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    not on here much now, cos i think this new layout is shite, but who am i to disagree with HERR COMMANDANT ?

    Harry at the sametime Bushcraft forum changed site layout. The two newsites aren’t much different from each other. Only for the life of me I can’t hack the new bushcraft forum layout. Only reason I took to this UKH one is I just preserved. I hope I crack the bushcraft forum layout. Instead of just scanning the members classifieds.

    I’m privalaged to remain a man and not conform to gender disorientation like the rest of the village now Im Local. But they do tell me it’s OK to change my mind now and then. however many times I chose to. So I may just switch three times a year from now on. Once for Mother’s Day, change back for Father’s Day and toss a coin for International men’s day. See how I feel and all that.

    I reminded Lyndsey just after midnight that It was international men’s day. Note to self, Must be more prepared next year.

    I think it’s a great time to ‘up grade’ for free, more folk replace appliances on a regular basis these days. Replacing appliances because they ‘dont Match’ or aren’t the latest design. I fitted a new kitchen that was pinched from a building site in 1996 a brand new (built in) dishwasher came with it. The ex banned me from using the new kitchen sink and I never mastaered the new fangled dish washer. Two years ago I picked up a used dishwasher from the side of the road and plumbed it into the standpipe. Ran a power cable to it and super cleaned one load of pots. Never used it again. This year again, found another stainless-steel dishwasher at the side of the road, much smaller than the last one. It had a handwritten note stick to it saying, ‘free to good home’ I loaded in into the vehicle. When opening it up. It contained all the cleaning products required, pipes and manual. It’s parked outside my wagon door now. I’m toying with the idea of using it for cleaning pots and engine parts etc.

    I’m sure there is a ‘cull’ in the pipeline. Antibiotics are no longer a golden bullet.

    Just look at what is happening in front of our very eyes . Many small disasters manmade or other. They all add up.

    Manmade synthetic opiates lkilled more Americans in one year (last year) than all the Americans that died during the entire Vietnam War.…emic-overdose-deaths-2016

    We have yet to face Germ war (dirty bombs) from terrorists. The next few nuclear disasters could wipe out populations and render vast areas inaccessible.

    AW.....that on date chicken does'nt always fair so well in a freezer.....I've tried it myself in the past and defrosted same (within appliance guidelines) only to find it smells worse than off.

    I’m not one for eating meat out of the freezer as it goes, but I had some of the chicken cooked for me today. If it does have a smell when it’s next thawed I hope it can be disguised in a curry.

    I don’t think there is a solution to UK food sustainability without major trade off to carbon release from potential longterm storage. If I’m thinking you propose to utilise all spare, established, uncultivated grassland for arable food production. This would require soil cultivation. Any grassland over 5years Old will have more carbon storage per m2 in the established roots systems, than the same size of ocean and woodland combined.

    Impact on biodiversity will be massive with the loss of pollinating plants and beneficial insects. Should we sacrifice these niche patchwork grass sword habitats for longterm food production, the UK’s dependency on herbicides may not keep us from mass starvation in plague years or during extreme climate fluctuation.

    With planning there’s everychance we can improve food production volume, incorporate a green food oasis amongst urban sprawl, growing up buildings along transport corridors. Theft/selfhelp will balance itself out. Those that can grow food will, those that can’t will take what they need and more.

    The arable land now becoming depleted throughout the Fens could be placed under glass and allow for more varieties to be grown, replacing many imports.

    To be honest AW, now I really realise what people mean when they post on the epilepsy forum and they are absolutely terrified that they will have 'this'.

    All they want is one of us to tell them that there is a chance it really isn't or that it will go away.

    I’m finding more and more consultants and medical professionals are telling patients just what they want to hear upfront or feeding hope through a long verbal line of possibilities scenarios. Then leaving the patients exhausted, empty and demoralised when illness/injury doesn’t respond to routine treatments. It’s Just over a year now since I’ve been at this new hospital and pain clinic. Consultants offering this and that. Only to withdraw the original offer ‘on grounds of funding’ later on. Declining authority to refer or fund a referral and putting it all back onto our GP’s to fund/access a referral.

    The private sector is mopping up those desperate enough to fund their own treatment and many of these private Doctors, Consultants, are doing little more than telling patients to ‘have happy-thoughts’ ‘think the pain away’ ‘turn down their own pain’ Daft as it sounds on a pain forum I was on (part of this Private Online, get out of pain for a price course) that I signed up to. Some of these patients were actually responding to the selfhelp treatment. Openly declaring on the forum that it was actually themselves creating their own pain and now they are healed. I'm a firm believer in positive thinking but it can only go so far with me.

    The mind and body can do many things and including heal itself.

    I perforated my right ear 20 years ago with a hydrolic fencepost knocking machine. (Tractor mounted pile driver) The constant excessive noise levels from machinery, chainsaws and shotguns has left me with high-frequency hearing loss. I know from personal experience the less physical interference to my ears the better. Water ingress and poking with earbuds etc only upsets my ear canal and I become susceptible to ear infections.

