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    AW.....that on date chicken does'nt always fair so well in a freezer.....I've tried it myself in the past and defrosted same (within appliance guidelines) only to find it smells worse than off.

    Forcing change might work ok when sociodemocratic variables are close to achieving some kind of equilibrium......maybe......

    Forced change usually does little more than further disempower the slaves whilst placating the masses and profiting the few.

    I believe it's possible.

    The unused land is there....waiting to be utilised.

    A few tweaks to prioritise land use and technology toward rewarding food production and it's done.

    Might be difficult for small growers to protect their crops against theft in a de-weaponised society that tends toward free market dissonance........some sense of communal vigilance might be necessary!

    Moto g4 I think on three unlimited data sim only plan which is £27 per was about £150ish from Argos....

    It is my sole connection to the wider world and is used for everything (including sat nav all TV and radio streaming) and comes with proper gorilla glass.....does'nt have an embedded compass.

    I tried cheaper ones but they literally crushed in my pocket.

    12 months insurance was £30 or £35 (at point of sale) so I have some hope that the phone will slip out of a very high window before it's up.

    Only times I've lived in a house it wasn't mine.....twas either with parents or a shared house.

    I don't miss anything about shared (edit: accomodation) houses.

    Flats, bedsits and rooms both with and without ensuite facilities were noisy and expensive to heat.

    I do miss the outdoor space and shower and bath and washing machine and running water and easy cooking facilities.

    Ive had shit mileage from two previous vans....this current one does ok (25-28mpg)

    Stealth is bollocks if you want heat for full-time living....diesel and propex heaters make non stealth noise and solid fuel burners create non stealth smoke/stench.

    Book a campsite and suffer the costs if you want least hassle and warmth.

    There's always an occasional shithead around who will make van living off campsite a stressful experience for you and all of us.

    Bigger the better. If you qualify to drive 7.5tons do that. Arseholes, bullies and many idiots have a base respect for size, height and imposition.....nuff said......get a tank if you can!

    I wear longjohns at least 7months of the year on and off even in the milder climes of south east Anglia...

    Them tights are a calling though... Silky, sweaty nylons under longjohns and sweaty socks......the joys of winter!?

    It is cold....and then mild in my neck off the woods at the moment.

    I blame the government for not properly protecting citizens from poverty.....have you seen the price of warm clothes and tights and laundry???! Outrageous!!!

    they can be very straightforward to install and remove but do need cabling to positive and negative terminals on both batteries.

    'both' meaning starter battery and leisure battery.

    Sorry to appear ignorant here, but where do 3 phases come into DC to DC charging????

    Surely a simple buck/boost converter with microprocessor control is all that is needed to cover step down and step up conditions?

    that sounds like something I should be learning if you have the time to explain what it means?

    Hmmmmm....perhaps I meant 'stages'?

    your battery will die much quicker through being charged in a single phase. It will never reach maximum capacity and may undermine the efficacy of buying large capacity batteries.

    A DC DC charger will recharge your battery regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion or not and will deliver a 'smart' charge.

    It's worth researching because batteries are expensive and perhaps running your engine/making a journey might be more efficient and cost effective than trashing batteries that are damaged by the voltage and single phase supplied by a split charge relay.

    As far as I know there is no effective method of measuring the charge state of a battery that is in constant use.

    What are the rough dimensions of the thing under the bonnet??

    I'm asking because you are a full timer who won't be conditioned by battery with an AC smart charger and may fair better to splash out on a DC to DC 3phase charger rather than big batteries.

    When you say 'split charge relay' are you specifying the simple circuit that will likely overcharge battery and never achieve full capacity and kill batteries quicksmart unless rectified periodically with a smart charger? Or are you talking about a DC to DC smart charger (aka battery to battery charger)?

    The idea behind some kind of basic income, from a (theoretical?) capitalist point of view, is that without a population that has some kind of basic income, a capitalist cannot sell anything, because nobody would have the money to buy it.

    Without being able to sell something, there is no need for all these robots churning out stuff, and capitalism, commerce, and industry grind to a stop. So it is really in their own interests to supply a basic income to the masses, so they can, in varying degrees, claw it back and make themselves rich.

    But as the article points out, unless you have some kind of socialists in charge of the changeover, there will be - or certainly could be - a very money-grasping period for those who own and control the robots, and a very sticky period for the rest of us.

    As an uninvited addendum I would add the following:-

    Benefits and welfare and state pension monies go toward feeding the machine that feeds a capitalist economy that primarily favours shareholders, stakeholders and landowners. Denying the authenticity of a UBI is further ridiculous enslavement.

