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    I don't know if this counts exactly....

    Until yesterday, I lived in a pokey room in academic halls most of the year.

    For the first 2 years I never really saw my other room-mates unless I was in the shared kitchen.

    In this last term I ended up with a girl who even moaned at our other blind room mate for not wiping down spills or stains in the kitchen, and PROPPED A FREAKING FIRE DOOR OPEN WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! - CONTINUOUSLY! - no matter how many times I pointed out that, yeah, they would mind.

    I missed:

    A bath and a decent shower.

    A decent cooker - halls one was loathsome hob with all the knob markers worn of so you hadn't a clue what you were turning on or how far until you got used to it. Couldn't even find it online - it was ancient.

    A decent freezer - seal was knackered, kept going hard, letting air in and freezer iced up and needed defrosted or the door wouldn't shut.

    Try telling two other students in their late teens/early twenties you need to defrost a freaking freezer - now! One decided I broke it.

    My cat

    My dog

    The dog snoring

    My husband

    (in no particular order....)

    Being warm when I wanted to be, not when the heating came on.

    Daisysmum, do you think the years swimming could have contributed to your ENT issues? Oh and you will be free of this torment, I’ve got this feeling. Just a real shame your suffering during your time of learning.

    Thanks for your good wishes AW, my husband thinks a lot of it is stress and loosing a stone.

    So I'm taking a year out to de-stress and put on weight, then I'll be OK....

    Actually, not one doctor or consultant has said 'god your thin, stand on the scales' - (first thing my husband said) or 'have you been under stress lately?

    To be honest they have probably just written - 'hypochondriac with suicidal ideatiation (probably side effect of epilepsy medication) - given x for x etc.

    To be honest I know what you mean about doctors and consultants.

    Not from a pain perspective, but I guess pain will be under the preserve of neurology too; come to an epilepsy forum and really hear the neurological profession torn to shreds from all angles.

    Regards the swimming: I swam since I was 3 years old, really started swimming regularly when I was about 6, by the time I was 9 I was swimming before and after school. I kept this up till I realised I wasn't (or was told I wasn't) going to hack it at senior level. Then I started working in the local pool and trained as a teacher... still swam long distance on a recreational basis.

    Didn't have any trouble with my ears until I started long distance running in my mid thirties.

    I know they go on about 'swimmers ear' etc. but honestly, I had 'runners ear'.

    Quitting distance running did help a lot.

    Not a clue why. I did read once that stress, caffeine and fatigue can trigger PET. That might have been why it only set in after certain distances.

    God knows why it moved to daily life, I suppose at one point the business went from being fun to being highly stressful.:/

    Vegans reading this might not want to continue.

    I just found a rat in the van. I think it came in under the sink. I could hear nibbling and alerted the pest control officer (Lurcher). He confirmed my suspicions.

    I then had to remove a small chest of drawers. I took out fitted drawers and looked about, no sign and even thought it was under the sink.

    Then the lurcher struck. There was squeaking, which alerted the senior pest controller (Jack Russell) who shoved the Lurcher out of the way and finished the job.

    It had to be done.

    I do like your 'pest control' officers.

    We had a Fred. There were four others in the feline team but Fred was in charge.

    Can anyone remember the old Nokia with the rubberised cover that you could play snake on?

    Pretty much did calls, texts and snake...

    I bounced that of a few pool floors. It was a great phone too.

    I used to have a Blackberry too. Had it for years, ancient thing. Absolutely loved it.

    My husband has one two. He got a newer one on ebay that was spares or repair. Clever sod fixed it.

    The uni IT lot said it was too complex to get my uni email accessible on my blackberry and I would have to get another phone.

    In the time I've been there, I've had 2 touch screen phones that I really hated.

    But hey, I got my e-mail. I have no idea what phone it is. It had the cheapest plan, good coverage and its flat, rectangular, bloody irritating and I loose it a lot.

    I do like the cover my husband bought me for it. It is nice.

    The sim card is going in my old blackberry now.

    To be honest AW, now I really realise what people mean when they post on the epilepsy forum and they are absolutely terrified that they will have 'this'.

    All they want is one of us to tell them that there is a chance it really isn't or that it will go away.

    I just want this to go away, every time it seem to be going, gone or better - I'm now terrified it will come back.

    I spent time going over all the discos I'd gone to, worked at, concerts I'd been to etc...

    The nurse who tried to syringe my ears was the worst, 'Oh well if you have always had problems with your ears you probably will have it for life'

    I haven't. I started to get mild Eustachian tube dysfunction, in 2002, whenever I ran over 5 miles. I had years of nasal sprays, allergies, antihistamines. In 2010 it was getting bad and happening not just when I ran they fitted grommets. They didn't really help. The 'problems' started somewhere between 2002 and 2010. Though one ENT guy swears it must have been in 2010 when I lost all the weight on Topamax and even explained why.

