• Settled in room - night of Pink Floyd / David Gilmour on the telly.

    Several large bottles of reduced to 50p each Tyskie.

    Dog is sat on my lap.

    Fires on.

    Bottle of Southern Comfort in the fridge next to the lager.


    Fires gone out, however room stil hot.

    Several empty bottles, Southern Comfort bottle looking sorry for itself.

    Dogs fucked off to bed - lazy bastard!

    Pink Floyd still on telly though, David Gilmour to come so all good... :rock:

  • Hows you blood pressure DM? I get similar when my BP is in my boots which is down to my meds.

    My blood pressure once made a student nurse take it 3 times and when we had a class thing on 'normal' ranges. I was a statistical outlier.

    It's always been low, I don't get dizzy or anything, it's just how I am.

    I used to put it down to valproate but even off valproate it is low.

    You may have a point. Only thing this is low is 'normal' for me.

    Only thing I have noticed is I have dropped 10lbs (scales at home), so I'm really underweight now, don't know if that is due to being ill or if it is why I'm not recovering as quickly (good chance!) or both.

    Husband made the old 'Rod Stewart' joke about sleeping with a racehorce. I'm not as tall (or blond and pretty) as RD's wives... more like a race-pony.

    Currently being fed complan and tea.

    Still trying to ignore all the stuff in the hall.....

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Getting really sick of doctors saying - you have this, this and this - that, that and that, will help - OK - so what about the other stuff I mentioned that has gone on for months?

  • Im outside the 'normal' range also and always have been and being uber fit in the past has contributed to it.

    My at rest pulse rate of around 35bpm and my bp 90/60 has seen drs rushing around (yes they do that sometimes) and ECG monitors appearing....until they realise and check my gp notes that its quite normal.

    Even going flat out my pulse is only 140, way below what it could or should be.

    It would be nice if they actually treated 'you' for 'you' and not what you should be according to general statistics.

    I used to get a lot of postural headaches until I realised long ago early 20's it was mostly due to dehydration and upped my water intake.Quite rare now i get headaches unless im dehydrated because of colds or infections.

    Stress might be at the root of your lack of weight gain.A break from the UNI-mangle might do you good.

  • My pulse isn't so bad.

    It isn't as low as yours.

    It has increased no that I don't swim as much.

    My husband has 'normal' range blood pressure and genetically low pulse rate. Probably about as low as your pulse. It does frighten doctors.

    It is slightly higher now, but when he ran distance and cycled daily it was even lower.

    Given the amount of water I have drunk over the past couple of months because my throat is so dry (and I do realise most of us don't drink enough) I'm not sure it is to do with dehydration.

    The drugs I'm on suppress my appetite. Even if I don't feel nauseous and don't feel like eating - I still don't really feel like eating. I just eat when I'm supposed to.

    I'm home. The headaches seem so be a bit better, no blood coming out of my nose, the noise in my head seems to be improving (but I'm still annoyed at how as Marshlander said doctors seemed to say, 'tough, live with it' - no one thought to check if it was subjective or objective, ask about the sounds what they were like, intermittent or continuous) and only one person asked if they had changed)

    The throat is responding well to hot toddys - I had one doctor friend who's kids I taught to swim (she was an excellent shot, liked wine, and chucked one of her kids into a pool for making a fuss about getting in - I like her.) - she once 'prescribed' them

    All I want to do is sleep, If I get up I want to sit down. If I lie down I want to sleep. When I was home before I went back to university and had this it was the same but the noise made it hard, I just kept the TV on. No TV at uni.