    Middle of the day doesn't sound likely as a targeted attack to my mind...more likely a moment of insanity or opportunist vandalism.

    Cameras would likely deter such open misbehaviour but are such a hassle and expense and power drain.

    Tinned chicken in white sauce with a teaspoon of mustard added and potatoes from a can....added fresh (ish) broccoli, peppers and mushrooms.

    Asdas smart price mince beef in a tin (textured wheat protein included) and chilli con have both stood up as affordable, long life bases for singleton meals.

    Hi geedo.

    Thought you'd get more informative replies than I'm able to offer....maybe start a new thread to get noticed....

    I don't have the experience to advise you properly on this but can say that my flue goes through a stainless steel plate and red dektite.....the hole in fibreglass roof is larger than the flue then stainless steel plate is fixed to outside of grp roof with red dektite fixed to stainless steel plate.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Washable shower curtains for a bit of colour??

    Hessian sounds nice.

    I've overlayed ply (already insulated with celotex/polystyrene/ fibreglass roll) with closed cell foam matting ready for the winter.....

    Colourful Shower curtains and pin firing stapler will prevent blinding by the silver foil and should be ripdownable for an occasional pass through the washer....

    Whatever fabric makes you happier should be fine.

    Last time I trawled through the guidance on this it was clear to me that a motorcaravan could carry passengers in the living compartment without seatbelts....

    I have the same 'under conversion' insurance and believe the particulars state the vehicle is insured as a 'motorcaravan' such I'd want to think that both the law and the insurer would honour this interpretation.....

    I wouldn't want to carry an unrestrained passenger but if an emergency arose it would be nice to think the possibility was insured.

    If your budget stretches to it then electric hook up on campsites can be very comfortable for the UK winter.

    I spent last winter booked to electric on a campsite in a draughty van and enjoyed the warmest driest winter I can open, electric blow heater(s) on.....very comfortable....reasonable heat and plenty of fresh air.....the toilet/shower wasn't heated at the times I used it but otherwise all good.

    Bummer about your husband.

    As suggested above a solid fuel burner might be appropriate when off grid.

    Daisymum..... please don't take this the wrong way ( I'm not trying to irk and am being genuinely explorative) I understand the need to rant and often do so myself but what was the point of visiting the Doctor?

    What outcome were you hoping for?

    Clearly you are an "expert patient" in regard of your epilepsy but if you approached a consultation with a GP without a clear picture of what you want then that leaves them in the position of having to interpret a solution.

    Given your knowledge and education it sounds like you have possibly missed the feedback given.

    It does seem possible and likely that this infection is pushing you into the realms of being overstressed.

    Just my tuppence worth.

    Maybe take some days off and wait for the worst to pass.

    Am I being condescending.....maybe.....but I don't mean to be.

    Look after your Self.

    The cycling if maintained will be enough and should allow you to eat pretty much anything you like.

    The physiological impact of cycling can be improved by utilising the intermittent sprint/ coast technique (I forget the proper term)......go hard for a burst then soft for a burst.

    A mate swears by fasting two days per week on top of exercise.....I'd rather time my nutrient intake to benefit muscle tissue post exercise....

    Easy for me to say.....tis a long time since I've bothered.

    Take comfort in the fact that if you do die prematurely it might free a little (much needed) space for the next generation.:reddevil:

    High blood pressure in the UK is something of a norm.....

    Curiously so.....:cry::wall:

    I wonder why?

    I thought root veg simply needed a good coating of dry dirt to store well?????

    Supermarket root veg don't carry the requisite coating of earth and therefore don't last....I thought?

    Tatties were still available in an abundance of varieties and sizes and dirt covered too up until a few years ago......then seemed to fall out of favour.

    Have I missed the point?

    I think it's no joke either, given some of the reactionary crap I've been reading on this site recently. What next? Hitler, he wasn't all bad? Poor people, if you are hungry dog shit makes a good meal?

    Bit of a dodgy juxtaposition there.

    Never read " mein kampf " but have had quotes from it thrust in my face now and then. I can assure you that placing hitler next to the poor might like to eat dog shit is mistaken.

    That evil, murdering, dirtbag, racist Nazi bastard alledges starting off with some fairly decent, empathic views of the economically disadvantaged that might warm the hearts of even the most dispicable capitalists.

    Hitler became bad......but it does seem that he was not always so.....

    The English, French, Spanish and Portuguese travelled far and wide not so long ago invading, enslaving, trashing, exploiting and murdering various ethnicities and still refuse to pay suitable reparations.

    Germany at least tried reparations toward an horrifically treated ethnicity.