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    Its no place near as cold up here this yEar as last, i wasn't able t work for mst of November last year due to the cold weather but December was remarkably mild. Its not been below zero here during the day yet, 2010 it. Was as cold as -10 at lunch time. I havent had t scrape my windws yet and get hardly any condensation. Saying that its normally between 15 n 18 degrees in here when i get up. Thats with the burner fully loaded n turned down, going to bed with it at about 22 degrees.

    A hot shower, for Obvious reaSONS.

    Other than that, nothing.

    Oh!, my records but they will be coming wIth me next year in the new truck.

    Im only about 8 weeks in, this isn't my first time living on the road but its my first time with no get out clause or saftey net.

    I thought i would miss things, im not sure what I thought I would miss but it turns out i havent missed a thing.

    Things seem to take longer to do in a van but thats ok, i have it easy just now as i can get all the free wood and water i want every day from work. Ask me again im febuary about that one when im not working.

    The dog seems to like being nomadic as she gets to play in new places almost every day

    I wasnt brave enough to measure the volts in mine this morning, disconnected everything today so its only had about 20 miles to chaRge it up. Everythings charged n it will get a decent run tomorrow evening. Tonight we have led lanterns for lighting

    Worth investing in a battery discharge protector...youll kill batteries running them to flat state.

    it was an oversight leaving it Charging all night, one i wont be doing again. I wouold have thought that the charger should have stopped when the laptop was charged

    Well i woke up with no power. This morning, Fell asleep with my laptop On charge and drained the leisure battery to the point it could barely power led lights. Van started ok so thats a boost. Will be going for a drive tonight before parking up

    Weils disease is one of the things rats spread, its in there urine which gets everyplace due to them being incontent. I got it. Drummed into me when seRving my Time to wash my hands before eating. No one ever told me what it was so i looked it up n started washing my hands before eating. Its a horrible diease that. Rots the nervous system before. It kills you in a slow and painfull manner.

    Well if you understand it already why did you ask?

    i didnt ask, i asked if anyone had experience with that make off battery and If i should measure the amps or volts to find out if they need charged. I know i hardly use any power for the size of batterys im looking at but i want them to last a decent time between charges, thats my reason for going for a large battery bank not my power usage

    My plan is to measure the battery power when i get back withthe dog after work, this way the battery is aT its maximum charge for the day and had at least a hours rest. Then to measure again in the morning before leaving for work.

    By my thinking that should tell me the previous nights power usage. If im wrong with this please explain where im going wrong

    Cheers but I already have a good understanding of the mathematics behind energy usage.

    All i really want to know is, are they A decent brand of battery and do i measure my battery in amps or volts so i can work out how much power it has.

    Ive got everything else sussed, i kinda think

    Ive got a black Box with a hornets nest of wiring, ive also got all the wiring for a second starter battery. So it looks like im keeing the split charge system ive got.

    If its working theres no need for me to break it

    Thats the one i had looked at before, simply because its in deep red motorhome.

    What would you recommend?

    If i remember correctly sterling make a fancy one thahas a built in solar controller but im guessing its a bit more expensive ;(;(

    that sounds like something I should be learning if you have the time to explain what it means?

    Hmmmmm....perhaps I meant 'stages'?

    something I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about.

    Ive looked at the fancy chargers and there probably more than the price off the batterys

    Im planning on selling this van on in may or june and was planning on taking the new batterys out n putting the original one back in. How hard are the fancy chargers to add and remove??

    When you say 'split charge relay' are you specifying the simple circuit that will likely overcharge battery and never achieve full capacity and kill batteries quicksmart unless rectified periodically with a smart charger? Or are you talking about a DC to DC smart charger (aka battery to battery charger)?

    im talking about the thing under the bnnet that was used t power the wheelchair lift battery. Its a black box that splits where the charge from the alternator goes. Sorry dont know more abut it it was there when i got the bus, even although the previous owners never worked it out as they charged the battery in the house then used it in the bus

    Imnot wired for a hook up, so it would be an extension cable and a battery charger if i use a genny, no sure how a genny would cope at -15.

    Light weight battery's cost Way to much for my pockets. The actual weight isnt a concern, maybe the difference in fuel economy might be.

    How d i work out how much power im draining from my battery? I know i do it with a multimeter but do I measure amps or volts?

    Anyone any experience of this make of battery?

    Also will my 80amp split charger keep. Them topped up?

    The reason i ask is i will be parking up for maybe a week at a time. Over winter and dont. Want to run out of power.

    They will be running lights, stereo, laptop on alll the time, and a few other things.

    I wont have solar panels as im not sure there's any point if there covered in snow or with. Our 6 hours daylight.

    Another thing. How. Do i measure the power. Ive got in the battery and how do i know what im using?