    Never had any bother with my ears since 2015.

    To be honest, may start coming to forums for medical advice, I'm not doing very well with doctors or consultants.

    Lost even more weight recently with this, well at least I will feel less claustrophobic in the MRI.8o

    Hows you blood pressure DM? I get similar when my BP is in my boots which is down to my meds.

    My blood pressure once made a student nurse take it 3 times and when we had a class thing on 'normal' ranges. I was a statistical outlier.

    It's always been low, I don't get dizzy or anything, it's just how I am.

    I used to put it down to valproate but even off valproate it is low.

    You may have a point. Only thing this is low is 'normal' for me.

    Only thing I have noticed is I have dropped 10lbs (scales at home), so I'm really underweight now, don't know if that is due to being ill or if it is why I'm not recovering as quickly (good chance!) or both.

    Husband made the old 'Rod Stewart' joke about sleeping with a racehorce. I'm not as tall (or blond and pretty) as RD's wives... more like a race-pony.

    Currently being fed complan and tea.

    Still trying to ignore all the stuff in the hall.....

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Getting really sick of doctors saying - you have this, this and this - that, that and that, will help - OK - so what about the other stuff I mentioned that has gone on for months?

    Sitting at home playing with the dog, while typing this.

    2 and a half academic years of my life is in the hall.

    Cat is fed cuddled and upstairs.

    Husband is returning the hire van.

    Found a noise cancelling app thingy, seems to work.

    Josh not fussed by it, he says he can't hear it. 8o

    Still getting the pulsing and the bloody headache - but I may have the headaches sussed: when I get them, I lie down to ease them because nothing else works.

    Sinuses still hurt.

    Much happier.

    Anyone want to buy a complete set of degree level biomedical science textbooks, many are generic but in the main they are pharmacological?

    I may throw in all recorded lectures and scribbly notes.

    still debating whether to go back next year or get a written transcript and finish with the OU, despite their lack of tutorial support in the highlands.

    - you had to see the paper trail of emails.8o

    Somehow, my Fred never really got the hang of that - bless him.

    Libby is cuddly, looking forward to seeing her again.

    I wish this noise would stop and the pain would just go away.

    Feeling utterly crap, like my head is in a vice, my sinuses and forehead ache and my stupid ears are ringing.

    But my husband is coming to pick me up today :)

    And I get to see the animals! :clap:

    Thanks for all your kind replies.

    I'm not doing too well with this, at all.

    Yeah (God, even bending over the laptop does my head and sinuses in), I read about Craig Gill, Marshlander, thanks. I know what you mean about doctors not taking it seriously.

    NRT, I've read about the asprin. I've chucked back enough of them for the headaches. I also note that while certain epilepsy drugs are supposed to help it is also listed as a rare side effect of a lot of them too and god knows I've taken them for long enough.

    Grendel the last time I really managed to get peace with it in a quiet room was when I was with my cat.

    Back in my own tiny room where the noise seems to reverberate.

    My husband gets tinnitus intermittently due to his hearing loss.

    All of the other noises seem to be gone.

    ENT basically seemed to say that as the noises were going - this was good wasn't it? What was the bother? Why the freak did they start so suddenly?

    Husband says it was like a tipping point.

    There is now just a ringing in my right ear, a constant tone which is less low than it was (and I can sort of change by breathing) and the sound of my pulse (yup I've already looked up pulsatile tinnitus)- which seems to be mainly in my left ear.

    My throat is aching, as are my sinuses.

    I woke up at 4am. Blood and blood covered gunk in my nose.

    Sinuses hurt like hell and are blocked again, even though Aberdeen ENT say they are fine. Still using nasal spray and the blood isn't just happening when I use it.

    Got drunk to get to sleep last night. Read somewhere alcohol is mean't to make it worse.

    Oh yeah, seemingly the grommet is gone. I reckon it disappeared at the syringing.

    Husband is picking me up tomorrow. Poor sod. I've packed most of my stuff but there is loads of stuff I have just felt too crap to pack. He said he would just bag it.

    Screw them for cleaning the room before I go.

    Oh well, at least my hearing is good, a chest x-ray is normal and allegedly - my sinuses are fine.

    I smoked briefly back in my early 20's when I realised I was never going to swim in the olympics - even then I didn't get this much crap coming out of my nose.

    God, even my mum phoned my husband worried about me.

