrot and cockatoo salesman; the cockatoo being a radio disguised as the bird. He came on stage wearing flamboyant clothes, carrying two cages, one with a macaw and one with a cockatoo. (Not real birds, obviously).

    David told me later they had written the character based on me! How brilliant is that? :D

    I've not long got home from Aberdeen. It was lovely up there and I fully intended to meander back down to Englandshire slowly, with a couple of overnight stops on the way. However, my bus has no heating, and poor little Dolly couldn't cope with the cold last night.

    My satnav died the wrong side of Edinburgh, a real pain, but fortunately, I have a built in homing compass. Since getting home I've wombled a half sized Super Ser gas heater. We won't be cold in the bus again. And yup, I'm aware of all the implications of installing vents, etc. ;)

    Fly the collie is going to the vet tomorrow for a check up as her face is misshapen. I doubt it's serious, but needs checking out. If all is groovy, she may be going back up to Scotland. . .

    It was good to meet Pyke, and I'm utterly grateful that he parked behind and kept an eye on my bus while I went to the theatre, I'm paranoid about leaving the animals unattended. The Scots are lovely folk though, and I didn't really need to worry, I came back from the morning walk on the beach to find a bag of dog meal tied to my bus door by an anonymous donor. How kind is that?

    It's good to be home, but I always miss Scotland when I get back.

    At last! I have found a use for (me) being English, in Scotland. I shall hire myself out to folk who want to use voice recognition software in lifts or elsewhere. :wave:

    I woke up, got up, laid down for a bit, had some lunch, laid down for a bit, went for a run, cooked some more food, and now I'm going to lay down for a bit :D

    A bit of what? is what I'm wondering . . . :D

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    I've rebuilt the kitchen in Iris again, and for the last time.

    It's been a good day for picking mushrooms, so tonight I made a posh risotto using field blewits and saffron milk caps. Since I was using "gourmet" mushrooms, I decided to put a cup of white wine in the recipe. This meant I had to open a bottle of Prosecco, and of course this doesn't keep so I drank the rest of the bottle with the risotto, which was truly delish.

    As I got drunker, playing viola got easier. I can see why so many musicians are drunks. :D

    I've had an awesome evening.