    Daisysmum, do you think the years swimming could have contributed to your ENT issues? Oh and you will be free of this torment, I’ve got this feeling. Just a real shame your suffering during your time of learning.

    referred to as Artillery Wheels, and come in 3 or 5 stud. These have been used on many vehicle variants from cars to building site dumper trucks.

    I really feel sorry for any of you that suffer with these ENT issues. Like others, we are all ablivious to the torment you guys and gals are experiencing. If I added up all the ‘moments’ I’ve had the odd whistling, humming, hisssing or buzzing in my own ears it wouldn’t ammount to no more than a few hours total throughout my entire life.

    Some years ago I met a guy who had specialised in playing the violin. He spent many years being taught with world renowned musicians. He played with top orchestras. Slowly the tinnitus became worse and eventually he lost his normal hearing range. This became life changing for him and he explained he now feels the vibrations through the violin when he plays, as he can no longer rely on his own hearing.

    Somehow we all deal with, put up with and search tirelessly for answers and relief for health issues. Fortunately for many relief if not cure comes with insight or luck.

    Most of us have some health problems that we have to endure and Im not sure which is less disruptive.

    Hopefully science and technology will help to cure or reduce world suffering.

    The UK is the second largest importer of timber in the world. We have a little more than two weeks supply of timber growing in the UK. Hopefully a new start can help reduce food/product woodpulp packaging. Every aspect of how we consume resources needs to change and forced change usually produces results. I live on what 20 years ago was considered waste (shop food waste, on sell by date) today I bought £20 worth of coop chicken fillets for £1.50 I’m filling friends freezers for them, but they are now complaining that they have little or no room left. Eat the fucker and stop wasting money on takeaways.

    It’s true. I didn’t mean he just set seeds and went round at the end of the year to harvest. He managed to grow a crop around the fence line of the farm he worked for periodically watering I assume as he went and it wasn’t the last time by the sounds of it. I have no idea how many days it took to drive the farm circuit or how many times a week he would pass each plant if any. He married an oz lass, but shortly after they returned to the Uk his new wife wasn’t allowed to stay in the UK. last I saw of him was at his wedding reception.

    Drought resistant, low maintenance cannabis strains have been available for years, long before the explosion of hybrid hydroponic strains became popular. Some folk can’t grow weed in a glass house with every service available. There’s areas in India, Morocco Mexico that barely recieve rainfall throughout the year where cannabis strains have been cultivated from.

    My mums family in oz had a boundary fence that was over 3 hours offroad drive to get to from the homestead. Even then it resembled no-mans Land beyond the fence, according to my mother.

    That's the farmers fault for not having them properly fenced in at night..

    that’s a fair point, however the fencing system I was installing allowed for outdoor pig rearing. I would hate to think that pigs continued to be confined to a small indoor space, in a artificially lit environment for half of their short lives.

    Strangely enough on one of the outdoor pig farms I was erecting a fence. The farmer was trying to shoot the magpies. One magpie realised that if it flew down and sat on the back of a outdoor pig. If the magpie pecked at a scab on the pigs back. It would get a free drink of pigs blood. Day after day the magpie would fly onto the same pig and peck at the same scab. Other magpies watching soon started to copy this magpie. Even in nature animals are looking for easy pickings.

    I'm guessing the Coyote was there before farmers settled.Same as Dingo's! If you're going to settle in places such as this,then be prepared for your livestock to be sitting ducks.Maybe its up to the farmer to erect the appropriate fencing and protection (As in secure shelters)before using other methods.Not cheap,but its unfair I think to discriminate against animals just following their instinct.I'm well aware of dingo fencing and the issues.

    indeed and the fox too.

    Farmers do what is practically possible to safeguard their investment. I come from a long line of hunter/poacher folk. Every village Ive ever lived in, in the UK, I seem to get to know the locals who make it their mission to singlehandedly exterminate any fox that isn’t just passing through. By doing this, the fox doesn’t get established and learn to take advantage where the easy food is. A fox is a creature of habit and won’t easily be stopped by most fences, unless erected high, buried deep and electrified.

    I have a mate who keeps chickens and for years he has a set baited fox trap next to his chicken pens.

    Most years in the UK there is a blooming rabbit population that becomes easy food for the fox with regular outbreaks of myxomatosis, rendering the wild rabbits blind and easy prey.

    I know of one lad spent a year in oz working on the dingo fence. His job was to just go round the fence line and maintain/repair any weak spots. He had the brainwave to plant out cannabis along the entire route and this he harvested before heading to Sydney at the end of his working holiday.

    I’m dismayed at America’s lifting of elephant products ban. I can’t say I understand the real situation on the ground in Africa or the politics behind conservation. I do know that very rich American hunters will be offered hunting experiences at extremely high costs. This tourist income will be syphoned off, to make a few organisations richer and may pay for more rangers to protect the remaining wildlife from illegal poaching, but to me it sends out the wrong message.