    Husband isn't impressed with the ENT consultant 8o I had asked a GP for amytriptaline, to help me sleep. He said it would conflict with my epilepsy meds. What have ENT given me after asking, what meds I was on? One of them has to be right, I'm pretty sure it's the consultant - I did check. However, she prescribed gaviscon for acid reflux, that's why I have a sore throat.

    Husband went off on one. He likes survivalist/bushcraft stuff - seemingly, if you don't eat for 3 days you get acid reflux. Haven't eaten in a week, throat hurts and chewing just changes the noise. Sore throat has gone on for months. Still now have gaviscon, more nasal spray and an appointment for a scan in Inverness.

    God knows when that will be. Waiting lists in Inverness are horrendous.

    The headaches are migraines.

    Fab, I'm on a drug used for migraines... and you mean I get them daily?

    Oh well, I've had every type of scan imaginable done to my head before. Everything was OK in 2008.

    Probably stress, most stuff is...||

    Christ in the time I've typed this its changed to a maddening ringgy buzz.

    At the moment I've got all sorts white noise, and when I'm really tormented there are two different tones. The high one has reduced recently but the low one is getting deeper and longer. My ear is still sore and my head and sinuses ache.

    The sounds changed completely after my ears were semi-syringed.

    I feel really awful and tired and I just want to sleep - but I can't for the Bloody noise. The girl I'm sharing a room with doesn't drink and it seems to reverberate around my room.

    I timed the low noise once it lasted 10 minutes.

    I don't know if I would cope better if the lest of my life wasn't so crap and I didn't feel so hellish aside from this - or not.


    Bit of boring medical history that has been said to and eventually screamed at 5 doctors.

    Mid September started getting a sore left ear and a hoarse voice. Sore ear got worse. Then developed a cough. Not a bad one but it didn't help feeling hoarse.

    The sore ear still had a grommet in it from failed treatment for Eustachian tube dysfunction. If I pressed at the bottom of the ear it was like I could either feel the grommet or something else in my ear.

    Woke up 4 weeks and 3 days ago and my left ear was howling with noise.

    First doctor gave me ear drops (apologies if Ive written this before Im loosing the plot a bit) they didn't work. Second gave me antibiotics. Third gave me diazepam. Which at least helped me sleep some.

    Back in Aberdeen, I had another week of eardrops.

    Then I got my ears syringed. I thought it would all stop with the syringing.

    The drops seemed to improve it a bit or I was starting to tolerate it.

    Mind you when I ran out of Diazepam I began self medication with alcohol.

    After the syringing it got as bad as it was at the beginning I think but the sound changed. The syrynging was also incomplete. The nurse refused to continue as she said was worried about damaging my eardrum.

    The plug of hard wax, puss and stuff was meant to be out. For a while it did seem to be improving, I even woke up a couple of mornings after the syringing and it was totally gone, but sounds came back pretty quickly as I began to move. It was utterly hope crushing.

    Eventually I got a doctor to pay attention to the throat problems and also the fact that my ear hurt and I realised my sinuses were sore and congested as well as my head feeling like it was in a vice (and ringing).

    I managed to do that by telling her how many ways I had worked out how to stop this with the aid of a toxicology text book and it didn't matter if she didn't give me more diazepam because of what I told her, if you stop taking AEDs there are more than one ways to get diazepam - and it works faster.

    Going very very nuts. Seemingly my eustachian tube in that side is still blocked and the grommet has gone. It was there when this started. There was too much crap in my ear for it to fall out.

    Most of the other sounds do seem to have gone leaving behind this background sort of white noise, which the doctor who listened says is because of oversensitivity due to the syringing all will go away in time like everyyhing else - and very very slight ringing. I've lost all sense of proportion about the racket though. I can't seem to relate whether it is improving now or not.

    I thought yesterday was good. I was hoping for a better day today but today seems awful. But I just cant relate.

    I just wish it would stop, for a day or an hour or two.

    Its been relentless for almost 5 weeks now.

    I've got a spray (apologies for this, I'm not myself, I'm pretty wrecked, I'm sleeping in a friends room because I can't bear to be alone and my husband is picking me up on Saturday...another story on top of this), it's to unblock my nose or my eustachian tubes or both - xylometazoline hydrochloride. God knows what it is doing, I'm still sniffing, my nose is still running, the pain is pretty much gone - but now I get tissues covered with blood if blow my nose.

    Why haven't I looked it up in a pharmacology text book? Well, the university in their infinite wisdom have decided that due to my drug compromised immune system and it's tendency to pick up infections and the fact that I may have missed a few weeks due to the fact I've been spaced out on diazepam or unable to concentrate because I can't adapt to this alone in the poky tiny room in my halls that I have come to hate, that just before I am within a hairs breadth of getting my degree I should take a year out. Which is the same as withdrawing I found out from SAAS, and I'd have to reapply. Bastards.

