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    so you think the power required by the said refridgerater to do as described depends on the power source ? some methods are cheaper or more efficient but that lump of cold still needs a certain amount of power it keep it cold whether it be mains, solar ,gas or hampsters on a wheel spinning a dynamo , Ohms law is good for electrickery and worth learning.

    When you say extra running costs it depends on mileage , my bus does about 25 / 30 mpg but I dont do many miles, tax is 165 quid a year, cheaper than most cars, so its swings and roundabouts for me , but I need space for a parrots cage and I like to socialise, so a few guests being able to stand/dance/ cook me a meal is good ;)

    Theres a whole world of difference between a pet rat and a feral one. If the risk of getting a bit poorly and dieing is miniscule then why did my employers send me on an awareness course and get a warning card issued ?

    Anyways , disease aside they need to chew to keep them never ending teeth growing , just so happens that electrical insulation and propane pipes both serve that purpose , so if a sweet lil rodent decides to chew through your gas hose then move on to some electrics as the gas smells bad you may lose your home/ life , how cute is that :)

    I seem to recall that they draw about 10amps depending on ambient temp, amount of stuff in it and what temp you have it set to.

    Regarding what I said about being level , that advice is from experience. I was lucky enough to get a mains hook up at glastonbury one yearin the disabled campervan field , we were directed to park at a jaunty angle and it took me half a day to get the bus and fridge level enough to work , I actually made myself a small level/plumb with a bit of wood some cotton and a drawing pin then chocked the fridge precisely as the bus was as level as I could get it with the timber available.

    There was a big thread on the subject of keeping things cool.

    A few years back when I was working in civils I carried a card stating that due to the nature and enviroment of my work (shafts/tunnels and deep sewers) , if I was to present myself to a member of the medical profession with flu-like symptoms Leptosporidia must be considered.

    I thought the same abut vegans in the heading , maybe 'vermin lovers' would have been better ?

    Glad the dogs got it without injury , I once saw a greyhound with half her lower jaw chewed off during a rat encounter.

    I got rid of a mouse on Bubbles with clumps of freshly brushed rottweiler hair stuffed into every concievable orifice.


    You do know that rats are not solitary creatures ? ..................................

    I was thnking 'noisy feckers next door have spent a few bob on fireworks' and although the first one rattled the windows a bit I looked out on the free display as I am quite partial loud flashy bangy things , turned my gaze 180 degrees to take in a few other flashes and noticed the 'hunters' moon has risen , not just risen but looking spectacular (just past full with an orange hue), check it out :)

    as did the b******s to me, my tank is hidden behind a padlocked hatch, they just drilled a hole from underneath and drained my tank

    Thats the best scenario Harry , small neat hole easy to patch (still a fecking major inconvenience if you just got off site on what was in pipes then need to get more fuel and bleed the engine) is better than stories of lump hammer and chisel/screwdriver combo , that approach usually need replacement tank .

    A plastic tank could be stealthily done with a brace and 1/4 inch wood bit , my tank is steel 85 ltr and usually no more than a third full , no locking cap so any scum bag wanting to try their luck dont need to cause damage and will probobally only be able to take 5 gallons or so , let em have it and hope they swallowed a load.

    My 5yr old grand daughter visiting yesterday evening and saying she wanted to go out and play in the dark garden ' I'm not even scared grand dad..... do you have a torch? but i aint scared' , I said no to the torch and her lil eyes and hands went straight to my torch so I let her have it , she duly went off in to the dark loudly proclaiming 'see,I said i wasent scared' ....
    Sooooo , I lets her dissapear in to gloom a bit then let out a mighty 'MWAHHHHHHH' , well I saw the torch jump a few feet as she sreamed , needless to say she nearly shat herself and I was pissing myself with laughter :)

    I've got one of Dave's stoves coming which takes 4" pipe. This needs to come through my fibreglass roof. Am I right in thinking I need the aluminium base type of flashing?

    MY bus has fibreglass body and roof , I put a burner in easily enough and its been good for 5 years (I signed up here after looking for advice on fitting a burner in an ex police sprinter), cant find my original answers but what I did was basically cut a hole about 12 inch diameter in the ceiling avoiding ribs then jgsawed a hole slightly smaller than the flue in the centre of a wombled 'road narrows' triangular temporary sign(other signs are available ;) ) , thrashed it over the flue and gave it a dozen or so self tappers on a big bed of heatproof silicon.
    Inside is finished off with a stainless steel truck wheel trim.

    I then cut a hole in a 6 or 7 inch round stainless steel dog bowl ,thrashed that over the flue with more silicon and screwed to the

    I fully agree with the above replies ,specifics make all the difference . We could rattle off loads of advice most of which maybe irrelevant to your situation , variables include location, type of vehicle,aspirations,pets,kids, health,blah blah blah ......, all of which are covered deeply in their relevant threads.

    As an afterthought there have been comments posted recently about 'snapping at' new members/posters , I see that some could construe this reply as fitting that line of thought but I assure you it is not , merely stating the obvious.

    Thats so positive on many levels.....

    The old bill have satified their curiosity and ticked all their relevant boxes , I suspect you have been promoted to a resource in that the conversation in the canteen/guard romm could entail ' anyone asked that bloke in the truck ? he may have heard or seen summit .. '

    Getting the farmers number and blessing is a huge bonus , shows a lot of trust I think. The old boy that checks on young cattle where I like to park on the Ridgeway now stops by me and asks if they are OK before he goes to check , simple things like gettting the gate for him count a lot as I know he will be having more dealings with the old bill than I do and if I was to crop up in conversation then I am sure it would also be positive :)

    you can get 'self watering pots' , pretty much fill with a gallon or 2 of water and forget for a week or 2 and no spillage to annoy those beneath you. Easy enough to make if you can womble suitable containers :)

    I agree with both of you in a way , determination and organisation are to be commended , but at the same time I can imagine being at that shopping centre with grand daughters etc and feeling the trepidation that comes with such gatherings .

    Many years ago I hired a luton for myself and 3 mates to go to Reading festival on the way out a mate was drivng with one other up front I was in the back with the other , traffic was walking pace and it was not long before the old bill poked their heads in the back , we were both put out despite pleading we had mattresses and could pull the roller door right down , cops were having none of it 'what if the vehicles involved in an accident ? , you cannot open that roller door from the inside'' .

    I remember it well as it took eight hours to hitch back to Swindon

    Some nice motors on that site , love this baby which is for sale, unless sold. :hippy:

    I know that unicorn box , the guy is selling due to personal circumstances and I believe the truck is good for its age , quite sure mechanically it will be sound as the guy that owns it is very mechanically minded and a proper genius with Dodge's , MOT good till April and a good test history .

    About 3 years ago it was -10c on site for a week or so, both myself and my parrot survived comfortably on Bubbles ( ex 26 seat bus that has about 12 square metres of uninsulated glass) thanks to my woodburner, though I got through a few sacks of multi-heat and a lot of softwood offcuts from nearby sawmill.