    I had a mate from the UK who would holiday in Africa and regularly pay to go on safari and to hunt. Once when he was drunk, he told me how it was more fun to shoot Baboons than it was to shoot blacks? He explained that blacks would run away, where baboons would sit in a line ontop of a fence. He would shoot one and when it fell to the floor the other baboons would continue to just sit on the fence.

    I don't think you can compare dogs (it's feral by the way!) with foxes. To say a fox can decimate a flock of sheep is hysterical nonsense! Sure they may take the odd sickly or weak lamb, burt anything much bigger- no way!

    I’ve worked on pig farms where the fox would jump over the single strand electric fence many many times during the night. Each time killing and carrying off a piglet. Discarding the piglets off site before returning for more. A fox will kill every chicken in a pen and yet eat only its fill. A fox will do the same with lambs. Size is relevant to the predictor even if they hunt in packs.

    A farmer only needs to loose a few too many lambs for his ‘flock’ to be decimated. How’s that nonesense?

    You may think artificial fur is indistinguishable from the real thing. Others don’t. Leather can be replicated. So can fur. Each material holds its own unique properties. Utilising a byproduct (waste) from a exhausted life be that through old age, food production, road kill, pest control shouldn’t just be discarded on the grounds, ‘there’s similar ‘looking’ feeling alternatives.

    Ivory is different in that it’s poached, often cruelly. If elephants were farmed for meat. If Populations needed to be controlled and the Tusk was no more than another byproduct, like walrus tooth, mammoth or animal bone. Therewouldnt be this ban in place, unless it continues to be abused through increased demand. The ivory has unique carving properties, it has a grain the artist/carver works with. Again. There’s no blanket ban on these later materials other than ivory. The ivory ban is intended to safeguard elephants from illegal poaching.

    Eastern medicine being a driving force for many crimes against wild animals runs parallel to the fashion industry when it comes to corruption and greed.

    I agree mass consumption of any natural product will cause decline of species, illegal activities, and sometimes even extinction. Using Leopod skins for Zulu/Christian worship being one example where fake/artificial alternatives can make a huge difference.

    We live in a society where most of our food comes from the shops in the UK. Hunting, harvesting from the wild is relied upon in other parts of the world. In London not so, nor is there a need to have a real fur trim to keep a person alive during our worst winter weather.

    Me, I feel shit, caught a bloody cold, been working outside on Millie in freezing mornings trying to get some shit done, I may get a half day in tomorrow, but then i know I will be kippered till after the weekend now.

    I know that feeling. I put a afternoon in yesterday, that was too much and couldn't get going again today until gone midday. then came the rain and I've just got dry. The joy of running six vehicles.

    Wild dogs are routinely killed around sheep stations in Oz. These dogs are Ferrell animals whom like the UK native fox can decimate a flock of sheep. Many sheep can be killed during just one attack and only the smallest, less valuable parts of the animal are utilised by the prey animal. Pregnant Ewes are often chased, worried by Ferrell dogs, resulting in death of the unborn. Pack animals like the Coyotes and Ferrell dogs target ranch/farms and rearing stations and can have a huge impact on a food agri business and some economies. In the case of pest control, some of these predatory hides/skins/fur will be encorporated into the clothing industry.

    Hudson Bay est in England supplied many garments to the early Wild West pioneers/settlers and arctic explorers. Why a housewife from Brixton or Chelsea should need a coat that could save a persons life in the extreme Artic, for going shopping in a London is beyond me.

    The fashion industry is lead by the demands of the high street and although the ongoing pest control of wild and Ferrell animals is inevitable. Hunting/trapping of wild animals and insustrialised farming of animals for fur, purely for high street fashion. Is a crime we all contribute to by example during our lifetime. Some folk who avoid the wearing of any animal products and with that all utilisation of animal byproducts are exemplary in my view.

    However I do condone making full use of any animal that has become a victim of pest control and vintage fashion clothing industry.

    I own a 2nd hand US army M-65 military Parker . I believe the fur hood trim is real fur, although they later used artificial fur for thee coats. I paid £4 for this Parker @ a carboot sale 3 years ago and have no qualms about owning or wearing it. If I were to buy new, I would chose artificial fur trim over animal fur, but the animal that contributed to the making of this garment died for someone’s sins including my own.

    What is evident is the high price these Canada Goose, Hudson Bay coats command on the high street. Which doesn’t reflect the fact real animal fur is used or quality of the garment, but the importance some folk place on garment branding and brand names. Any question of ethics, should lay with the purchaser and not the manufactureror, the farmer orthe trapper.

    Shit, we are worth far more than that. Salt of the Earth us lot. Let’s see if we can’t get it to half a million.

    I’m liking the new layout more and more as the days go by. It makes a huge difference when viewed on a large monitor instead of the tablet. I got to thinking this morning. Ten years ago I had good eyesight, spent very little time staring at a monitor... now I search for some artificial light just to read the instructions on food packaging. The price we pay for our vice’s. If I had stayed with the heroin habit I would have lost all my teeth by now, so at least I can still eat what I cook even if I can’t always read what’s in the stuff.

    Keep up the great work Paul, hippies need you.