    To recover....

    From what?

    My epilepsy? The sore freaking throat, the blocked sinuses and whatever the heck is causing the blood, the freaking constant absolutely tortuous tinnitus, the worsened insomnia, the fact I'm scared to move, eat, do

    anything in case the noise changes and the freaking awful headaches that are worse than the ones on Keppra.

    I never thought I'd say that!

    Well, guaranteed I won't get over the epilepsy.

    Stress of everything is buggering up the control of my epilepsy. Only good news is I got an ENT referral post haste and had to have a chest x-ray, it was clear.

    They won't even put me on epilepsy drugs I know can help as my drugs were changed in September.

    I know retigabine is good as they are looking for safer analogs, at the moment I'd go with the blue pigmentation.

    Sorry for the moan.

    My husband gets it too but he has said he gets a break and it is only from time to time, related to his hearing loss.

    Last time it was checked my hearing was really good. My sense of smell is crap and my nose always feels blocked, I just put it down to the drugs - stuffy nose seems to be on them all, so does sore throat and ear pain or I would have seen a doctor sooner.

    I just want to sleep without being drunk or drugged or watching constant stuff on amazon prime.

    I'm now scared to wake up in case one of the noises has come back. This is quite nice, the white noise, although it seems loud now all the other monsters seem to have gone has lasted for a long time by itself. I just wish it would all give me a break.

    Ha ha ha! A scientific paper that mentions bullshit 200 times!! :D

    Don't know about mentioning bullshit 200 times but some of them you really do wonder about the entire content...

    It's the ones and you think 'Someone actually funded you to research THAT!!'

    I've always liked the title of this one - whether it is rubbish or not.

    Found that when I was doing Psychology and I was doing an assignment on 'mating rituals' (chose speed dating, on-line dating etc.)

    Beggar - if it comes up in German the title is in little letters under the German one - or some of us might be able to translate it. bridge to the Outer Hebrides where Orys goes....rock and roll ferry all the way...its fab too.


    Its still a boat. I got sick on a freaking cruise liner when I was a kid - mother took me, I wanted to go to London with Dad.

    Don't do boats...though they are marginally preferable to planes. Cars are iffy too it's the other mad f***ers on the road.

    I've gone on a lot of riding holidays - horses are OK.

    Won't even tell you what I thought when I saw the title of this post.

    Haven't had a TV since I moved out of the parental home at 17.

    Then after meeting Hannah Miley I eventually relented and bought a set to watch the Aquatics. It sat in the living room and was turned on for swimming events.

    My husband did put our only christmas decorations (fairy lights) around it once as it was becoming somewhat vestigial.

    Really can't abide christmas. Made an effort 2 years in a row when my mother came up. Big meal, decorations - she's into all that crap. She moaned she didn't like the food - made her something different. Two years running I still saw her feed her 'different' meal to the dog.

    We have a Christmas tree - the cats used to like to climb it. It hasn't come out since Fred died. Too much faff.

    There is someone in our town who does the exact same as Emma mentioned, makes me feel the same way.

    Husband is working on the 26th - 28th is his birthday, thats when we'll be celebrating.

    Love samphire too but have to settle for Tescos.

    Marmite as well - a teaspoon of it melted in hot water with some honey and jack daniels to taste is lush. Very comforting.

    So how are you progressing ? Im on my second bottle and ive still got nerve pain and dont even feel tipsy ...I must be doing this all wrong...:S

    Ah the problem is that you already need to be taking some form of drug that has on the PIL, 'enhances the negative effects of alcohol'
    or some such malarky.

    I'm here (and going through various other forums I go to) checking for drunken posts.

    By the time you wrote that I was probably well out of it.

    Don't know what sort of nerve pain you have but pregabalin or gabapentin should have much the same effect as the ones I'm on and they are used for nerve pain.

    Or you could try a third bottle....would probably have less crappy side effects.

    Husbands dentist recommended wine for pain relief after he had a dental implant.

    Pharmacology student - which means precisely what it says above my picture... I accumulate student debt.

    I used to earn actual money for a very long time teaching and coaching all sorts of aquatic activities (canoes are fine, you are steering - see above) mainly swimming, adult and child activities, aquafit and snorkelling - we have a loch nearby, canoeing and open water swimming were a bit seasonal - this is the Highlands. Trained swimming teachers too.

    Then 2 neurologists f**ked up my drugs.

    Because I managed to suss out one of the errors, I figured pharmacology was interesting and relatively easy, if I could suss out a consultants mistake.

    Plus I had 40 odd years of experience of anticonvulsants.

    I misjudged pharmacology a bit - no one mentioned the maths.